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Getting email errors in GoldMine recently?

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Are you running an old version of GoldMine and recently had an error like:

"An error has occurred while establishing a connection to

the server. Please try again later.

If this issue persists, please contact support"

The problem might relate to how your GoldMine system connects for email integration.  Recently Microsoft have stepped up the switching off of the IMAP protocol for accessing email mailboxes.  This means any application such as GoldMine that relies on connecting via IMAP to your email will soon stop or this may be the case already.  This is the case for both Microsoft and Google and no doubt others will follow.  The new protocol that should be used to connect is Oauth.

It is most likely due to the IMAP or SMTP protocol being switched off by your email provider.  So, upgrade to the latest version of GoldMine that supports an Oauth connection to collect and send emails.

Here is the notification from Microsoft.

For more information on how to get current with your GoldMine version, contact Wizard Systems



IntelliClick version 2022.5.11 now out, supporting latest version of GoldMine

The latest release of IntelliClick version 2022.5.11 is now available and is fully compatible with the latest GoldMine 2022 release.

An important security patch has been applied to this latest IntelliClick release and you may have already seen our bulletin on this. Here is more about it:

Microsoft SMARTSCREEN Malware / Phishing issue that has recently been identified when IntelliClick tracking links are used in the Microsoft Edge browser.

It has been brought to our attention that the Microsoft Edge browser is identifying links routed through the domain as being unsafe. We are working to get this corrected there is an indication our tracking domain may have been compromised. This issue has only been identified when accessing our links in Microsoft Edge.

As a safeguard and to overcome this, we have released an important update to the IntelliClick Wizard that will generate links using a different domain ( to overcome this issue. Please use this version for any new campaigns you create.

Keep an eye out for our next IntelliClick release. We are introducing a new feature that allows you to have an audio version of your e-mail message available to help appeal to a broader audience