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June 2016

How to use GoldMine as a powerful marketing tool - a free webinar Tuesday 28th June

We're running a free to attend webinar tomorrow on how to use GoldMine as a powerful marketing tool.  This webinar is aimed at anyone in marketing and existing GoldMine Users.

The session starts at 10am UK time and lasts about 20 minutes.  Plus there is a Q & A session.

We will cover...

  • Data management
  • Lead Management
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Reporting and analysis

To register, click on..

Free GoldMine Webinar on Marketing

New Lead Score Dashboard available from Wizard Systems - who should you be concentrating your efforts on?

So you have loads of leads in your GoldMine CRM system.  But which are the top leads?  Who should you be concentrating on?  We've come up with a simple solution - a Lead Score Dashboard.  This applies a point scoring system to each key bit of information about a lead or a customer.

For example, if we have an email address, score 3 points.  A job title, add another 3 points.  A phone number, add another point, and so on to give you a grand score for that lead.  Then display all your leads by sales person in total lead score order.

This is just an example of a lead score process.  We can change this.  We could add on more points if the prospect has a LinkedIn Profile, or has had an Appointment recently.

Here's a screenshot of the sample dashboard...


Please contact us for more information or a dashboard custm

GoldMine 2016.1, Hotfix 1 now available

A new release of GoldMine, GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293, is now available....

What's New in GoldMine GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293
• When completing an activity in GoldMine Web, the option to schedule a follow up activity is available. Selecting the option will open the Schedule overlay for the same activity type as just completed. Options for scheduling a follow-up by default and carrying over completion notes will be respected in a future release.

What's Changed in GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293
• GoldMine Web Activities page graphical calendar is hidden by default on small screens. Select the calendar icon to display or hide the calendar.
• GoldMine Web Activities page Tasks and To-Dos are collapsed by default for all screen sizes.
• When searching for Cases or Opportunities in GoldMine Web, default results are Status: All and Owner: All.
• GoldMine Web Contact Record Cases section displays all Cases for the selected Contact.

What's Fixed in GoldMine GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.161 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.293
Issue number and description...
233236 (GMWEB) Removing Edit Tab Folders right for a user, makes the user unable to complete activities in
GoldMine Web >> Contact's Pending area while this is possible in GMPE on the Contact's Pending tab
234850 [GMWEB] Feature request - Add the schedule a Follow-up option to GoldMine Web.
239349 [GMWEB] When using forced valid input for the STATE F2 Lookup entry that contains comments in format
value // comment the entry will not show as valid input in
240297 (GMWEB) - Discrepancy between security settings in GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Web - e.g.
Menu restrictions - Schedule and Complete is not respected in GMWEB, Access restriction Edit Tab folders is only partly respected - GMPE disallows to change
241704 GoldMine column in Outlook no longer shows any box or check mark after upgrading to GMPE 2016.1
245599 When a different user completes a recurring single user Activity scheduled for a different user, the
completing user is taken over even with the variable added to the Environment table

For more information on how to get the new version of GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.


New IntelliClick Subscription Management Module - Webinar Recording

This webinar recording provides an overview and demonstration of the IntelliClick Subscription Management Module. This module provides a new option to allow your email recipients to manage their list preferences,


 For more information on this module or IntelliClick Email Marketing solution for GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.



GoldMine Webinar tomorrow 14th June - See the latest GoldMine version 2016 and GoldMine Web!

We're running a short webinar tomorrow at 10am UK time on the latest GoldMine version, 2016, and we'll be showing GoldMine Web, the new web and mobile access to GoldMine.

The webinar will last approx. 15 minutes or so and there's plenty of opportunities to ask your questions !



Please register now to get your connection details...

Register for GoldMine Webinar


New release of GoldMine, 2016.1, now available from Wizard Systems

The latest release of Premium Edition – 2016.1 – is now available for download from the new Self-Service Portal. Please consult with Wizard Systems before applying this upgrade. If you need information on accessing the Self-Service portal at, please contact us by emailing support at wizard hyphen systems dot com.

Premium Edition 2016.1 highlights:

GoldMine Web is mobile responsive - SIMPLE - and we have added the following enhancements:

  • View and Edit customer service cases
  • Work with additional contacts linked to a primary contact to manage related contacts
  • New Advanced Search by system and custom fields
  • Add a completed history item without having to schedule first – great to record unplanned interactions
  • Click on a map pin to open GOOGLE maps address - just like click to dial or email
  • And of course a cumulative Service pack that improves reliability and performance and provides updated compatibility. It also addresses the most requested items from customers.

We encourage you to try GoldMine Web as a great way to expand use of CRM for your business, to increase user adoption, and to offer flexible real-time options.

For more information on how to access this upgrade, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800 and ask for the helpdesk.