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February 2016

GoldMine Webinar Tuesday 1st March - The Pending and History Tabs explained

It's not too late to register for our free presentation covering how to use the Pending and History Tabs in GoldMine.

The session is open to all GoldMine Users and will be on Tuesday 1st March at 10am UK time.  The session will be about 15 minutes duration and there's plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Please register by clicking the link below


GoldMine and support for MS SQL 2005

Microsoft will end extended support of MS SQL Server 2005 on April 12, 2016.

Although GoldMine has not supported this version for some time, anyone running older versions of GM CE/early PE might be on this version. Customers may want to consider upgrading. SQL 2005 is rounding 12 years in production.

If you are unsure how to check which version of SQL your GoldMine is on, please contact Wizard Systems support department.


GoldMine Premium 2015.2 Hotfix 3 released

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce GoldMine Premium 2015.2 Hotfix 3 is now available to our GoldMine customers on maintenance.

GoldMine Premium 2015.2.0.190 / GoldMine Connect 2015.2.0.361 3 incidents are fixed (HF2 had 1 major change and 1 incident fixed).

HF2 (Hotfix 2) added functionality within the server-side auto-linking to respect the ‘File’ and ‘File to’ e-mail rule actions. Now any users e-mail rules with an action of ‘File’ or ‘File to’ will be followed to handle messages.

Details of Hotfix 3 are....

Issue Number and details...

Automated Processes attached to a new record after being created by WebImport will skip events and stop at this point
When the "stage" value of an opportunity is updated in GMWEB, the u_stage field is not updated to reflect the new value
When you view a contact within Goldmine Web and you drill down to the Opportunities section within the main page, the correct Stage value is displayed. But if you click on the Opportunities to view the details, the Stage information within the details is not correct.
FIXED in HF2 -- Auto complete for F2 Lookup values leads in several fields to apply also the // description value instead only the real F2 Lookup value.

For more information on how to access Hotfix 3 and all GoldMine upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.


IntelliClick (Email marketing solution for GoldMine) version 9 released

Our latest IntelliClick 9.0.0 release has been released and it is confirmed compatible with the latest version of GoldMine. The next time you run the IntelliClick Wizard (if you have it of course!), you may be prompted with an option to update to the latest version. This update will apply both an updated Wizard and IntelliSend module.

Enhancements and fixes in this version include:

Express Tracking - Unsubscribe Field Write Back - when using the Express Tracking module, settings for an unsubscribe GoldMine field write back are applied to the unsubscribe link if you have defined these settings in your default IntelliClick preferences.

Fixes Since Last Release - fixes to various minor link preparation errors have been corrected.