Latest version of GoldMine is 2022.4 - New auotsave on draft emails and more!

GoldMine Version 2023.1 now available!

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Wizard Systems are pleased to announce availability of GoldMine Premium 2023.1 / GoldMine Connect 2023.1.0.  Wizard Systems customers are advised NOT to upgrade just yet until we have completed final testing.  Also GoldMine Users using QuoteWerks will find the link broken until QuoteWerks release a new version to comply with GoldMine release number.  We expect to approve upgrade within 2-3 weeks.

85274 Replying to certain emails with attachments that are stored as jpg, png files - will change the attachments to CID embedded pictures which are then not available for the recipient.
89988 GoldMine Link Outlook: Email link failed and log file shows Can't get the mail info! on certain emails
90418 Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL 19 is incompatible with GoldMine - MS ADO connection layer reported the following error (ADO error descriptions depend on DB provider and are not always accurate): Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.
90687 SSL Provider: The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted - when modifying the application server with a custom installation
90915 Links Tab: Entries to folders with an ending parenthesis ) - e.g. Test (2) - shows error File NOT found \\server\...\Test (2 - GoldMine dismisses the closing parenthesis
90932 Accessing Emails via IMAP changes all emails to read on the Mailserver, on other email clients these emails are not downloaded or falsely assumed to be already read
92040 Upgrade on Windows 2019 server from GoldMine 2021.1 restarted server without notification after .Net 4.8 installation
92543 Activating a Mail Merge (with a filter or group) from the Edit E-mail will send or queue the emails due to the auto-save
draft feature


GoldMine Version 2022.4 now available

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Hotfix 4 now available with a new feature - Automatic autosave as draft emails in the Email Center

Fixes are as follows (With the GoldMine Issue ID number)

56270: Changing the linked contact record for a case in the GoldMine Service Center, these changes do not synchronize.
77640: Activity list loads data without order by clause but instead by their order in the database which leads that activities are not appearing unless a column header is pressed and/or all available activities are loaded into the grid
77818: Change Opportunity with several forecasted sales from context menu (Edit) changes the first forecast value to the overall amount and leaves other forecasts
77981: Fields/column description requested for CAL/CALDEF
89789: Context-dependent (F2) Lookup values setup: The only valid when [XYZ] contains setup will only allow 20 characters instead of the full value of the specific Lookup: also it is not a CONTAINS but an EQUAL query
89838: Re-sending emails from History that were linked with Outlook Link will not be sent successfully and an NDR with bare line feed characters error will be received. 550 5.6.11 SMTPSEND.BareLinefeedsAreIllegal
90629: Receiving TEAMS invites with special characters in the Subject >> characters are scrambled after being downloaded in the invite (still show correct in the Subject of the email)
90630: Recurring daily activities with skipping weekends: scheduled wrong or even crashes GoldMine when the activity is scheduled on a last Friday in the month and there are only Saturday or Saturday and Sunday left in that month
91126: InstallShield issue: Pre-requisite .NET 4.8 installation failed when upgrading GoldMine on the App server although 4.8 is already installed

New Hotfix for GoldMine to address Outlook Email link issue

GoldMine has released a hotfix to address issue 91377 - "GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook: Windows Server OS Trust Center pops up with a request to allow or deny access when trying to link an email, it also happens on Outlook Sync".

Users could experience Outlook security notifications when attempting to link encrypted as well as non-encrypted messages with the Outlook Link integration from GoldMine 2022.3.0 installed on a Windows Server remote desktop environment. Some Windows workstation Outlook Link installations could also experience this issue if anti-virus protection is not installed or is out of date. In this case, installing/updating the anti-virus would potentially resolve the issue on workstations.

The hotfix resolves the Outlook security notifications for non-encrypted messages. The security notification will remain for encrypted messages which require user approval to allow Outlook Link to decrypt the message so that it can be linked to GoldMine.

For more information please read kBase article (

If you have a GoldMine Maintenance Contract, Wizard Systems can advise you on how to access this update.


