GoldMine integration with Outlook - 32-bit vs 64-bit versions - What is best for me
GoldMine 2021.2.0.31759 and email accounts hosted by Network Solutions

GoldMine 2021.2 Released!

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the release of GoldMine 2021.2.  Here are the highlights:

The following libraries where upgraded:
- The cURL library was updated to version 7.78.0
- The Add-In Express library was updated to 9.4.4644.0 only for GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook
- Migrated the GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook from .NET Framework 2.0 to .NET Framework 4.0
- Replaced the SQL Server connection provider SQL Server Native Client OLE DB with Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server
- Removed the Net-Update tab from License manager window.

What's Fixed in GoldMine Version 2021.2
GoldMine Premium 2021.2.0 / GoldMine Connect 2021.2.0
58813 Customer is unable to receive .wav and also MP3 email attachments in GoldMine 2018 which are sent by a voicemail
63649 Repeated import of same mails - duplicated emails within GoldMine - GoldMine downloading duplicates of emails
67205 GoldMine email templates diacritical chars corrupt when using pictures in mail
67507 Outlook Link does not show emails as already been linked from another Outlook instance which leads user to try to link
again and getting a message that the email already exists in GoldMine
67835 Receiving Read Receipt, Relayed, and Delivered Emails using Office 365 email accounts.
68209 Browsing to the first record via the << chevron gets only to the set maximum display limit record, pressing again has
then subsequent gaps
70108 No real description/rules available what is being uploaded when uploading a GoldMine Group to Constant Contact
72253 API Guide Database structure appendix CONTHIST missing fields NUMBER1 and NUMBER2
73026 API functional issue - When the feature to add a Note is used in the Code the note appears in the Notes tab of the primary
contact record tab instead of the Case
73515 The multi-part identifier "cs_ws.CONTSUPREF" could not be bound in Contact Search Center searches when WebSite is a
selected column and Name Additional is Search By field
76186 GoldMine Email - Extra lines are added to a signature/email body after replying or forwarding for emails initiated in
GoldMine when using <p> tags and previous emails on replies may appear in bold, also additional tags at the end
77122 Digital Signature Verification Failure - GoldMine could not find the appropriate trusted certification authority...
77417 When encoding replies on email threads and sending, GoldMine adds occasionally an <S> tag which causes the text to
show as Strike-through for the recipient, the historical email within GoldMine shows correct
77849 Using the GMAPI in a VBS script: GMAPI does not pass the GoldMine User's password properly - Invalid password
although it is correct and provided as-is
78256 In order to display a label (e.g. field or screen) with a & you need to set this up within GoldMine as && - in GoldMine Web
then both && are displayed.
78326 HTML decoding/encoding issue - Links are wrapped and therefore do not open properly on the recipient side
86551 Misleading SoftPhone cannot be loaded. error message
86977 GoldMine Connect - Sent emails from OAUTH authenticated accounts are not retrieved although Email and Connect
settings are correct.
For more information about items in What's Fixed, please log in to our Community and search for the number provided.


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