GoldMine Add-ons

Integration between GoldMine and Sage 50 now available with Gold50!


Gold50 is not just another link import program. With its flexible and easy to use features, important financial information about your customers and suppliers is available to you from a comprehensive tab within GoldMine itself. Include this with Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing, and Data Synchronisation, Gold50 adds a new dimension to your GoldMine CRM system

Features and Benefits
• Installs as a tabbed window, which is fully integrated with GoldMine
• Dynamically changes the view into Sage, as you change contacts in GoldMine
• Synchronise contact information details between Goldmine and Sage with 2 mouse clicks
• View the latest credit control information
• View balances and aged debt analysis
• View turnover by month for the current financial year
• View Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase orders
• Drill down and edit an individual Order or Invoice, including line items
• Sales, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing
o Create Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders in Sage without the need to have Sage on the PC
o Gold50 automatically populates these transactions with contact and userdefined details from GoldMine
o and creates a history record in GoldMine for each transaction
• Create new customers and suppliers in Sage from details in GoldMine using business rules for the account reference
• View full stock details, including price, quantities and goods in/out information

Additional Modules
• Sync Module - Auto populate fields in GoldMine from any field in Sage, on a scheduled update
• Quotewerks Module - Create Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices in Sage from a Quotewerks document

For more information, pricing or a demonstration, please contact Wizard Systems.


New IntelliClick Feature: IntelliForm Web Site Information Capture Forms

IntelliClick, the most popular email marketing solution for GoldMine now has a new web form data capture capability called ' IntelliForms'.  

IntelliForms are special web forms that can be embedded into your web site. They provide an effective way to capture new leads from your web site and integrate the information into your CRM system. Processes can be triggered to automatically send auto response emails that track levels of interest and identify sales opportunities to your sales team. These forms are easily embedded into your existing web site or can be set to pop up from a hyperlink in any location desired.

Multi Purpose & Dynamic Forms
Each IntelliForm includes dynamic fields that determine how information is prompted for entry. Using auto response personalized emails, with IntelliClick tracked links, helps your comapny gain insight with our "Digital Body Language" web site navigation tracking feature.

IntelliForms are dynamic and flexible enable you to use them on any web site and for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Mailing List Opt In
  • Information Inquiry
  • Literature Request
  • Quote Request
  • Account Information Updates

For GoldMine users, integration with your CRM is included. Not using GoldMine? The IntelliClick for Any Source version also provides forms for information capture and auto response with instant tracking capabilities as well.

Your forms can be hosted at no extra charge with a current IntelliClick subscription in place. Easy to follow instructions for adding these forms to your web site are provided. Take a look at samples of these forms using the links on the left side of this page.

Contact Wizard Systems for more information.


IntelliClick version 8.6.5 released with 4 great new features for Email Marketing from GoldMine

We are please to announce the release of the new version which includes:

  • vCard Link (get more of your contact details over to your recipients)
  • Malformed Email Dashboard (check for bad email addresses in your GoldMine database)
  • Alternate Landing Page Logo Management (so customers know what they have clicked on)
  • Action Request Link (previously Call Back Request) - A step further beyond just a 'Call'

For more information, please contact Wizard Systems.

NEW GM+View screen available from Wizard Systems for displaying archived data

Archiving GoldMine Data, but don’t want to lose the information?

Is your GoldMine system slow because of large data volumes of History (Old Activities, Emails etc...)?  When your GoldMine system contains a very large number of history records you may experience performance issues. You may know that old History data can be deleted using the normal GoldMine functionality (Select Tools > Data Management > Delete Records.) Take a look at the section under the GoldMine Help ‘Using the Delete Wizard’.  But that is going to remove those records.

Wizard Systems have created a new GM+View screen in GoldMine to display archived data.  So old data is transferred out of GoldMine so it does not impact your day-to-day use, but is accessible live from this view - the best of both worlds!

Please contact us for more details on this new screen.



Coming soon to IntelliClick - Add me to your Address Book feature

IntelliClick is the number one Email Marketing system designed for use with GoldMine.  As part of the on going development of IntelliClick, we will be releasing a new feature later in the month called - "Add me to your Address Book".

This new feature is designed to help you improve your email message deliverability. It allows you to create as many vCard files as you wish and have these available for access from a link you insert in your email campaigns. This makes it easier for your message recipients to add you to their contact address book (i.e. Outlook, Gmail or CRM application).

We are currently testing this new feature and will announce the formal release shortly.


Are you suffering from bad email addresses in your GoldMine database?

Do you have lots of invalid email addresses in your GoldMine database?  We have developed a GoldMine Dashboard to easily display all invalid addresses in your database (e.g. two @@ s)

This is a must have for anyone who is doing or about to do any email marketing.  Remember we have two great email marketing solutions for use with GoldMine!

