How to Setup GoldMine on Remote Desktop

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Using RDS is a very popular way of accessing GoldMine CRM from remote locations or your home office.

To access GoldMine CRM through Remote Desktop Services (RDS), you need to ensure that the following requirements are met:

Server with Remote Desktop Services: Set up a server with Remote Desktop Services configured and running. This server will host the GoldMine CRM application and allow remote users to access it.

GoldMine CRM installation: Install GoldMine CRM on the server. Ensure that the version of GoldMine CRM you install is compatible with the operating system running on the server.

User licenses: Acquire the necessary user licenses for GoldMine CRM to accommodate the number of concurrent users who will be accessing the system through RDS. Ensure that you comply with the licensing terms and conditions set by the GoldMine CRM provider.

Remote Desktop Licensing: Obtain Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses (RDS CALs) for each user who will be connecting to the server. These licenses are required to access the Remote Desktop Session Host server (where GoldMine CRM is installed) through RDS.

Secure Remote Access: Implement appropriate security measures for remote access. This may include setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for encrypted communication, enabling firewall rules to allow RDS traffic, and configuring user access policies to ensure only authorized users can connect.

Server hardware and performance: Ensure that the server hosting GoldMine CRM meets the hardware requirements specified by the application. This includes factors such as processor speed, RAM, disk space, and network bandwidth to support the expected number of users and workload.

Client devices: Remote users will need client devices with Remote Desktop client software installed. These can be Windows-based computers, Macs, or mobile devices. Make sure the client devices meet the minimum requirements for running the Remote Desktop client software.

Network infrastructure: Ensure that the network infrastructure, including routers, switches, and firewalls, is properly configured to allow Remote Desktop connections and provide sufficient bandwidth for smooth access to GoldMine CRM.

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GoldMine Password Reset - GoldMine Password Alert !

Goldmine password reset

The Wizard Systems help desk team get a lot of calls from users who are locked out of their GoldMine account because of an incorrectly typed password.
You may have recently upgraded, and GoldMine passwords are now CASE SENSITIVE!  This means:

• If you have not changed your password, it is now ALL uppercase
• The only person that can unblock your account is a master user (or user that has rights to change user settings)
Our advice is also to plan for when your administrator is out of the office.
• Does only one person have access to the menus to unblock an account?
• What happens when they are away or not available?
• Does everybody know that the password is case sensitive?
• Does any user automatically log in with a shortcut that contains the password?

Here is how you unblock an account:

To Unblock Accouts:
1. Login to GoldMine as a Master User
2. Go to Tools > User's Settings
3. Highlight the blocked user > Click on Properties
4. Click the Unblock Account button

For all your GoldMine support questions, contact Wizard Systems.