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GoldMine and Windows 10 - latest news from the authors

GoldMine's test for compatibility will start as soon as Windows 10 will be officially released. Compatibility testing will be done usually only on major releases, so for example GMPE 2015.2 or then in GMPE 2016.1 etc. They do not test compatibility on any hot fix releases. At this point they are very optimistic that it will be included on the compatibility matrix for GMPE 2015.2 (the fall release for GMPE) although this is no final confirmation.

Until then if you experience any issues (maybe in a test environment) of GMPE 2015.1 please go ahead and log an incident with us. Although we may say that it is currently not yet tested we will definitely try to replicate and if applicable log with our Development.

Wizard Systems are currently running the latest GoldMine on Windows 10 with a couple of Users so far without any issues.

Stay tuned for further news.


GoldMine 2015.1 Hotfix 2 released

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2015.1 Hotfix 2
GoldMine Premium 2015.1.0.185 / GoldMine Connect 2015.1.0.375

Issue Number
When in a detail tab, editing or creating new, when clicking the INFO tab, the dialogue box flickers, the recently viewed items flicker and also other non GoldMine applications
When scheduling or Completing activities, the Tab view and the recently viewed list will refresh causing a performance degrade.
Web import is duplicating contact2 entries for each imported contact when a lookup.ini is in use
Downloading E-mails with a winmail.dat attachment crashes GoldMine


NEW Plus Package announced for IntelliClick Users

In conjunction with the release of the latest 8.8.0 version of IntelliClick, IntelliClick Users now have access to the PLUS PACKAGE option which boosts the capabilities of IntelliClick.


  1. Increased Send Rate: increase the rate you can send emails to 10,000 emails/hr. versus the base 3,000 emails/hr. included with your account
  2. Increased Send Quota: increase the number of emails included in your send quota to 15,000/month from the base send quota of 10,000/month included with your account
  3. Engagement Scoring Module: score the opens, clicks and web page navigation behavior against all your campaigns with numerical values in GoldMine. Tracking results, calculated for a rolling time frame, can be used to identify target segments and trigger drip marketing through GoldMine automated processes
  4. Premium HTML Editor Account: a premium level HTML editor account will provide you over 950 email professionally designed templates (vs. the base 700) and template rendering testing to test your emails across various email clients (tablets, smart phones, web and PC)

For more information and pricing please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine Webinar tomorrow - What's the GM+ View Tab all about

Every wondered what the GM+ View Tab/screen can be used for?

Join us tomorrow (7th July 2015 at 10am BST) for our free online presentation and see many ideas on how to gain greater insights to customer information.

You must register before by clicking here!

Please note this presentation is relevant only if you are a GoldMine User or potential GoldMine User.  There is no charge for attending.