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IntelliClick 2020.9.15 version is now available

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IntelliClick 2020.9.15 version is now available. You can update the next time you access the IntelliClick Wizard.

This latest release been tested and confirmed compatible with the latest GoldMine 2020.1.xx version release. Other highlights of this update include:

•Events & Literature Fulfillment: enhanced path setting for confirmation email templates and file attachments
•Action Request: the one click action request link has been enhanced to now use an intermediary landing page to confirm that the email recipient does in fact want a notification for follow-up to be initiated
•Event Registration: instant event registration hyperlink enhanced to now allow more details of the event which are included in the confirmation landing page and add to calendar links

IntelliClick 2020.1.5 for GoldMine CRM is now available

IntelliClick 2020.1.5 version is now available via Wizard Systems. The next time you open IntelliClick, you may receive a notification of the update OR you can update now by clicking here and following the instructions on our download page. See highlights of this version new features and enahncements below.

If you have upgraded or plan to upgrade to the latest GoldMine release, please note that GoldMine 2018.2.0.xxxx or later has introduced several security features. As a result, it is likely you must adjust settings in both the IntelliClick Listener & IntelliSend modules, Click here to access a special PDF document to help guide you on these changes.

The Event Registration module has been enhanced to now allow event details to be displayed on the landing page and be part of the "Add To Calendar" link which adds this information to the event registrant's calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.).

For Premium version users, a new Event Registration & Reminder Messaging option now allows instant event registration from your web site to capture new contacts. This feature works similarly to the "one click" instant registration, accessed directly from links you put on your web site, on social media or in your emails. A sequence of custom email messages you create are sent before and after the event which also include special links for adding the event to the recipient's calendar.

IntelliClick 2020.1.0 version for GoldMine is now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest version of IntelliClick for GoldMine

This latest release introduces two new features; Weighted Lead Scoring and Email Merge Code & Data Consistency Management. Both features are included with the PLUS or Premium subscriptions. In addition, running IntelliClick on Windows 10 workstations has also been enhanced.

Update To
If you have upgraded or plan to upgrade to the latest GoldMine release, please note that GoldMine 2018.2.0.xxxx or later has introduced several security features. As a result, it is likely you must adjust settings in both the IntelliClick Listener & IntelliSend modules,

Please contact Wizard Systems for more information.

Important IntelliClick (GoldMine Marketing solution) Server Change - February 28, 2020

Please IGNORE this post if you do not use IntelliClick (email marketing solution for GoldMine)

Important IntelliClick Server Change - February 28, 2020....

A new version (2020.1.0) of IntelliClick is being released later this month. In advance of this upcoming release, the IntelliClick results tracking server is being upgraded. Increased capacity, security and processing capabilities are part of this important server enhancement.

If you use IntelliClick, We ask that you DO NOT send any new email campaigns between February 27 and March 1, 2020 while the cut over is being completed. This will help insure that all results migrate to the new server.

During the cutover to the new server, your results will continue to be tracked and added to your GoldMine system. There are no changes needed to settings for your existing installation of IntelliClick to accommodate this upgrade.

Once the new version is released, IntelliClick will be sending a separate notification with details to update your installation.

Please note the timing of this cutover and advise others in your organization who are involved with sending email campaigns using IntelliClick.

If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please write to


Two great NEW features for IntelliClick for the start of 2020!

The Premium version of IntelliClick Version 2020.1.0 will now offer the following added capabilities:

They Click . . . You Score!

Weighted Lead Scoring
Set score values to be assigned to all the tracked types of behavior like Open, Clicks, Action Requests, Page Views and even specific web pages visited while on your site. As IntelliClick results are added to GoldMine; a weighted lead score will be automatically calculated for the rolling time frame you specify.


Click 'n Go . . . Seamless Event Registration

Event Registration And Reminder Management
Prepare event registration links that do not require any forms to complete; Use your preferred web meeting platform (GoToMeeting, Webex, Zoom, etc.) and have participants register from a single mouse click! Confirmation and reminder emails are scheduled to be sent at the time intervals you select, using your own branded email templates and content.

5 Essential Tips for your Christmas Mailings from GoldMine

Tips for christmas mailings

It's not too late to get out those Christmas emails to customers informing them of your holiday season opening hours.  If you use GoldMine CRM, here's our top tips to stay organised and ensure the message gets out there:

  1. Decide on the format of your communication - most organisations would send out an email, but you might be sending out a card as well.  If you are sending a card, GoldMine has built-in templates for using Avery Labels and similar
  2. How will you decide who gets the email?  Consider how you profile and categorize your contacts in the GoldMine database.  Do you have a Field for Customer?  Do you use the Merge Code fields in GoldMine?  GoldMine gives you easy ways of filtering on one or many fields to build up your list of recipients and criteria.
  3. What are you going to use to send out the emails?  GoldMine has a built in email merge tool to send out multiple emails in one go.  But be careful with this method as a high number of sends could get you black listed as a spammer.  Consider GoldMine's link to mailing applications like IntelliClick (brilliant integration to GoldMine!), Constant Contact, GatorMail (a UK system) or MailChimp.  Seek advice from Wizard Systems for which mailing option is best for you.  We can set them up for you and give you training.  GoldMine also has really easy ways of exporting your data and email addresses into a number of different formats including Excel!
  4. What will be the objective of your mailings?  Is it just to advise of opening hours, and/or confirm any other messaging or promotions?
  5. Update your Website and Google, and anywhere else your office opening hours may appear

For CRM advice and support on GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2020.


Looking For A Robust, Interactive GoldMine Integrated Email Marketing System?

Join us for a webinar presentation (on Wednesday 27th June at 2pm UK time) of IntelliClick For GoldMine. Learn how this tightly integrated email and web site marketing solution can help engage your sales team as opportunities are identified from your marketing campaigns.

An important part of the latest IntelliClick release is GDPR readiness features. Elements like Quick Update, Subscription Management and a "Smart" Cookie for web visitor tracking are some of the highlights that will be demonstrated during our 45 minute webinar presentation. See how one click call to actions can dynamically alert your sales team at the most opportune time!

Register here (it's free to attend)

IntelliClick for GoldMine 9.8 released

IntelliClick is the most popular email marketing add on for GoldMine and we're pleased to announce in this latest version:


NEW: Activate/Deactivate Email Addresses which allows flexibility to determine which email addresses you wish to enable for mass marketing by country; those who wish to exclude European Union countries can readily do so by flagging emails associated with those countries*
NEW: "Smart Cookie" Web Visitor Tracking provides the option to obtain consent to track web site visitors and only enable the tracking cookie if they opt in; a date/time stamped log of their approval is maintained as part of the Subscription module*
NEW: SQL Query Builder now makes it easy to create GoldMine SQL queries to review tracked results and build groups for additional mailings
NEW: Context Sensitive Video Tutorials can be accessed for help on specific modules; video can be watched in a special window to follow along while using IntelliClick
NEW: Access preferred HTML editor menu option; Bundled editor, and MailStyler2 currently supported
ENHANCED: Subscription Management Module which tracks email address level preferences for mailing lists your recipients wish to opt-in or opt-out; the email merge code is updated according to the selections made from a bundled web form provided with the module*
ENHANCED: Express Tracking Module now offers more options; Preview of message with header and footer including ability to add View In Browser and Add To Contacts with vCard options all handled in one step; The ability to now add a privacy statement link and subscription preference link is included for qualifying versions*

 For more information, contact Wizard Systems