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Getting email errors in GoldMine recently?

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Are you running an old version of GoldMine and recently had an error like:

"An error has occurred while establishing a connection to

the server. Please try again later.

If this issue persists, please contact support"

The problem might relate to how your GoldMine system connects for email integration.  Recently Microsoft have stepped up the switching off of the IMAP protocol for accessing email mailboxes.  This means any application such as GoldMine that relies on connecting via IMAP to your email will soon stop or this may be the case already.  This is the case for both Microsoft and Google and no doubt others will follow.  The new protocol that should be used to connect is Oauth.

It is most likely due to the IMAP or SMTP protocol being switched off by your email provider.  So, upgrade to the latest version of GoldMine that supports an Oauth connection to collect and send emails.

Here is the notification from Microsoft.

For more information on how to get current with your GoldMine version, contact Wizard Systems



Colour Codes for automatic colouring of activities in GoldMine Calendar

By using the GoldMine 'lookup.ini' you can get GoldMine to automatically colour certain types of activities.  Your GoldMine lookup.ini must have a section like this:

A = 3
C = 1
T = 4
M = 0
O = 2

On the left hand side of the equation you identify the activity that is to receive the specified
color that is contained in the coded number in the right hand side of the equation. Below we
have listed the coding for each side of the equation.

A = Appointments     0 = Bright Blue     5 = Bright Yellow     10 = Green
C = Calls                       1 = Bright Purple 6 = Cyan                   11 = Yellow
T = Next Actions        2 = Bright Red      7 = White                 12 = Blue
M = Messages            3 = Bright Cyan    8 = Gray                   13 = Purple
O = Other Actions   4 = Bright Green    9 = Red                     14 = Dark Grey

The lookup.ini is a very clever part of GoldMine.  Please contact Wizard Systems for more information.



How to easily get data from Excel into GoldMine - FREE Webinar

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So you have some names and addresses in Excel format and you need to get them into your GoldMine CRM system.  Join us on Wednesday 12th August for our next regular online training session on GoldMine to cover how to import from Excel into GoldMine.  Suitable for all levels of user but especially administrators and anyone about to setup a new GoldMine system.

Webinar is Wednesday 12th August at 10am UK time and lasts about 20 minutes.

Register free at:


Free Training this Wednesday - Using the Relationship Tab

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Every week we run mini training sessions on a key GoldMine feature.  This Wednesday 3rd June it's how and why to use the Relationship Tree feature of GoldMine to establish relationships between contact records in your GoldMine system.  Event is at 10am on the 3rd and wil only be 10 minutes or so.  There's also chance to ask us questions and get updates on any GoldMine product news.

Free to attend, but please register first at:



Attention GoldMine Users and Emailing with GoldMine!

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Starting in June, major email server hosts including Google (GSuite & Gmail - June), AT&T, and Microsoft (for Office 365 & Exchange Online* - October) will change how they handle end user authentication for POP/SMTP/IMAP protocols. The change ends support for the basic authentication currently allowed and creates a more secure connection.

If you use GoldMine to send and receive emails, you will need our software update that supports the more secure authentication (OAuth) protocol. The update will be included in the 2020.1 release slated for June. We will provide notice as soon as it is available.

This important update will improve security of your email platform connection. Please be prepared to install this update. We will post updates to the community as they become available. You may also post questions to this post and we will respond.

* According to Microsoft , on premises Exchange servers are not affected by their planned change.

This doesn't affect sites that have put 'app' passwords in place.

Wizard Systems have temporary workarounds until June, and we provide GoldMine upgrades/updates.  Please contact us for more information.


Need to work from Home? 4 options to access your GoldMine, remote from the office

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Do you or your colleagues need to access your GoldMine CRM say from their home location?  

Join us on Wednesday 11th March at 2pm UK time for our next GoldMine 101 webinar, where we give an overview of the 4 main ways to remote access your GoldMine CRM system.  The webinar is free to attend and there's plenty of opportunities to ask us questions.

Please register now:


What's your top 5 Fields in GoldMine?

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Apart from the obvious contact details, name, address, email and so on, what information do you consider to be top priority to be easily visibly in a CRM system like GoldMine.  Maybe this information is important to you as regards how you service or sell to this customer.  It may also be important information as regards management reporting or marketing activities you generate from GoldMine.

On this weeks GoldMine webinar we share our 27 years experience of implementing GoldMine systems and ideas for critical information a CRM system should be holding for you.

The webinar is on Thursday 27th Feb at 2pm UK time.  You need to register first....