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GoldMine 2014.2.0.836 released - GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 4

Here's the details from the readme.What's Fixed in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 4

GoldMine Premium 2014.2.0.836 / GoldMine Connect 2014.2.0.552

Issue Number, Title
149488 GoldMine will sporadically crash with event viewer error referencing oleacc.dll when mouse cursor is moved over main menu items
219509 Incorrect syntax error and GoldMine crashes when downloading a Constant Contact campaign sent to a contact record with an apostrophe in the name or the e-mail address
222906 Constant Contact integration creates incorrect history records when writing the createon and lastdate fields in the history tab of GoldMine
223839 Name window for completing activity for multiple users/contacts so it can be called by API
225660 [GMWEB] F2 lookup list for the reference field in scheduled activities all show the lookup list from Calls
226720 Replace Constant Contact dlls so that no workstation needs a separate new installation