This Dashboard is free of charge to any GoldMine User.  Just email us for request to download and use this.




wMobile for GoldMine now on the iPad

iPad users have asked to be able to use wMobile Desktop on their iPads. The larger screen and ease of use with the touch screen have made these a popular alternative to full laptops. We are happy that due to the improvements in mobile browsers and in the development tools used for creating wMobile, that we have been able to make this possible in wMobile 3.1. Initial testing has been done on iPads and testing has begun on Android tablets. We’ve strived to make the wMobile products independent of any particular device, browser, or operating system, so in time you should be able to use wMobile Desktop on any tablet.

The advantage of using the Desktop Edition rather than the Phone Edition on an iPad, is that you can view the GoldMine layout much as it appears in GoldMine itself. You can see all the contact tabs such as Additional contacts, Pending, History etc

You can use your finger or a stylus on the touchscreen to select the menus and enter data as you would any other application on an iPad.


There is nothing to be installed on the iPad (or any device where you access wMobile.) All you need is an internet connection and the proper web address for your company’s wMobile. You use the same username and password to log in that you do for GoldMine.

When using wMobile, any customer information that you update will be available for your co-workers to see immediately. Vice versa, any information updated by your team will be visible immediately to you. There’s no synchronisation, wMobile accesses your live GoldMine database.

We hope this will give you one more convenient way to update your customers and prospects, view your calendar, and log activities while on the go!

For more information on wMobile contact Wizard Systems.




Grow your business with MasterMine for GoldMine

Attend our presentation next Tuesday 18th March at 2pm GMT and see how MasterMine analyzes, reports and manipulates your GoldMine data to get you:

  • Timely accurate information to make decisions
  • Control of GoldMine itself
  • Better sales forecasting and other sales management tools
  • Insight into your customer and prospect demographics and lead sources
  • Better marketing management
  • Visibility and control over any GoldMine-related process, often replacing tedious manual tasks

To register for this webibar, please click here.



February Release of wMobile for GoldMine

wMobile is the most popular mobile access option for GoldMine.

This month we have added support for SQL queries and enhanced our document merge capability. We have solved about 50 bugs and issues including a thorny one related to displaying on Apple IOS7 devices when hosting on older Windows servers without .NET 4.5 installed.

So new Build number is 3.02.646

New Features

3500 Add/Edit email account email folders.
3513 Add Next Month's activities in Dashboard pending activities
3514 Show count of number of rows in gridviews.
3172 Add support for SQL queries in wMobile desktop
3223 Add warning on adding duplicate email address
3466 Add option in Desktop Options to set FUP activity WITH CYCLE
3507 Support for editing Doc Merge in wMobile Desktop
3516 LogAnalyzer - interpretation automation of log entries to ease support

Fixes and Changes

5330 Removed ability to link Sale records to Cases
5332 New appt from calendar has blank time instead of selected time
5277 Path error in IIS for Phone and Desktop
5289 Missing Localization table on Desktop component install
5299 Error on filing or moving page of emails in desktop edition
5316 Crystal Reports Not Consistently Appearing in phone edition
5317 Issue saving email account
5323 Dashboards do not display the list view correctly for selected All users
5325 States dropdown - should return full state name istead of first 2 chars
5337 VFS issues
5341 wMobileDesktop: Add Contact to the group dialog does not work properly
5342 Schedule for all contacts shows wrong number of contacts
5343 Cases: Reassign case and check to send the email does not appear in the selected user's GoldMine Inbox
5344 Complete case task issue
5347 Save the last email account selection
5348 Edit email accounts issue
5349 Export email account issue
5351 ToDo's: link/unlink an existing to-do does not work as in GoldMine
5312 Logging not consistent
5327 Disply menu item for disabled addins
5333 When spanish language selected, use label 'Reunion' instead of 'Meeting' on Calendar
5352 Add AutoFile button for Inbox folder in wManagerConsole.
4956 Phone-Localization: Add/Edit Additional Contact Labels do not get translated
5166 Logging & Exception handling review- Improve logging
5204 Failed to check the Web Settings - the object is not valid
5313  iPad IOS7 display issues
5353 FUP activity should be from date of activity not today
5354 Error selecting email folder in wmpc - spanish localization issue
5361 The reassigned case subject is not correct
5362 Respect GM security with respect to Export /Merge record from Contact Search
5363 Syncronize Complete Unscheduld Activity Menu
4923 Remember Me option on wMobile login page does not work
5346 Add contact group dialog box
5370 RoundRobin In ContactGroups does not work correctly for 3 users and 5 contacts
5372 Opportunities Add-In setting not working from Mgr Console
5373 Web Site *& Email Addresss Issues with ContactSets
5374 Set off an expired alarm does not refresh the alarm pad (on the left side of the workbench)
5375 DBase expression for field labels not working
5380 Remoting Proxy does not support Start/Stop/Restart and ServiceStatus
5381 Error when sending email on resolve and abandon case