Heads up on what's coming in the new GoldMine 2015 release (due May)

Here's a summary of new features due in GoldMine Web, which is all part of GoldMine now...


*       Linking existing opportunities, projects and/or cases to Activities and Emails

*       View of opportunities associated with a contact from the contact record page

*       Opportunities (a new “Opportunities” link in the main navigation):

*       View of all opportunities  - with the ability to filter by Manager and Status

*       View details of an opportunity

*       Edit/update, Win and Lose, Delete

*       Create a new opportunity

*       Graphical calendar:

*       New views – Weekly and Monthly

*       Enhanced view of multiple day activities/events in the calendar

*       Improvements in representation of multiple activities/events that occur in the same time or date slot in the calendar

*       Improvements in the Activity list to the left of the calendar


GoldMine Web is part of GoldMine Premium Edition and was available from the 2014.2 release.  Please contact Wizard Systems for more information on GoldMine Web

GoldMine Web Tip: How to add extended Details to a contact record when using GoldMine Web.

How to add extended Details to a contact record when using GoldMine Web.

1. Log into GoldMine Web.
2. Open the contact record you wish to add detail information for.
3. Scroll down to the Details section, and click the the down arrow to expand the section.
4. Click Add
5. Click on the Right Arrow next to the Detail field.
6. Select the type of detail information you wish to add, and click OK.
7. Add reference information
- Please keep in mind that the Reference field stores only 35 characters although a longer value can be entered in certain GoldMine Web versions.
8. Add Notes if needed.
9. In the fields section, click in the field you want to add information to, and input information.
10. Click OK to save the Detail

NOTE: The fields available for use in the details field cannot be changed from the GoldMine Web interface. If a custom field is needed for the detail information area, this must be configured by the GoldMine Administrator using GoldMine Premium Edition.


GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile Server Side AutoLinking Tip for Email Integration

Here's some more useful information re email integration with GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile (Part of the new GoldMine 'Connect' capability)

For users of GoldMine Web:
-Configure the users devices mailto app with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Web, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.
-Web browsers could have a mailto app setting or use the computers system settings. Depending on the browser the setting is in 'Content Settings' or a setting named something like 'Handlers'

For users of GoldMine Mobile:
-Configure the user's mailto: app on the ipad/iphone/Andriod device with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Mobile, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.

For Mobile and Web:
-More frequent logins allow messages to go into GoldMine in a timely fashion
-Less Frequent logins would mean messages would not go into GoldMine until they login to Web/Mobile or they use GMPE or they link through outlook
-Deleting the message before linking means the e-mail cannot be linked as it no longer exists on the server.
-By logging into GM Web/Mobile, the server side auto linking process immediately starts a mail sync. Then based on retrieve interval in GMPE it reprocesses messages for the users as long as they are still logged into GM Web / Mobile
-If there is an attachment to the message, it is linked to the contact record. The path to the attachment is displayed in Web and can be copied into another browser window to display

Linking scenarios

1. User Logs into Web/Mobile daily, e-mail messages from last retrieval time yesterday are linked into GoldMine.
2. User logs in every other day, email messages from last retrieval time two days ago are linked into GoldMine.
3. User logged in last week, email messages from last week’s retrieval time are linked into GoldMine.
4. User logged in last month, email messages from up to 20 days ago are linked into GoldMine. Any emails older than 20 days are not linked.

For more information on remote access options for GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine Web Tip: See your Activities/Tasks on Start-up

If a GoldMine Web user would prefer to start in "Activities" on start-up then follow the steps below...

1. Edit the beginning of the following Link so that it correctly points to your web server... http://servername/GoldMine/Web/Index#/calendar

2. Paste your new URL into your browser and bookmark it.

3. Use your new book mark to log into Goldmine Web. It will now start in the Activities screen


The New GoldMine Web Client - FAQ

On the 9th December, GoldMine 2014.2 will be released which will include the NEW Web Client.

A key objective of GoldMine development plans has been to extend access to a client’s GoldMine database to further enhance the affordability and control over your data that a premise based install provides.

In addition to the classic Windows desktop client, the GoldMine application and data can be accessed remotely:

  • Over a client’s network and  VPN using Remote Desktop or Citrix
  • Install of optional iGoldMine based on Graphon’s Go Global thin client
  • Use of Mobile Edition from iOS and Android devices

These current options are relatively inexpensive and provide either full functionality in a browser or a reduced set of key contact management features on Mobile Edtion.


Why is a Web Client needed?

Today, users expect the look and feel of a web client along with the “no install” aspect that makes support of remote users easier.

What features will the Web Client provide?”

The first release will focus on basic contact and relationship management functionality and provide a new user interface that may be the preferred interface for newer users or users wanting only basic contact management. Other options will remain for those power or advanced users wanting the full functionality.

The first release of GoldMine Web, will provide real time web browser access to a GoldMine database using any browser without any desktop setup. Launch the browser to view, update, and create:

  • Contact Records
  • Pending and History Activities
  • Additional Contacts
  • Notes
  • Details


  • Easily view and filter activities by type, for yourself as well as those scheduled for another user. You can also schedule, edit, and complete:
    • Calls
    • Appointments and Events
    • Actions
    • Sales
    • Link sent and received emails to your GoldMine Contacts through web based email clients when server side auto-linking is enabled in GoldMine Premium Edition. These emails are saved in the contact history.
    • Phase 2 TBD

 Limitations known so far...

1. You can't schedule an activity to an additional contact.
2. You can't create a ToDo
3. There is no email client.
4. Can't use on a phone.
5. There is no Other or Next Activity choice. Everything is an Other.


How will it be installed?

The web client interface will be incorporated into the Premium Edition version 2014.2 release. Users will need to update to this version in order to get Web Client functionality (it will not work with prior versions of Premium Edition). Mobile server components need to be installed on a client’s IIS with appropriate internet connectivity configuration. We recommend you consult with Wizard Systems on how to deploy this capability.


How will it be licensed?

As the GoldMine Web will be part of Premium Edition, it will not have a separate licensing scheme. Licensing will be governed as follows:

  • All Premium Edition customers will have to obtain a new Premium Edition 9.4 license from Wizard Systems. Existing licenses will not operate within this release. Additional information on obtaining the new license will be provided closer to the release date.
  • The Web Client will require an available Premium Edition License (consistent with current licensing of iGoldMine and Mobile Edition).
  • Only one web client session per named user will be allowed at the same time. Logging into the Web Client will log a user out of any mobile session (thus helping preserve license availability and prevent unauthorized multi-session use under one log in).
  • Monthly “hot fixes” will be made to the 2014.2 release going forward.


Is this a replacement for Mobile Edition, wMobile or iGoldMine/GO-Global?

These other 'add on' solutions will continue to be access options and be supported/promoted by Wizard Systems:

  • iGoldMine/GO-Global will remain an available option for those users wanting access to the full features of the Windows Client while using a browser;
  • Mobile Edition/wMobile will continue to be available for real-time access from mobile devices to use the most common contact management functions.

For more information on GoldMine upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.