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How to do Lead Scoring in GoldMine - Webinar Thursday 2nd May

Our next webinar in our GoldMine 101 series is on Lead Scoring.  A way of applying a percentage value to a lead in your GoldMine database based on the quality of information you have about a lead.  Could help you save time, and concentrate on your best quality leads!

The online webinar is on Thursday 2nd May at 10:00 am UK time (BST).

It's free to attend, but please register first:




What do you do in GoldMine when someone leaves your organisation?

So a salesperson leaves, what can you do in GoldMine to tidy things up and reallocate customers to somebody else?  Well, there some easy procedures available in GoldMine to help you.  Join us this Thursday 7th March at 2pm UK time on a free webinar, where we will give an overview of the options.  We will also give you an update on the latest GoldMine product news.

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Our next 101 session for GoldMine - Using Universal Search



Never get that lost feeling in GoldMine by using the Universal Search feature.  This is a powerful search facility included with GoldMine which will find anything, wherever it is in the system.  See it demonstrated live by attending our next GoldMine 101 session, Friday 22nd Feb at 10am UK time.  These 101 sessions are aimed at users of GoldMine CRM and aim to ensure you are kept abreast of all the capabilities of the system.  There is no charge to attend, but you must register first.  Plus we will be giving an update on any GoldMine product news.




New GoldMine Event this Wednesday - How clean is your data?

Poor quality data (old data, duplicate data, missing data) can have a serious impact on the effectiveness of your organisation's CRM system - Poor marketing, reporting difficulties, more difficult to use and the result being that you will have frustrated users and less productivity.

In this short webinar we explore ways in which you can find out the state of data in your GoldMine CRM system.  The event is on Wednesday 10th October at 10am UK time.  This event is aimed at existing GoldMine users and is free to attend.  

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GoldMine 101 session next Wednesday - SQL Queries

Hello GoldMine Users out there!  Please join us for our free online session next Wednesday 12th September at 2pm UK time for an introduction into the power of SQL Queries in GoldMine.  It's not going to be technical, but we want to show you what they can do and why it is different from Filters and Groups that you might be used to.

Sql query

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Give your GoldMine CRM a spring clean - How to remove duplicate records

As part of our spring clean series of webinars, Tuesday 10th April at 10am UK time, we'll run through how you can handle duplicate records in GoldMine and ways of preventing them.  This might also be a useful webinar to attend to help get your CRM database clean in preparation for GDPR in May 2018.

This webinar is aimed at GoldMine Users, Adminstrators and Business Owners.

This webinar is free to attend to all GoldMine Users, but you must register well in advance of the Webinar....


GoldMine and GDPR - More one day workshops announced by Wizard Systems - 29th March and 10th April

How ready are you for the GDPR data regulations coming into force this May?  What state is your GoldMine system in to prepare you and support you to comply with GDPR?
GDPR is one of the most significant bits of legislation that will affect us all this year, but we need to be thinking and planning now about how it will impact our business and how we hold data in our GoldMine systems.  Over the last few months, Wizard Systems have carried out significant research on GDPR and how we can make a GoldMine and CRM system compliant.  We would like to share these findings and recommendations in an informal one day 'workshop' with the GoldMine Community.  This workshop is aimed at GoldMine Administrators, Marketing Personnel and Business Owners.
We are running this one day Workshop on two dates - 29th March and 10th April, and we will cover:

Overview and Discussion
- 6 Key Principles of GDPR
- User Process and Documentation 

Data Security
- Setting up Users and Security
- Backing up the Goldmine Database
- Overview of protecting data

Looking after Opt In and Preferences
- Contact Merge Codes
- Email Merge Codes
- Adding New Fields

Updating and Cleaning your Database
- Power Searches
- Filters Groups and SQL Queries
- Merging Duplicate Records
- Global Replace
- Importing and Exporting Data
- Batch Scheduling of Activities

Reports and Dashboards
- An Overview of Reporting Options
- Creating a Simple Dashboard
- Overview of Creating Leads automatically from your Web Site (Web Import)

A Free Data Cleansing GoldMine Dashboard is included for all attendees of this course.
The cost to attend the workshop is 250 GBP exc VAT per attendee and class size will be restricted to 6.
Please contact Wizard Systems if this is of interest and to book your place.