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February 2018

iGoldMine being discontinued

GoldMine have just announced that the iGoldMine product is being discontinued.  iGoldMine will still be supported however for existing users.  Any GoldMine User who is interested in setting up a new remote access capability along the lines of what iGoldMine did will instead be offered the identical product called Go-Global.  

Wizard Systems fully support iGoldMine and Go-Global !


GoldMine and GDPR - An update briefing on Thursday 1st March

How are your plans and thinking going for GDPR (the important data legislation coming into force in May)?  We are running a short presentation on Thursday 1st March 2018 at 10:00am UK time on the sorts of things to consider about getting GoldMine to support your GDPR compliance.

This presentation is aimed at GoldMine CRM Users and Business Owners who use GoldMine.  The presentation is free and you need to register in advance of the webinar:


For more information on GDPR and how it relates to using a CRM system, please click here.

GoldMine and GDPR - More one day workshops announced by Wizard Systems - 29th March and 10th April

How ready are you for the GDPR data regulations coming into force this May?  What state is your GoldMine system in to prepare you and support you to comply with GDPR?
GDPR is one of the most significant bits of legislation that will affect us all this year, but we need to be thinking and planning now about how it will impact our business and how we hold data in our GoldMine systems.  Over the last few months, Wizard Systems have carried out significant research on GDPR and how we can make a GoldMine and CRM system compliant.  We would like to share these findings and recommendations in an informal one day 'workshop' with the GoldMine Community.  This workshop is aimed at GoldMine Administrators, Marketing Personnel and Business Owners.
We are running this one day Workshop on two dates - 29th March and 10th April, and we will cover:

Overview and Discussion
- 6 Key Principles of GDPR
- User Process and Documentation 

Data Security
- Setting up Users and Security
- Backing up the Goldmine Database
- Overview of protecting data

Looking after Opt In and Preferences
- Contact Merge Codes
- Email Merge Codes
- Adding New Fields

Updating and Cleaning your Database
- Power Searches
- Filters Groups and SQL Queries
- Merging Duplicate Records
- Global Replace
- Importing and Exporting Data
- Batch Scheduling of Activities

Reports and Dashboards
- An Overview of Reporting Options
- Creating a Simple Dashboard
- Overview of Creating Leads automatically from your Web Site (Web Import)

A Free Data Cleansing GoldMine Dashboard is included for all attendees of this course.
The cost to attend the workshop is 250 GBP exc VAT per attendee and class size will be restricted to 6.
Please contact Wizard Systems if this is of interest and to book your place.