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GoldMine 2020 now out!

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This release includes an important and, in some cases, required update to email security – along with other secure connection and password management enhancements. If you use an external email host you will need to this release to enable the more secure OAuth protocol – Office 365 and Google for example have set deadlines in fall to implement this.

While this was a must have enhancement, we know many of our customers aren’t always aware of all the enhancements available to expand your use and add new capabilities:
• GoldMine Connect provides a web interface for remote and mobile users for contact management and key activity management.
• The security enhancements include best practice based password management and more secure web and database connection options.
• ConstantContact integration has been updated to support the latest database secure connection and added a list upload capability.
• The new email linking Outlook link is also available
• Compatibility updates as well as a cumulative service pack are part of this as well to keep your system current and reliable.

We can go over these details and help you determine the benefit and a review of how to plan for your update.

With your annual maintenance and support agreement from Wizard Systems, you are entitled to software updates and technical support regarding the product. As we have worked with you in the past, we can help with custom reports, workflows, training and system set up issues to keep things running smoothly.

NOTE: if you are expired, we can work with GoldMine on your behalf to get you the best Get Current option. For users over 3 years expired, GoldMine is offering a reduced upgrade price through September 30th 2020 and we can handle that for you directly.

We welcome an opportunity to catch up and discuss how CRM and GoldMine are performing for your business.

Please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800 or email

Update on GoldMine 2020 version launch

Since the COVID-19 biological crisis has become more critical worldwide GoldMine were notified that both Microsoft and Google have delayed their plans to enforce greater email security by disabling simple authentication. (In the case of Google enforcing advanced security in addition to removing the ability to allow less-secure applications [LSAs] to connect to the Gmail platform.)

This delay means that for the time-being no Google or Microsoft email account will be changed. The previously listed timeframes (June 15 for Google/Gmail to discontinue allowing new LSA access), October (Microsoft O365), and February 2021 (Google/Gmail discontinuing all LSA access) have been halted. None of the providers have announced an updated timeframe or if the changes are being abandoned outright. Therefore GoldMine will continue working on implementing oAUTH in the email center for these two services.

GoldMine are anticipating releasing a 2019.1 service pack/hotfix in the next month or two to address several high-priority support incidents. 

Address Verification for GoldMine - Free Webinar Wednesday 12th Feb at 10am UK

Goldaddress address verification

Our next GoldMine 101 webinar on Wednesday will show GoldAddress - Our add on for GoldMine which ensures correct addresses go into GoldMIne when you enter new contacts or change the postcode of an existing contact.  The webinar is free and we will give attendees and update on the GoldMine product range.  Please register first.


Link Sage50 to GoldMine with Gold50 from Wizard Systems

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Gold50 is not just another link import program.  With its flexible and easy to use features, important financial information about your customers and suppliers is available to you from a comprehensive tab within GoldMine itself.  Include this with Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing, and Data Synchronisation, Gold50 adds a new dimension to your GoldMine CRM system

Features and Benefits
• Installs as a tabbed window, which is fully integrated with GoldMine
• Dynamically changes the view into Sage, as you change contacts in GoldMine
• Synchronise contact information details between Goldmine and Sage with 2 mouse clicks
• View the latest credit control information
• View balances and aged debt analysis
• View turnover by month for the current financial year
• View Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase orders
• Drill down and edit an individual Order or Invoice, including line items
• Sales, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing
   - Create Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders in Sage without the need to have Sage on the PC
   - Gold50 automatically populates these transactions with contact and userdefined details from GoldMine and creates a history record in GoldMine for each transaction
• Create new customers and suppliers in Sage from details in GoldMine using business rules for the account reference
• View full stock details, including price, quantities and goods in/out information

GoldMine 2019.1 now released

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the availability of the latest version of GoldMine CRM, 2019.1

Please contact Wizard Systems to check your ability to upgrade your system and compatibility (e.g. Checking your GoldMine add ons will work!)

Here is a what is new and what is changed/fixed in this release:

What’s New in GoldMine 2019.1

Compatibility with
 Microsoft Windows Server 2019
 Microsoft SQL Server 2019
 Microsoft Office 2019 (32 bit; does not include App Store versions)
Upgrade of Redemption library
 The Redemption library was updated to version 5.20
Upgrade of Add-in Express
 Add-in Express was updated to version 9.3.4641

GoldMine Connect
Compatibility with
 Microsoft Windows Server 2019

GoldMine Web
 Create new cases
 Add and Edit Opportunity Notes
 Clear entries in F2 lookups with a single action

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook
Upgrade of Redemption library
 The Redemption library was updated to version 5.20
Upgrade of Add-in Express
 Add-in Express was updated to version 9.3.4641

What’s Changed in GoldMine 2019.1
GoldMine Premium 2019.1.0 / GoldMine Connect 2019.1.0
Includes all functionalities added after GoldMine 2018.2.0
GoldMine Premium Edition
GoldMine WebImport Script Generator now utilizes secure HTTPS connection

