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GoldMine Webinar on the New GoldMine Web feature - 8th March 10am UK Time

We're running another presentation on the new GoldMine Web feature next week (Tuesday March 8th at 10am UK time) where we will be taking you through this exciting new capability to access your live GoldMine system via the Web.  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask us questions also.


This webinar is free to attend but please sign up first (as soon as you can and not on the day) ....



Remote Access to GoldMine – Options Compared (Jan 2016)

Below is a summary of the different remote access options available for GoldMine.  Please note that this is a summary, options change over time and every user has different usage of GoldMine and remote access requirements.  This is just a guide…



  1. All the above options are supplied and supported by Wizard Systems
  2. Remote Desktop / Terminal Server / Citrix is similar to iGoldMine / GO-Global Column
  3. The above is a summary and should always be verified with Wizard Systems before you decide on an option as everyone’s setup is different


GoldMine Web and using 'Linked Documents' - Keep to UNC Paths

Similar as for the GoldSync Service we absolutely do not recommend in the context of GMWEB to use mapped drives. It is also not a recommendation from Microsoft for IIS. The main problem is the AppPoolidentiy user to access the mapped drive which usually is not available and may require additional tweaks and configuration. for example mapping the drive persistent for the used windows account. It is absolutely recommended to work instead with UNC paths only.

For more information, please contact Wizard Systems Support dept.



GoldMine 2015.2 now available

Wizard Systems are now pleased to announce general release and availability of the latest version of GoldMine, 2015.2.

New features include:
- Latest compatibility with Windows 10 and MS Office 2016
- Cumulative Service pack that improves reliability and performance, and addresses the most requested features from customers
- Powerful new GoldMine Web that is mobile responsive
- Simple, intuitive interface that is perfect for new users
- Easier mobile access with responsive design that provides the same interface and functionality from PC in the office or on the go, to tablets, and smartphones
- Easier admin with the installation with all web users being updated
- The new release is included with maintenance, any new seat purchases and uses concurrent licensing!

To access the latest version you must have 'Maintenance' or an annual Maintenance and Support contract for GoldMine.  If you are are installing the upgrade yourself you will likely need a new serial number for the installation and access to the HEAT Customer Portal (HEAT is the name of the company that owns the GoldMine product range).
Wizard Systems offer an installation service if you want this done for you and we can also provide for our customers an FAQ on how to implement this update (if you want to do it yourself).
We plan to run a series of webinars shortly on on all the new features.


GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile - Email Server Side AutoLinking Tip Sheet...


Here's some handy advice from us on how to integrate your emails back into GoldMine CRM when using GoldMine Web or GoldMine Mobile...

For users of GoldMine Web:
-Configure the users device's mailto app with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Web, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.
-Web browsers could have a mailto app setting or use the computers system settings. Depending on the browser the setting is in 'Content Settings' or a setting named something like 'Handlers'

For users of GoldMine Mobile:
-Configure the user's mailto: app on the ipad/iphone/Andriod device with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Mobile, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.

For Mobile and Web:
-More frequent logins allow messages to go into GoldMine in a timely fashion
-Less Frequent logins would mean messages would not go into GoldMine until they login to Web/Mobile or they use GMPE or they link through outlook
-Deleting the message before linking means the e-mail cannot be linked as it no longer exists on the server.
-By logging into GM Web/Mobile, the server side auto linking process immediately starts a mail sync. Then based on retrieve interval in GMPE it reprocesses messages for the users as long as they are still logged into GM Web / Mobile
-If there is an attachment to the message, it is linked to the contact record. The path to the attachment is displayed in Web and you can click on its hyper link to view it.

Linking scenarios

1. User Logs into Web/Mobile daily, e-mail messages from last retrieval time yesterday are linked into GoldMine.
2. User logs in every other day, email messages from last retrieval time two days ago are linked into GoldMine.
3. User logged in last week, email messages from last week’s retrieval time are linked into GoldMine.
4. User logged in last month, email messages from up to 20 days ago are linked into GoldMine. Any emails older than 20 days are not linked.