How to do Lead Scoring in GoldMine - Webinar Thursday 2nd May

Our next webinar in our GoldMine 101 series is on Lead Scoring.  A way of applying a percentage value to a lead in your GoldMine database based on the quality of information you have about a lead.  Could help you save time, and concentrate on your best quality leads!

The online webinar is on Thursday 2nd May at 10:00 am UK time (BST).

It's free to attend, but please register first:




How to use GoldMine CRM as a Marketing Tool - Friday 12th April, 2pm UK time

Our next webinar for the GoldMine User Community is aimed at covering how to use GoldMine with your marketing activities.  It's a wide subject and we hope to give an overview of the main areas where GoldMine can help in your marketing and promotion.  The presentation will be on Friday 12th April at 2pm and last approx 20 minutes.

You need to register first.  It's free to attend.


What do you do in GoldMine when someone leaves your organisation?

So a salesperson leaves, what can you do in GoldMine to tidy things up and reallocate customers to somebody else?  Well, there some easy procedures available in GoldMine to help you.  Join us this Thursday 7th March at 2pm UK time on a free webinar, where we will give an overview of the options.  We will also give you an update on the latest GoldMine product news.

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Can't attend?  Register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording after the webinar ends.


GoldMine User Voice - Have your say in Product Development

Fancy a say in what goes into future GoldMine versions?  Introducing 'GoldMine User Voice' and a simple to use site maintained by the authors to allow the GoldMine Community to post ideas and vote on ideas from other posters.  Access to GoldMine User Voice is by invitation only.  Please contact Wizard Systems for details if you are a GoldMine User or GoldMine CRM Administrator.


Our next 101 session for GoldMine - Using Universal Search



Never get that lost feeling in GoldMine by using the Universal Search feature.  This is a powerful search facility included with GoldMine which will find anything, wherever it is in the system.  See it demonstrated live by attending our next GoldMine 101 session, Friday 22nd Feb at 10am UK time.  These 101 sessions are aimed at users of GoldMine CRM and aim to ensure you are kept abreast of all the capabilities of the system.  There is no charge to attend, but you must register first.  Plus we will be giving an update on any GoldMine product news.




IntelliClick version 9.8.6 just released for GoldMine

This latest IntelliClick release introduces the ability to Create Dynamic Campaign Names. Now you can include data from GoldMine, appended to the campaign name, to track by that dynamic value. Examples of how this could be used include passing data from a field where you store sales rep, industry or other values and then view results based upon that field value. Results can be readily viewed in both the IntelliClick dashboards and reports. This feature is included with the PLUS or Premium subscription.

The update release of GoldMine 2018.2.0.xxxx introduces several security features. As a result, it may be necessary for you to adjust settings in both the IntelliClick Listener & IntelliSend modules.  Contact Wizard Systems for details.