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2019.1
GoldMine Premium 2019.1.0 / GoldMine Connect 2019.1.0 Includes issues that were addressed after GoldMine 2018.2

58790 Event log entries when browsing through activated Groups or Filters
65374 GoldMine ignores time zone in meeting request from Outlook
65684 Constant Contact blank Reference line in History
65986 Emails with attachments not viewable outside of GoldMine - Multipart/Mixed Error when using IMAP
66091 Cannot add "Details" to Contact in GoldMine Web. The "OK" button does not work
66749 Block account feature not working correctly when shortcut switches are used
67038 GoldSync Service does not start – Event log shows Invalid user or password. failed: Unknown: ffffffff
67054 The container named "" is not defined in this configuration section
67161 Diacritical characters show up as strange characters in reply when using a template
67186 Reply to Activities disabled in Activity List and Pending tab.
67192 Google Sync Configuration cannot be opened
67229 GoldMine Plus for Outlook - GoldMine panes are outside of Outlook and are not usable, titles show
67267 GoldMine Link for Outlook - Outlook headers doubled and panel misplaced
67308 Increased the number of failed passwords attempts from 3 to 5 before blocking an account.
67623 Constant Contact integration updated to TLS 1.2 protocol to establish a secure communication channel to all
Constant Contact API endpoints.
67625 Foreign characters in 'internal' notification emails are destroyed
67631 GoldMine Sent email re-appears in the Outbox when Outlook Link is used with Auto-linking sent emails or
emails may duplicate in the History
67695 After Windows 10 1809 update GoldMine will not link emails from Outlook Sent or Outbox. "Link Email Failed"
Error Message box displayed. (System Error. Code: 18. There are no more files in GoldMineLink.log)
67747 GoldMine Web Custom details still show default label for fields where custom labels have been configured.
67993 Endless spinning wheel when trying to connect Outlook Link to GoldMine
68678 Columns in Task list view of calendar are not correct, Reference should reflect Activity type (here e.g. Task or
even better Project/Opportunity or Case Task)
68684 When opening "My Activities" within GoldMine Web there is a significant delay (30 sec. to 10 min.)
69163 Price Information in GoldMine Web entry is counter-intuitive and causes erroneous entries.
69562 Outlook Link - When using a € (EUR)/ £ (Pound) sign in the GoldMine Password - Link email failed for every
email - Error occurred while loading Xml API. Error code: 32 in Log file
69802 User-defined fields in an email template will not auto-populate when using Outlook Link
69881 Only up to 100 Email templates are displayed within GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook
70547 Outlook Link - searching for an email address immediately causes an Email Linked failed error

Download GM2019.1-CompatibilityMatrix

GoldMine 2018.2 Hotfix 4 just released

Attention GoldMine Users!  GoldMine 2018.2 Hotfix 4 has just been released.  Alls GoldMine Customers with a Maintenance Contract can download this and apply to their system.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2018.2 HotFix 4
47072 Once a Webimport email contains a charset property special characters are destroyed during the
67625 foreign characters in 'internal' notification emails are destroyed
69562 Outlook Link - When using a € (EUR)/ £ (Pound) sign in the GoldMine Password - Link email failed for
every email - Error occured while loading Xml API. Error code: 32 in Log file
69802 User-defined fields in an email template will not auto-populate when using Outlook Link
70547 Outlook Link - searching for an email address straight away Email Linked failed error

For more information on how to get access to GoldMine Upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.




What do you do in GoldMine when someone leaves your organisation?

So a salesperson leaves, what can you do in GoldMine to tidy things up and reallocate customers to somebody else?  Well, there some easy procedures available in GoldMine to help you.  Join us this Thursday 7th March at 2pm UK time on a free webinar, where we will give an overview of the options.  We will also give you an update on the latest GoldMine product news.

Please register now to attend


Can't attend?  Register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording after the webinar ends.


GoldMine User Voice - Have your say in Product Development

Fancy a say in what goes into future GoldMine versions?  Introducing 'GoldMine User Voice' and a simple to use site maintained by the authors to allow the GoldMine Community to post ideas and vote on ideas from other posters.  Access to GoldMine User Voice is by invitation only.  Please contact Wizard Systems for details if you are a GoldMine User or GoldMine CRM Administrator.


Our next 101 session for GoldMine - Using Universal Search



Never get that lost feeling in GoldMine by using the Universal Search feature.  This is a powerful search facility included with GoldMine which will find anything, wherever it is in the system.  See it demonstrated live by attending our next GoldMine 101 session, Friday 22nd Feb at 10am UK time.  These 101 sessions are aimed at users of GoldMine CRM and aim to ensure you are kept abreast of all the capabilities of the system.  There is no charge to attend, but you must register first.  Plus we will be giving an update on any GoldMine product news.