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GoldMine 2016.1 - Hotfix 6 now released and available for download

The latest Hotfix for GoldMine is now available through Wizard Systems.  

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2016.1 HF6

GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.199 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.316

238799 Query times out or sync takes ages when a lot of users are in a GoldMine database, and / or filtered sync
settings are used - offending query part seems to be C.USERID IN

204088 Unable to run or record macros on newer Operating systems - This issue started to be reported since
Vista/Windows 7 came out and works less and less with every newer Windows version - nothing happens or
run into an error referring to win32kfull.sys

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GoldMine 2016.1, Hotfix 5 now available

The latest monthly hotfix is now available.  What's Fixed in GoldMine 2016.1 HF5

Issue and description....

214724 French, German and also Danish characters corrupt in the email header when downloaded into the GoldMine inbox - displays fine online

247588 GMWEB - JSON error when opening ACTVITIES page - Server Error Cannot deserialize JSON request input parameters


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GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.182 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.311, Hotfix 4 now available to download

GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.182 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.311 is now available for download with the following fixes... (issue number followed by description)

246998 Emails sent via GMPE do not include charset in heading if nothing is specified in Tools > Options > Email > More Options > Composing causing decoding to fail

245747 Change Request -  Change of the Pop-Up message “Are you sure you want to delete all selected alarms?” as this deletes the related activities and not only alarms as the message lets assume

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GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.179 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.309, Hotfix 3 now available

We are pleased to announce availability of GoldMine 2016.1, Hotfix 3.  What's Fixed in GoldMine 2016.1 HF3

Issue and Description.....

205910 Create email on GoldMine internal user on Project's team tab does not create internal email to User but
instead creates email to Project's primary contact

235067 [GMWEB] Calendar loading with spinning wheel when the user has a lot of pending activities for the specific
time frame scheduled >> this makes the activity list on the ACTIVITIES page not responsive, scroll may or
may not work appears to hang in the list.

235709 Cross validated/context depending F2 lookups on OPMGR table: F2 values different in
Opportunity's/Project's detail vs. Opportunity's/Project's properties view. Properties view shows no values
as it looks for ' ' instead of set values

246404 GMWEB - The Total and Forecast Column in OPPORTUNITIES list is to small and needs be extended

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GoldMine 2016.1 Hotfix 2 now available - GoldMine 2016.1.0.172

GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.172 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.304 is now available.

What is fixed in this release...Issue number and description.

245827 (GMWEB) Unable to set a date older than today when Adding a history item in GoldMine Web after
upgrading to GMPE/GM Connect 2016.1 GA release

245885 The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed when manually linking while
creating an email in Outlook and then try to send

246048 Sent Email won't link from Outlook to GoldMine when using the option "Link To: Additional Contact"

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GoldMine 2016.1, Hotfix 1 now available

A new release of GoldMine, GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293, is now available....

What's New in GoldMine GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293
• When completing an activity in GoldMine Web, the option to schedule a follow up activity is available. Selecting the option will open the Schedule overlay for the same activity type as just completed. Options for scheduling a follow-up by default and carrying over completion notes will be respected in a future release.

What's Changed in GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293
• GoldMine Web Activities page graphical calendar is hidden by default on small screens. Select the calendar icon to display or hide the calendar.
• GoldMine Web Activities page Tasks and To-Dos are collapsed by default for all screen sizes.
• When searching for Cases or Opportunities in GoldMine Web, default results are Status: All and Owner: All.
• GoldMine Web Contact Record Cases section displays all Cases for the selected Contact.

What's Fixed in GoldMine GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293
Issue number and description...
233236 (GMWEB) Removing Edit Tab Folders right for a user, makes the user unable to complete activities in
GoldMine Web >> Contact's Pending area while this is possible in GMPE on the Contact's Pending tab
234850 [GMWEB] Feature request - Add the schedule a Follow-up option to GoldMine Web.
239349 [GMWEB] When using forced valid input for the STATE F2 Lookup entry that contains comments in format
value // comment the entry will not show as valid input in
240297 (GMWEB) - Discrepancy between security settings in GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Web - e.g.
Menu restrictions - Schedule and Complete is not respected in GMWEB, Access restriction Edit Tab folders is only partly respected - GMPE disallows to change
241704 GoldMine column in Outlook no longer shows any box or check mark after upgrading to GMPE 2016.1
245599 When a different user completes a recurring single user Activity scheduled for a different user, the
completing user is taken over even with the variable added to the Environment table

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GoldMine Webinar tomorrow 14th June - See the latest GoldMine version 2016 and GoldMine Web!

We're running a short webinar tomorrow at 10am UK time on the latest GoldMine version, 2016, and we'll be showing GoldMine Web, the new web and mobile access to GoldMine.

The webinar will last approx. 15 minutes or so and there's plenty of opportunities to ask your questions !



Please register now to get your connection details...

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New release of GoldMine, 2016.1, now available from Wizard Systems

The latest release of Premium Edition – 2016.1 – is now available for download from the new Self-Service Portal. Please consult with Wizard Systems before applying this upgrade. If you need information on accessing the Self-Service portal at, please contact us by emailing support at wizard hyphen systems dot com.

Premium Edition 2016.1 highlights:

GoldMine Web is mobile responsive - SIMPLE - and we have added the following enhancements:

  • View and Edit customer service cases
  • Work with additional contacts linked to a primary contact to manage related contacts
  • New Advanced Search by system and custom fields
  • Add a completed history item without having to schedule first – great to record unplanned interactions
  • Click on a map pin to open GOOGLE maps address - just like click to dial or email
  • And of course a cumulative Service pack that improves reliability and performance and provides updated compatibility. It also addresses the most requested items from customers.

