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Free GoldMine Dashboards from Wizard Systems

Here are some free Dashboards from Wizard Systems to help you get more from GoldMine (these will only work in the latest versions of GoldMine Premium Edition) and understand the content of your data...

Step 1. Download your free dashboards

Step 2. Extract the contents of the zip file. It contains two files...


This is a free dashboard created by Wizard Systems, There are five useful tabs...
1. Malformed Email Addresses - Locate bad email addresses within GoldMine
2. Tables and Record Count - Record counts for your GoldMine database
3. Export Assistant - Export Contact data from Goldmine
4. Wizard Systems Web Site - Explore the Wizard systems Website
5. GoldMine blog - News, Useful Tips and Articles regarding GoldMine


This is a free dashboard created by Heat software's support team. It is sometimes used to aid the setup of GoldMine

Steps 3: Import your dashboard

-Log into GoldMine as a Master User
-Select Goto | Dashboards
-On the left hand dashboard navigation bar right click and choose import
-Locate your dashboard xml file and choose 'Open'
-Press Import
-Choose 'Yes' to overwrite any existing datasource
-Repeat for the next dashboard


IntelliClick option 'Speed Send' released for IntelliClick - send 100,000 emails per hour!

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the release of Speed Send for IntelliClick, the number one email marketing solution for GoldMine.  IntelliClick SPEED SEND is an advanced email processing solution that provides an effective mail merge engine for large email campaigns using Excel or CSV files & HTML or plain text files.  Content Analysis testing, included with IntelliSend, reduces the likelihood of your messages being flagged as SPAM. Send Management features simplify the preparation and delivery of your email  campaign. Hard bounce and Unsubscribe, automatically tracked from prior sends, ensures those email addresses are excluded from future sends to help with CANSPAM compliance.


  • Users completely control the sending process with no need to upload email addresses or build templates externally; all information stays securely behind your file wall on your system
  • Send rate throttling and scheduling manages the delivery of your email campaign; your account allows up to 100,000 emails per hour through put rate
  • Unlimited SEND FROM accounts; Schedule & send on behalf of multiple people, using the same or different campaign messages; You are in full control of when the emails are sent and how quickly they go out
  • Content analysis and subject line testing integrated with Unified Email SMTP relay account
  • Saved batch logs provide complete send details

For more information on Speed Send pricing or IntelliClick, please contact Wizard Systems.



GoldMine Premium 2015.1.0.174 Hotfix 1 Released

We are pleased to announce this most recent monthly Hotfix....

Release Notes (Updated June 11, 2015)

Note: To upgrade GoldMine Connect from a version previous to GoldMine Connect 2015.1, it is necessary to uninstall the existing version of GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Connect and install GoldMine Connect 2015.1 as a new installation. If GoldMine Connect 2015.1 is installed, it is not necessary to uninstall. Run the GoldMine Connect 2015.1 Hotfix 1 installer to upgrade the existing install. It is recommended to clear device/browser cache and to restart IIS after uninstall/reinstall or after upgrade of GoldMine Connect.

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2015.1 Hotfix 1
GoldMine Premium 2015.1.0.174 / GoldMine Connect 2015.1.0.367

224911 Update “FrontRange Community” in GMPE Help menu
224949 Update "GoldMine Online" in GMPE Help menu
224965[GMWEB] After clicking sign in you are sometimes redirected to GMME and username/password are seen in address bar
227522[GMWEB] If a user has been deleted in GMPE the contact's Pending and History does not show any activities of those users for any non-master user
229222[GMME] After auto upgrade of Chrome to version GoldMine Mobile does not show any data anymore only the overall forms
229241[GMWEB] F2 Lookup values with single slashes / or double slashes // (as for comments) causing inconsistent and unexpected behavior

For more information on how to access GoldMine upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine Announces GoldMine Cloud

nGenx, a leading cloud services provider in the US, today announced that GoldMine will standardize on nGenx nFinity nWorkspace™ to Web-enable the company's popular suite of business CRM solutions. Using nGenx nFinity nWorkspace, powered by Google Compute Engine cloud infrastructure and IndependenceIT's Cloud Workspace Suite® (CWS) software, GoldMine now provides a cloud-based customer relationship management solution for anywhere, anytime user access. In addition to global application availability, the new platform lowers upfront costs for end-customers, simplifies upgrades and eliminates interoperability concerns

"We are pleased to be a part of this launch with nGenx. We can now offer our all-in-one CRM capabilities as a subscription option -- allowing users to operate GoldMine in the cloud. The end-user has the flexibility to subscribe to and use more than one application at the same time," said Paul R. Petersen, vice president and general manager, GoldMine. "As more organizations deploy cloud based strategies, the need for complementary solutions is key to moving forward. nGenx has provided the means to expand our marketshare while better serving customer requirements worldwide."

At this time, please note that this is a cloud solution specific to the North American marketplace and it is not clear at this stage its suitability for use in the UK and Europe. Stay tuned as they say!


Tips for Email integration when using GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Web

Here's some more useful information re email integration with GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile (Part of the new GoldMine 'Connect' capability)

For users of GoldMine Web:
-Configure the users devices mailto app with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Web, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.
-Web browsers could have a mailto app setting or use the computers system settings. Depending on the browser the setting is in 'Content Settings' or a setting named something like 'Handlers'

For users of GoldMine Mobile:
-Configure the user's mailto: app on the ipad/iphone/Andriod device with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Mobile, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.

