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March 2016

GoldMine Dashboard Training - How to create GoldMine Dashboards - March 24th 10am UK time

Dashboards are a powerful way of reporting on key information in GoldMine and outside of GoldMine. We're running a live, 1-2 hour online training course on March 24th at 10am UK time to cover...

- Using the built in Dashboards (GoldMine does have some ready made Dashboards to get you started)
- A brief introduction to SQL queries
- Creating Data Sources in Dashboards
- Use a simple Wizard to create the SQL query required for a Dashboard
- Adding a table to display the information in the Dashboard
- Display the result and information in a list on screen
- Adding Graphical Charts
- Adding parameters to the Dashboard for easy filtering and drill down
- Ask all your questions concerning Dashboards in GoldMine


There is a cost to attend the course of £50 per Company (You can have as many attendees as you wish and the £50 will be invoiced to your company) or one Admin Credit (if you have purchased Admin Credits from us). The training session will be recorded for you for later use and will not be available on YouTube.

Every attendee will receive a free dashboard from us showing you the health of your GoldMine data (we'll explain what it does on the day).

The class size will be kept low so please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!



GoldMine promotions for March 2016 - Save money on upgrades

GoldMine have just announced some promotions aimed at existing GoldMine Users.  This promotion is for orders to Wizard Systems for March only!  Here's the summary

1) If you're out of maintenance, you can now purchase extra GoldMine licences for the same version you are on now

2) If you're out of maintenance and want to upgrade to a later version (2014.1) this is offered for a one off fee of £99 per user

3) If you're out of maintenance, get back on maintenance for a £500 one time fee plus the normal renewal for 12 months


Please contact Wizard Systems for more information on your costs and savings....

GoldMine Webinar on the New GoldMine Web feature - 8th March 10am UK Time

We're running another presentation on the new GoldMine Web feature next week (Tuesday March 8th at 10am UK time) where we will be taking you through this exciting new capability to access your live GoldMine system via the Web.  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask us questions also.


This webinar is free to attend but please sign up first (as soon as you can and not on the day) ....