Automated Processes

GoldMine Tip - Ensuring your Automated Processes start after a 'server reboot'

Do you use Automated Processes and have just had a server reboot.  Here is a tip to make sure they restart automatically.

  • Make sure to take a full backup of the system first
  • Log in as the Master user
  • Configure the Server Agent with the frequency and days that you want the AP to run
  • Create a macro using keystrokes, it saves in the Macros folder as, where xxx is the number if the macro you have just recorded.  This can be identified by the date and time that the file was modified.  
  • Trigger the macro from a toolbar button to check it works as you want it to and that the Server Agent starts
  • Add a switch to the GoldMine icon on the desktop as follows: "C:\Program Files (x 86)\Goldmine\gmw.exe" /m:xxx /u:MASTER  /p:password
  • Add shortcut to Startup menu so that if server reboots the APs will start automatically

For more information on using Automated Processes or if you want information on our GoldMine Automated Process Training Course, please contact Wizard Systems.