For Mobile and Web:
-More frequent logins allow messages to go into GoldMine in a timely fashion
-Less Frequent logins would mean messages would not go into GoldMine until they login to Web/Mobile or they use GMPE or they link through outlook
-Deleting the message before linking means the e-mail cannot be linked as it no longer exists on the server.
-By logging into GM Web/Mobile, the server side auto linking process immediately starts a mail sync. Then based on retrieve interval in GMPE it reprocesses messages for the users as long as they are still logged into GM Web / Mobile
-If there is an attachment to the message, it is linked to the contact record. The path to the attachment is displayed in Web and can be copied into another browser window to display

Linking scenarios

1. User Logs into Web/Mobile daily, e-mail messages from last retrieval time yesterday are linked into GoldMine.
2. User logs in every other day, email messages from last retrieval time two days ago are linked into GoldMine.
3. User logged in last week, email messages from last week’s retrieval time are linked into GoldMine.
4. User logged in last month, email messages from up to 20 days ago are linked into GoldMine. Any emails older than 20 days are not linked.

For more information on GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile, please contact Wizard Systems

GoldMine 2015.1 released with new capabilities for GoldMine Web

GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.1 has now been released with mainly additional capabilities for the GoldMine Web feature (a new feature of GoldMine to access GoldMine live via the Web)

Whats New?

GoldMine Web > Contacts

v  Contact name on Contact list is link to Contact record. Left click to open in current window; right click to select to open in new tab/window.

v  Fields on custom screens in Contact record are ordered by tab position set in GoldMine Premium.

v  A Create History (checkmark) icon is available on the Contact list and record to allow users to add a completed call, action, or event directly to History without first scheduling the activity.

v  Opportunities section is available on Contact record

  • An Add link is available for creation of new Opportunities.
  • Active Opportunities are displayed before completed Opportunities.
  • Opportunities are further ordered by most recent start date, then by most recent create date.


GoldMine Web > Activities

v  In addition to Week view, Activities page now includes Day and Month views.

v  Activities scheduled for multiple contacts will display as a single activity with multiple attendees instead of as one activity per contact on Activities page.

v  Activities list Contact name is a link to Contact record. Left click to open in current window; right click to select to open in new tab/window.

v  Link activities and emails to Opportunities, Projects, and Cases by selecting from dropdown in edit mode.

v  Completed Forecast Sales linked to an Opportunity cannot be edited in Goldmine Web.


GoldMine Web > Opportunities

v  Opportunities can be created from Contact record Opportunities section.

  • A linked Forecast Sale is always created when creating a new Opportunity. This Forecast Sale can be viewed from the Contact record pending section or the Activities page list.
  • New or active Opportunities can only be set to an active status. It is not possible to set an open Opportunity to Won, Lost, or Abandoned.

v  An Opportunities list is available.

  • Select to view by Opportunity Manager and/or Status.
  • Sort Opportunities ascending or descending from column headers. A secondary sort by Company name ascending is automatically applied.
  • Opportunity name is link to Opportunity record. Left click to open in current window; right click to select to open in new tab/window.
  • Company name is link to Contact record. Left click to open in current window; right click to select to open in new tab/window.
  • Active Opportunities can be opened for updating by clicking Edit icon in list view.

v  An Opportunities record detail view is available.

  • Default and custom Opportunity fields are displayed.
    • Closed Units, Price, and Amount are displayed when Forecast Sales closed as successful are linked to the Opportunity.
    • Custom labels and order of custom fields set in GoldMine Premium are respected.
    • Active Opportunities can be updated or completed by clicking the Edit or Complete icon following the Opportunity name.
    • Pending and History activities linked to an Opportunity can be viewed from the associated Contact record.  Viewing activities from the Opportunity as well as viewing and working with Influencers, Tasks, Team, Issues, Notes, Competitors, and Details is not currently available through GoldMine Web.

v  Opportunities can be completed and set to Won, Lost, or Abandoned.

  • All Pending Forecast Sales are automatically completed.
  • User can select to complete other Pending activities.
  • Tasks and Issues cannot currently be completed when completing an Opportunity in GoldMine Web.
  • Wrap-up activity is not currently automatically recorded in contact History in GoldMine Web.
  • Setting a Competitor Contract Winner when losing an Opportunity is not currently available through GoldMine Web.

v  Currency symbols for Opportunities respect GoldMine Web server settings. Because IIS uses Network Service as Identity for GMMobileAppPool, it may be necessary to copy current settings to system accounts via Control Panel Region > Administrative tab > Copy settings > enable copy your current setting to Welcome screen and system accounts.


What's Changed in GoldMine 2015.1

Changes made since the GoldMine 2014.2 release; changes made in monthly 2014.2 hotfixes are included. 

The locations of the Code and Result fields have been swapped in the Complete activity window in GoldMine Web. 

If the GoldMine system directory and/or SQL Server are not available when logging into Outlook with GoldMine Plus for Outlook installed and enabled, the user will receive a message ‘GoldMine is not available. GoldMine Plus could not be connected.’ If SQL Server becomes available, the user can manually connect without restarting Outlook. If the system directory becomes available, Outlook must be restarted to connect.

For more information on GoldMine 2015.1 or GoldMine Web, please contact Wizard Systems.