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May 2020

IntelliClick 2020.1.5 for GoldMine CRM is now available

IntelliClick 2020.1.5 version is now available via Wizard Systems. The next time you open IntelliClick, you may receive a notification of the update OR you can update now by clicking here and following the instructions on our download page. See highlights of this version new features and enahncements below.

If you have upgraded or plan to upgrade to the latest GoldMine release, please note that GoldMine 2018.2.0.xxxx or later has introduced several security features. As a result, it is likely you must adjust settings in both the IntelliClick Listener & IntelliSend modules, Click here to access a special PDF document to help guide you on these changes.

The Event Registration module has been enhanced to now allow event details to be displayed on the landing page and be part of the "Add To Calendar" link which adds this information to the event registrant's calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.).

For Premium version users, a new Event Registration & Reminder Messaging option now allows instant event registration from your web site to capture new contacts. This feature works similarly to the "one click" instant registration, accessed directly from links you put on your web site, on social media or in your emails. A sequence of custom email messages you create are sent before and after the event which also include special links for adding the event to the recipient's calendar.