We encourage you to try GoldMine Web as a great way to expand use of CRM for your business, to increase user adoption, and to offer flexible real-time options.

For more information on how to access this upgrade, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800 and ask for the helpdesk.



GoldMine 2016.1 now available

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the general availability of GoldMine 2016.1, with new capabilities mainly in the 'GoldMine Web' area.

Below is a list of functionality added since GoldMine 2015.2 release (functionality added in monthly 2015.2 hotfixes is included).

GoldMine Web

• A Cases list is available from the navigation bar or menu. By default the list is filtered to Open Cases for the logged in User. A User can select to view Cases with a different Status or Owner or view all Cases. The Cases list can be sorted by the available columns – Case Number, Type, Subject, Company, Priority, Status, Deadline, or Owner.
• Cases are also available from the new Cases section on the Contact record. From the Cases section, the user can click the View All link to see the Cases List filtered to Cases for the selected Contact.
• Select a Case from the list or section to view or edit information about the Case.
• A Case can be Reassigned or Escalated and an email notification can be sent to the Owner. A Case can be Resolved or Abandoned and an email notification can be sent to the Contact.
• More information is available in Knowledge article 23544. Login at

• By clicking the Refine link on the Contacts page, a User can search based on desired criteria for selected default and custom fields seen in GoldMine Web. A User can select fields from the main Contact record fields (the first section of a Contact Record) or from Custom screens (the second section of the Contact Record). A User can select a search operator from a defined list. A desired value can be entered or selected from a list or calendar. A search can be done on a single field or more fields can be added by selecting the plus icon. When the Apply button is selected, the Contact List is updated to show only Contacts that meet all of the selected criteria.
• Filters or Groups created in GoldMine Premium can be selected in the Refine section or overlay to limit the Contact List to only Contacts belonging to the Filter or Group. Search criteria can be applied to the selected Filter or Group to further limit the list of Contacts.
• More information is available in Knowledge article 23545. Login at

Additional Contacts
• When a search for Contacts is done from the Search Bar or the Attendee finder for Activities, the user can select Contacts or Additional Contacts to view a list of results matching the value entered.
• From the Additional Contacts search results list, the User can view and sort by Additional Contact, Company, Email address, Phone, and Primary Contact. The user can also schedule an activity for the Additional Contact using the Action icons.
• Additional Contacts can be selected from the Attendee finder when scheduling or completing Activities.
• More information is available in Knowledge article 23546. Login at

• A map pin icon is available on Contact records to open Google Maps with search done for the contact’s address.
• A notification is displayed if the User is accessing a Contact Set that is in a database different from GoldMine Base tables.
• Back to results link on Contact record returns user to Contact List on same page, with same filter, and with same order as when Contact was selected.
• Opportunity records have a responsive layout.
• Add History option now available from menu. Users can access option to add a call, action, or appointment to history from the global menu without first scheduling the activity.
• Email rule actions ‘File’ and ‘File To’ configured in GoldMine Premium are respected when email is retrieved during GoldMine Web login.

GoldMine Premium
• The GoldMine Administrator can control the default values for Date and Time or User in the Complete Activity window by inserting entries into the ENVIRONMENT table
  -Settings are per system; when added the setting applies for all users of current system.
  -Settings do not sync; apply separately for Sites and Undocked users.
  -Settings are applied per activity type:
Appointment –A, Event –E, Call –C, Next Action –T, Other Action –O, Sale –S
  -Detailed information regarding adding settings is available in the Knowledgebase. Login at
 KM 21915 > useOriginalDateInComplete
Default Date/Time when completing non-recurring or single instance of a recurring activity
 KM 21916 > useOriginalUserInComplete
Default User when completing non-recurring or single instance of a recurring activity
 KM 21944 > useOriginalDateCompleteRecurrence
Default Date/Time when completing all Pending instances of a recurring activity
 KM 22468 > useOriginalUserCompleteRecurrence
Default User when completing all Pending instances of a recurring activity or default date/time
and user when completing multi-user and/or multi-contact activity
• GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook has been refactored for enhanced maintainability and predictability by
limiting connection concurrency. See KM 22121 for further information. Login at

What's Changed in GoldMine 2016.1 (below are features which have been changed)
GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.147 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.273
Changes made since the GoldMine 2015.2 release; changes made in monthly 2015.2 hotfixes are included.

GoldMine Web
• Activity type “Event” is now labeled “Appointment”
All Appointments and Events are labeled Appointment in GoldMine Web. This does not impact the label, activity
type or reporting in GoldMine Premium.
o If an Appointment is scheduled or completed with a start and end date and time in GoldMine Web, it is
treated as an Appointment in GoldMine Premium
o If an Appointment is scheduled or completed for All day in GoldMine Web, it is treated as an Event in GoldMine Premium
NOTE: Clear browser cache after upgrade to see this change
• Status filter for Opportunities list is now a dropdown on small screens
• For new installs of GoldMine Connect or re-installs where the GMMobileAppPool does not exist in IIS, the
Application Pool timeout setting is now set to 30 minutes by default.

For more information on how to get the latest version of GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems 01454 316800.

Please note that at the current time, QuoteWerks is not compatible with GoldMine 2016.1 and a QuoteWerks update will be available soon.