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March 2015

Heads up on what's coming in the new GoldMine 2015 release (due May)

Here's a summary of new features due in GoldMine Web, which is all part of GoldMine now...


*       Linking existing opportunities, projects and/or cases to Activities and Emails

*       View of opportunities associated with a contact from the contact record page

*       Opportunities (a new “Opportunities” link in the main navigation):

*       View of all opportunities  - with the ability to filter by Manager and Status

*       View details of an opportunity

*       Edit/update, Win and Lose, Delete

*       Create a new opportunity

*       Graphical calendar:

*       New views – Weekly and Monthly

*       Enhanced view of multiple day activities/events in the calendar

*       Improvements in representation of multiple activities/events that occur in the same time or date slot in the calendar

*       Improvements in the Activity list to the left of the calendar


GoldMine Web is part of GoldMine Premium Edition and was available from the 2014.2 release.  Please contact Wizard Systems for more information on GoldMine Web

Integration between GoldMine and Sage 50 now available with Gold50!


Gold50 is not just another link import program. With its flexible and easy to use features, important financial information about your customers and suppliers is available to you from a comprehensive tab within GoldMine itself. Include this with Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing, and Data Synchronisation, Gold50 adds a new dimension to your GoldMine CRM system

Features and Benefits
• Installs as a tabbed window, which is fully integrated with GoldMine
• Dynamically changes the view into Sage, as you change contacts in GoldMine
• Synchronise contact information details between Goldmine and Sage with 2 mouse clicks
• View the latest credit control information
• View balances and aged debt analysis
• View turnover by month for the current financial year
• View Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase orders
• Drill down and edit an individual Order or Invoice, including line items
• Sales, Invoice and Purchase Order Processing
o Create Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders in Sage without the need to have Sage on the PC
o Gold50 automatically populates these transactions with contact and userdefined details from GoldMine
o and creates a history record in GoldMine for each transaction
• Create new customers and suppliers in Sage from details in GoldMine using business rules for the account reference
• View full stock details, including price, quantities and goods in/out information

Additional Modules
• Sync Module - Auto populate fields in GoldMine from any field in Sage, on a scheduled update
• Quotewerks Module - Create Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices in Sage from a Quotewerks document

For more information, pricing or a demonstration, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 3 released

Note: To upgrade GoldMine Connect, it is necessary to uninstall any existing version of GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Connect and install GoldMine Connect 2014.2.0.546 as a new installation. It may also be necessary to clear device/browser cache.

Issue Number, Title (what is included in this Hotfix)....

  • 224795 GMWEB - Website with more than 40 characters cannot be entered via GoldMine Web client
  • 224832 GMWEB - E-mail addresses exceeding 35 characters can be entered but are truncated when saving / updating contact record
  • 224833 GMWEB - Adding Detail references exceeding 35 characters are truncated because you can enter up to 100 characters
  • 224856 GMPE - When completing a scheduled activity from a contacts pending tab the activity list will resort but the next appointment in the activity list does not cause a contact sync until it is clicked back and forth

Please contact Wizard Systems on how you can get this update.


IntelliClick version 8.7.0 for GoldMine now available

IntelliClick is the primary solution for GoldMine Users who want to run targeted email campaigns and have everything tracked in GoldMine.  

If you are an IntelliClick subscriber, the next time you connect to the IntelliClick Wizard, you many be prompted to update to the latest version. You can also immediately update by using the link at the bottom of this email.

We recommend you proceed with the update to benefit from new features and enhancements released in this version:

  • Enhanced IntelliSend Performance 
  • Action Request Link 
  • vCard Link - "Add To Address Book" 
  • Malformed Email Address Dashboard 
  • Alternate Company Landing Page Logos


GoldMine Tip: How to add Bullet Points and Numbered Lists in your GoldMine Emails

Did you know about the 'Style' feature when composing emails in GoldMine?  

Here's how to access the "Style" options when composing emails in GoldMine (e.g. Bulleted, Numbered, Menu Lists, Headings, etc.)

1. Compose an email in GoldMine
2. Rich text (HTML) must be enabled
- click on the "Options" tab just left of the "To:" field >> check "Rich text (HTML)"
3. Click down in the body of the email >> right click >> select "Style"
4. Style options are now available



GoldMine Web Tip: How to add extended Details to a contact record when using GoldMine Web.

How to add extended Details to a contact record when using GoldMine Web.

1. Log into GoldMine Web.
2. Open the contact record you wish to add detail information for.
3. Scroll down to the Details section, and click the the down arrow to expand the section.
4. Click Add
5. Click on the Right Arrow next to the Detail field.
6. Select the type of detail information you wish to add, and click OK.
7. Add reference information
- Please keep in mind that the Reference field stores only 35 characters although a longer value can be entered in certain GoldMine Web versions.
8. Add Notes if needed.
9. In the fields section, click in the field you want to add information to, and input information.
10. Click OK to save the Detail

NOTE: The fields available for use in the details field cannot be changed from the GoldMine Web interface. If a custom field is needed for the detail information area, this must be configured by the GoldMine Administrator using GoldMine Premium Edition.