GoldMine 2022 Hotfix 3 released

GoldMine Premium 2022.3.0 / GoldMine Connect 2022.3.0

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • Upgraded cURL library to 7.84.0
  • Replaced the embedded browser with Edge WebView2 in the Constant Contact connector
  • Replaced the prerequisite VSTO 2007 with VSTO 2010
  • GoldMine Plus! for Outlook can be installed on Microsoft Office on 64-bits
  • Replaced the prerequisite Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 with .Net Framework 4.8
  • Added a new setting in GoldMine Plus! for Office to set the data provider name, for more information, please read the GoldMine help


What's Fixed in GoldMine Version 2022.3

GoldMine Premium 2022.3.0 / GoldMine Connect 2022.3.0

65149 Goldmine Freezes when stopping an email from going out.
72717 GoldMine Web - ERROR: Error occurred while processing request to database
72849 When email address is the same in Outlook as the personal contact in GoldMine, Sync with Outlook  unlinks activity.
75724 GoldMine Email - When downloading emails with certain fonts in a signature (here Segoe UI) - GoldMine displays them/parts of the email in Times New Roman - FONT tags seem to be changed
76456 Meeting requests from certain time zones to GoldMine recipients in different time zones are not adjusted correctly in GoldMine and show original scheduled times.
76588 Email encoding - Certain Chinese characters are not encoded properly when sending an email from GoldMine
87509 Constant Contact Login - Script errors - 1st Error: Expected '(' and 2nd Error: Object doesnt support property or method 'doScroll'
88828 GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook - Users link manually sent e-mails to GoldMine with attachment(s), the email links to GoldMine but many times does not link the attachments (neither on file server nor as the email attachment reference)
88836 Constant Contact Login - Cloudflare mechanism will not allow to proceed with CC login, no way to get around this
88939 GoldMine Plus for Office - Setup - Saving Login information for User and Password allows only 15 characters for the Password
89152 Speller/TLX files are not retained during an upgrade of GoldMine. The user's speller files are lost after an upgrade of GoldMine
89463 GoldMine Logs are truncated in the SYSLOG from Process Monitor - This makes it impossible to verify certain behaviors later in the Tools >> Logs >> GoldMine logs
90196 GoldMine Plus Outlook: When a friendly name is in Lastname, Firstname and email was linked into GoldMine and the user replies from GoldMine the Lastname is treated as an email address
90249 Regression: Default email account changes when replying to emails that were received from a different account
90494 The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine. when performing Word mail merge

For more information about getting this new release, please contact Wizard Systems


How GoldMine CRM can help you track those important relationships

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The relationship trees in GoldMine are a potentially very useful feature. They allow you to set up a visual representation of the relationships between different contacts. You can, for example, show all the people that work for a particular company; or perhaps all the people from different organisations that are assisting on a particular project.

See how it can be used on our next free event on 8th September 2022.  Register by clicking here


Microsoft, OAUTH and GoldMine

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Microsoft announced plans in 2020 to deprecate basic authentication for many of their online services. Basic authentication allows users to log into systems with simple username + password combinations. The company has already switched many account tenants to modern authentication and beginning Oct 1, 2022 Microsoft will start removing basic authentication capability without exception from all of its online tenant accounts.

Based on the May 2022 Exchange Team blog post, Microsoft reminds that basic authentication is the most common way they have found customer accounts become compromised by hackers.

Customers using GoldMine to send/receive emails hosted by Microsoft, Google Gmail, and certain others reselling those services should upgrade to a recent version of GoldMine (v2021 and higher) to use the modern authentication (oAUTH2) now built into the GoldMine Mail Center.

If you are running an older version of GoldMine you may need to upgrade to take advantage of the new oAUTH2 functionality. Contact Wizard Systems for more information.

Getting email errors in GoldMine recently?

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Are you running an old version of GoldMine and recently had an error like:

"An error has occurred while establishing a connection to

the server. Please try again later.

If this issue persists, please contact support"

The problem might relate to how your GoldMine system connects for email integration.  Recently Microsoft have stepped up the switching off of the IMAP protocol for accessing email mailboxes.  This means any application such as GoldMine that relies on connecting via IMAP to your email will soon stop or this may be the case already.  This is the case for both Microsoft and Google and no doubt others will follow.  The new protocol that should be used to connect is Oauth.

It is most likely due to the IMAP or SMTP protocol being switched off by your email provider.  So, upgrade to the latest version of GoldMine that supports an Oauth connection to collect and send emails.

Here is the notification from Microsoft.

For more information on how to get current with your GoldMine version, contact Wizard Systems