Special Offers

GoldMine promotions for March 2016 - Save money on upgrades

GoldMine have just announced some promotions aimed at existing GoldMine Users.  This promotion is for orders to Wizard Systems for March only!  Here's the summary

1) If you're out of maintenance, you can now purchase extra GoldMine licences for the same version you are on now

2) If you're out of maintenance and want to upgrade to a later version (2014.1) this is offered for a one off fee of £99 per user

3) If you're out of maintenance, get back on maintenance for a £500 one time fee plus the normal renewal for 12 months


Please contact Wizard Systems for more information on your costs and savings....

Maintenance Reinstatement Promotion

Existing GoldMine Users who are not on a current Maintenance Contract (this is the only way to access upgrades and purchase new licenses) can reinstate at a special one off fee.  All seats of the current system must be renewed for pricing to be valid.

This offer expires 31st March 2014.

Please contact Wizard Systems by email to request a price for maintenance and this promotion.


GoldMine Promotion ends today

Our special promotional pricing on GoldMine and SQL upgrades ends today!
1) Last chance to get extra GoldMine licenses with SQL license included (cheaper to buy now)
2) Last chance to get SQL database upgrades to 2012 (SQL is the database system that GoldMine runs on) at 40% discount
3) If you are on older editions of GoldMine (Known as Standard Edition or Corporate Edition), there are also discounts for upgrades to Premium Edition

Call 01454 316800 for more information.



Important news as regards GoldMine and SQL 2012

As from 1st November, GoldMine will no longer be supplying the required SQL software free of charge in the license cost.  This is due to changes in the way Microsoft supply their product to companies like GoldMine.

During October 2013, we are able to offer upgrades to SQL 2012 at a 36% discount off the normal price.

We recommend GoldMine Users consider an Upgrade to SQL 2012 now:

  • Get the latest most current SQL version with enhancement and performance updates.

  • Avoid a more costly upgrade later as Microsoft sunsets older versions (SQL 2008 will not be available through us after March 31, 2014).

  • Upgrading now will avoid a higher upgrade cost when adding additional licenses next year.


In business terms, upgrading to SQL Server 2012 in the near future makes a great deal of sense. The indexing technology has been vastly improved and you’ll notice this translating to the speed of your GoldMine system. Additionally, Microsoft will stop shipping SQL 2008 in the near future which will mean that you’ll either need to provide proof that you own your own SQL 2012 in order to add GoldMine licences or purchase an upgrade. At these prices it makes sense to future proof your system now even if you don’t plan to carry out the actual physical upgrade right away.

These prices are strictly only valid until 30th Oct 2013 at which point they will revert back to the higher Price.

Summary of Key Benefits:

  • Integrations Services (SSIS) Enhancements – lots of usability enhancements have been made such as ability to undo and redo, a new SSIS Toolbox, grouping capabilities in the data flow, simplified data viewer configurations etc.

  • Master Data Services (MDS) Enhancements – improvements in the user interface (UI), performance improvements with the UI, ability to incorporate data quality services into the workflow process, and a new Excel add-in client.

  • New Feature: Data Quality Services (DQS) – this is a new product offering that has been added that allows you to create a knowledge base repository of data related items that can then be used to incorporate and use for data cleansing.

  • New Feature: Database Columnstore Indexes – the VertiPaq engine first introduced with PowerPivot has now been brought to the database engine and is available to use to create indexes on columns in the relational store.

  •  New Feature: Reporting Services (SSRS) Shared SharePoint Service – the SSRS integration with SharePoint will now be setup as a Shared SharePoint service just like Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services.

  • New Feature: Reporting Services (SSRS) Data Alerts – new self-service data-driven alerting capabilities have been added to allow end-users the ability to setup and define alerts using existing Reporting Services reports (provided in the SharePoint Integrated mode of Reporting Services)

  • PowerPivot Enhancements – with version 2 of PowerPivot there have been some major additions which include features like a new diagram view of the model, hierarchy and KPI support.

  • DAX Enhancements – new functions have been added to help simplify and provide additional capabilities.

  • New Feature: Analysis Services Tabular – the PowerPivot experience in Excel has also been added into the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) introducing a new Tabular project option.

  • New Feature: Power View (codenamed Project ‘Crescent’) – this is a brand new browser based Silverlight report authoring tool.

Please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800 for more information on the upgrade and pricing.



Special Offer on GoldMine Maintenance

We are pleased to announce a special offer to those GoldMine Users with lapsed Maintenance Contracts (a Maintenance Contract is the only way of getting hold of upgrades to GoldMine).

If your contract lapsed more than 6 months ago, you can get back on Maintenance by paying only 3 months lapsed contract and one full year maintenance going forwards.

Terms and Conditions apply and please contact Wizard Systems for a formal quote for your installation.

Offer expires October 31st 2013.