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Convert Your Web Site Visitors Into NEW Contacts & Business Opportunities

Capture leads from your web site visitors and seamlessly integrate them to your GoldMine CRM. Drive new opportunities to your sales team and arm them with web page visit detailsfrom the moment they first visit your site. Timely follow-up is enabled through email alerts sent to designated recipients the instant a new contact is added.  VisTrack pulls together anonymous web visitor activity. Your web forms (existing or new), instantly add new contacts to your database with referring sources and page viewing history. Tracking includes how visitors were referred (i.e. organic search, social media, pay-per- click, etc.) and GoldMine built-in workflow automation capabilities enable lead follow-up and drip marketing.

Goldmine inbound marketing

Start a dialogue with your audience...

  • Convert web site visitors to leads with interactive email marketing campaigns that track, respond and alert your sales team in real time
  • Known and anonymous web site visitor tracking captures and prioritizes leads and opportunities
  • Workflow automation, triggered from email campaigns and/or web forms, enable drip marketing and timely lead follow-up
  • Dashboard and reporting analytics measure conversion and referring sources to help optimize your digital marketing investment
  • Integration with GoldMine CRM builds your contact database and fuels on-going sales and marketing follow-up to close more business

Catch our introduction Webinar on Wednesday 8th February at 2pm UK time



How to use GoldMine as a powerful marketing tool - a free webinar Tuesday 28th June

We're running a free to attend webinar tomorrow on how to use GoldMine as a powerful marketing tool.  This webinar is aimed at anyone in marketing and existing GoldMine Users.

The session starts at 10am UK time and lasts about 20 minutes.  Plus there is a Q & A session.

We will cover...

  • Data management
  • Lead Management
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Reporting and analysis

To register, click on..

Free GoldMine Webinar on Marketing

New IntelliClick Subscription Management Module - Webinar Recording

This webinar recording provides an overview and demonstration of the IntelliClick Subscription Management Module. This module provides a new option to allow your email recipients to manage their list preferences,


 For more information on this module or IntelliClick Email Marketing solution for GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.



How to allow Customers to manage their own mailing lists with GoldMine and IntelliClick

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new Subscription Management Option with IntelliClick for GoldMine.  IntelliClick is the most popular add on to GoldMine to create, and manage your email marketing campaigns.

This exciting addition to the IntelliClick "Plus Package" enhances the existing single click unsubscribe option. It offers your email recipients an alternative to encourage them to remain on your mailing list. Features of the new module include::

  • A special web form that is dynamically customized with your company logo and up to six (6) mailing list choices
  • One click hyperlink, generated with the IntelliClick Wizard, sets up the web form with the mailing list options and corresponding GoldMine fields to update; The built-in web import capability of GoldMine is used to update the contact record
  • Prior mailing list selections can be updated by your email recipients at any time from links in any of your email campaigns
  • For compliance with spam regulations, a "one click" unsubscribe alternative is also included with the form as an option
  • Tracking and reporting of those who subscribe is provided through reports and dashboards

To see this in action, click here.

For more information on IntelliClick for GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.



IntelliClick (Email marketing solution for GoldMine) version 9 released

Our latest IntelliClick 9.0.0 release has been released and it is confirmed compatible with the latest version of GoldMine. The next time you run the IntelliClick Wizard (if you have it of course!), you may be prompted with an option to update to the latest version. This update will apply both an updated Wizard and IntelliSend module.

Enhancements and fixes in this version include:

Express Tracking - Unsubscribe Field Write Back - when using the Express Tracking module, settings for an unsubscribe GoldMine field write back are applied to the unsubscribe link if you have defined these settings in your default IntelliClick preferences.

Fixes Since Last Release - fixes to various minor link preparation errors have been corrected.

IntelliClick Version 8.9.0 Now Available

The latest IntelliClick (the most popular email marketing tool for GoldMine) 8.9.0 release has been confirmed compatible with GoldMine 2015. If you are an IntelliClick User, the next time you run the IntelliClick Wizard, you many be prompted with an option to update to the latest version. This update will apply both an updated Wizard and IntelliSend module.

New complimentary features and enhancements released in this version include:

Event Registration: Add To Calendar Option - the event registration IntelliClick bundled landing page now offers the email recipient the option to add the event to their calendar. Options for Outlook,, Google and other iCal compatible calendars are supported.

Enhanced Web Site Tracking - improvements have been made to the web site tracking Java Script file to better handle new browsers (Internet Explorer 11) and to enable tracking between non-secure (HTTP) and secure web pages (HTTPS). You can generate an updated OPENTRACK.js file to apply to your web site by selecting OTHER OPTIONS | PREPARE JAVA SCRIPT FILE from the main menu of the IntelliClick Wizard.

