Latest version of GoldMine is 2019.1 - Contact us for upgrades -

IntelliClick 2020.1.5 for GoldMine CRM is now available

IntelliClick 2020.1.5 version is now available via Wizard Systems. The next time you open IntelliClick, you may receive a notification of the update OR you can update now by clicking here and following the instructions on our download page. See highlights of this version new features and enahncements below.

If you have upgraded or plan to upgrade to the latest GoldMine release, please note that GoldMine 2018.2.0.xxxx or later has introduced several security features. As a result, it is likely you must adjust settings in both the IntelliClick Listener & IntelliSend modules, Click here to access a special PDF document to help guide you on these changes.

The Event Registration module has been enhanced to now allow event details to be displayed on the landing page and be part of the "Add To Calendar" link which adds this information to the event registrant's calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.).

For Premium version users, a new Event Registration & Reminder Messaging option now allows instant event registration from your web site to capture new contacts. This feature works similarly to the "one click" instant registration, accessed directly from links you put on your web site, on social media or in your emails. A sequence of custom email messages you create are sent before and after the event which also include special links for adding the event to the recipient's calendar.

IntelliClick 2020.1.0 version for GoldMine is now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest version of IntelliClick for GoldMine

This latest release introduces two new features; Weighted Lead Scoring and Email Merge Code & Data Consistency Management. Both features are included with the PLUS or Premium subscriptions. In addition, running IntelliClick on Windows 10 workstations has also been enhanced.

Update To
If you have upgraded or plan to upgrade to the latest GoldMine release, please note that GoldMine 2018.2.0.xxxx or later has introduced several security features. As a result, it is likely you must adjust settings in both the IntelliClick Listener & IntelliSend modules,

Please contact Wizard Systems for more information.

Attention GoldMine Users and Emailing with GoldMine!

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Starting in June, major email server hosts including Google (GSuite & Gmail - June), AT&T, and Microsoft (for Office 365 & Exchange Online* - October) will change how they handle end user authentication for POP/SMTP/IMAP protocols. The change ends support for the basic authentication currently allowed and creates a more secure connection.

If you use GoldMine to send and receive emails, you will need our software update that supports the more secure authentication (OAuth) protocol. The update will be included in the 2020.1 release slated for June. We will provide notice as soon as it is available.

This important update will improve security of your email platform connection. Please be prepared to install this update. We will post updates to the community as they become available. You may also post questions to this post and we will respond.

* According to Microsoft , on premises Exchange servers are not affected by their planned change.

This doesn't affect sites that have put 'app' passwords in place.

Wizard Systems have temporary workarounds until June, and we provide GoldMine upgrades/updates.  Please contact us for more information.


GoldMine Install Guide - Planning a new installation?

Planning a new installation of GoldMine.  Before installing, check out our latest GoldMine compatibility matrix to check that the IT infrastructure you have will be okay for GoldMine.  Always consult Wizard Systems for advice - we have installed over 3000 GoldMine systems since 1993

Download GoldMine Full Matrix inc 2019.1

And here's the GoldMine Install Guide for GoldMine 2019.1 version.

Download GMPE2019.1-InstallGuide

Need to work from Home? 4 options to access your GoldMine, remote from the office

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Do you or your colleagues need to access your GoldMine CRM say from their home location?  

Join us on Wednesday 11th March at 2pm UK time for our next GoldMine 101 webinar, where we give an overview of the 4 main ways to remote access your GoldMine CRM system.  The webinar is free to attend and there's plenty of opportunities to ask us questions.

Please register now:


What's your top 5 Fields in GoldMine?

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Apart from the obvious contact details, name, address, email and so on, what information do you consider to be top priority to be easily visibly in a CRM system like GoldMine.  Maybe this information is important to you as regards how you service or sell to this customer.  It may also be important information as regards management reporting or marketing activities you generate from GoldMine.

On this weeks GoldMine webinar we share our 27 years experience of implementing GoldMine systems and ideas for critical information a CRM system should be holding for you.

The webinar is on Thursday 27th Feb at 2pm UK time.  You need to register first....


Integrate GoldMine with Sage 200 - Webinar Friday 28th Feb 10am

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Gold200 is not just another link import program.  With its flexible and easy to use features, important financial information about your customers and suppliers is available to you from a comprehensive tab within GoldMine itself.  Include this with Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing, and Data Synchronisation, Gold200 adds a new dimension to your GoldMine CRM system

If you use Sage 200 and GoldMine, then this is an ideal presentation to attend.  The presentation is Friday 28th Feb at 10am.  You need to register first:


Features and Benefits
• Installs as a tabbed window, which is fully integrated with GoldMine
• Dynamically changes the view into Sage, as you change contacts in GoldMine
• Synchronise contact information details between Goldmine and Sage with 2 mouse clicks
• View the latest credit control information
• View balances and aged debt analysis
• View turnover by month for the current financial year
• View Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase orders
• Drill down and edit an individual Order or Invoice, including line items
• Sales, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing
   - Create Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders in Sage without the need to have Sage on the PC
   - Gold200 automatically populates these transactions with contact and userdefined details from GoldMine and creates a history record in GoldMine for each transaction
• Create new customers and suppliers in Sage from details in GoldMine using business rules for the account reference
• View full stock details, including price, quantities and goods in/out information