Enhanced Hard Bounce Management - the IntelliSend module now provides an additional RETURN PATH feature for your email sending methods. This helps to better manage hard bounces that are not flagged in a typical manner by some email platforms (i.e. Office 365). 

NEW Plus Package announced for IntelliClick Users

In conjunction with the release of the latest 8.8.0 version of IntelliClick, IntelliClick Users now have access to the PLUS PACKAGE option which boosts the capabilities of IntelliClick.


  1. Increased Send Rate: increase the rate you can send emails to 10,000 emails/hr. versus the base 3,000 emails/hr. included with your account
  2. Increased Send Quota: increase the number of emails included in your send quota to 15,000/month from the base send quota of 10,000/month included with your account
  3. Engagement Scoring Module: score the opens, clicks and web page navigation behavior against all your campaigns with numerical values in GoldMine. Tracking results, calculated for a rolling time frame, can be used to identify target segments and trigger drip marketing through GoldMine automated processes
  4. Premium HTML Editor Account: a premium level HTML editor account will provide you over 950 email professionally designed templates (vs. the base 700) and template rendering testing to test your emails across various email clients (tablets, smart phones, web and PC)

For more information and pricing please contact Wizard Systems.


IntelliClick option 'Speed Send' released for IntelliClick - send 100,000 emails per hour!

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the release of Speed Send for IntelliClick, the number one email marketing solution for GoldMine.  IntelliClick SPEED SEND is an advanced email processing solution that provides an effective mail merge engine for large email campaigns using Excel or CSV files & HTML or plain text files.  Content Analysis testing, included with IntelliSend, reduces the likelihood of your messages being flagged as SPAM. Send Management features simplify the preparation and delivery of your email  campaign. Hard bounce and Unsubscribe, automatically tracked from prior sends, ensures those email addresses are excluded from future sends to help with CANSPAM compliance.


  • Users completely control the sending process with no need to upload email addresses or build templates externally; all information stays securely behind your file wall on your system
  • Send rate throttling and scheduling manages the delivery of your email campaign; your account allows up to 100,000 emails per hour through put rate
  • Unlimited SEND FROM accounts; Schedule & send on behalf of multiple people, using the same or different campaign messages; You are in full control of when the emails are sent and how quickly they go out
  • Content analysis and subject line testing integrated with Unified Email SMTP relay account
  • Saved batch logs provide complete send details

For more information on Speed Send pricing or IntelliClick, please contact Wizard Systems.



IntelliClick version 8.7.0 for GoldMine now available

IntelliClick is the primary solution for GoldMine Users who want to run targeted email campaigns and have everything tracked in GoldMine.  

If you are an IntelliClick subscriber, the next time you connect to the IntelliClick Wizard, you many be prompted to update to the latest version. You can also immediately update by using the link at the bottom of this email.

We recommend you proceed with the update to benefit from new features and enhancements released in this version:

  • Enhanced IntelliSend Performance 
  • Action Request Link 
  • vCard Link - "Add To Address Book" 
  • Malformed Email Address Dashboard 
  • Alternate Company Landing Page Logos


New IntelliClick Feature: IntelliForm Web Site Information Capture Forms

IntelliClick, the most popular email marketing solution for GoldMine now has a new web form data capture capability called ' IntelliForms'.  

IntelliForms are special web forms that can be embedded into your web site. They provide an effective way to capture new leads from your web site and integrate the information into your CRM system. Processes can be triggered to automatically send auto response emails that track levels of interest and identify sales opportunities to your sales team. These forms are easily embedded into your existing web site or can be set to pop up from a hyperlink in any location desired.

Multi Purpose & Dynamic Forms
Each IntelliForm includes dynamic fields that determine how information is prompted for entry. Using auto response personalized emails, with IntelliClick tracked links, helps your comapny gain insight with our "Digital Body Language" web site navigation tracking feature.

IntelliForms are dynamic and flexible enable you to use them on any web site and for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Mailing List Opt In
  • Information Inquiry
  • Literature Request
  • Quote Request
  • Account Information Updates

For GoldMine users, integration with your CRM is included. Not using GoldMine? The IntelliClick for Any Source version also provides forms for information capture and auto response with instant tracking capabilities as well.

Your forms can be hosted at no extra charge with a current IntelliClick subscription in place. Easy to follow instructions for adding these forms to your web site are provided. Take a look at samples of these forms using the links on the left side of this page.

Contact Wizard Systems for more information.