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February 2015

What are the differences between GoldMine 8 and GoldMine 2014?

We're often asked what are the differences between GoldMine version 8 (the first release of GoldMine Premium Edition) and the latest version 2014.

Here's a quick summary....

  • 2014 is Easier to use!
  • Preview Panes and extra Detail Record fields making it easier to see related information
  • Universal Search – Google like search in GoldMine
  • Email Centre UI improvements
  • Lookup List / Cross-Field Validation
  • Improvements in Admin controls and user security
  • Unattended Installations and Automatic Upgrades making it easier to implement later updates
  • Better Outlook Integration
  • New Dashboards for reporting
  • Social Media integration to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • New Relationships tab makes it easier to manage and see account/contact relationships
  • Activity, Scheduling and Calendar improvements (e.g. Larger Notes Box)
  • Case module more customisable and displays more tabs against a case
  • Constant Contact integration for Email Marketing
  • Google Apps integration
  • More Mobile access options with support for GoldMine Mobile and wMobile
  • New GoldMine Web included – access your GoldMine via your browser anywhere

Plus Support for….
- Windows 7, 8.1
- Surface, Office 2013
- Office 365
- SQL 2008, 2012, SQL Express
- Server 2012


Goldmine 8 vs goldmine 2014


Please note that GoldMine version 8 is no longer supported by the authors and any existing users of that version should make planes to upgrade their GoldMine. 


New IntelliClick Feature: IntelliForm Web Site Information Capture Forms

IntelliClick, the most popular email marketing solution for GoldMine now has a new web form data capture capability called ' IntelliForms'.  

IntelliForms are special web forms that can be embedded into your web site. They provide an effective way to capture new leads from your web site and integrate the information into your CRM system. Processes can be triggered to automatically send auto response emails that track levels of interest and identify sales opportunities to your sales team. These forms are easily embedded into your existing web site or can be set to pop up from a hyperlink in any location desired.

Multi Purpose & Dynamic Forms
Each IntelliForm includes dynamic fields that determine how information is prompted for entry. Using auto response personalized emails, with IntelliClick tracked links, helps your comapny gain insight with our "Digital Body Language" web site navigation tracking feature.

IntelliForms are dynamic and flexible enable you to use them on any web site and for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Mailing List Opt In
  • Information Inquiry
  • Literature Request
  • Quote Request
  • Account Information Updates

For GoldMine users, integration with your CRM is included. Not using GoldMine? The IntelliClick for Any Source version also provides forms for information capture and auto response with instant tracking capabilities as well.

Your forms can be hosted at no extra charge with a current IntelliClick subscription in place. Easy to follow instructions for adding these forms to your web site are provided. Take a look at samples of these forms using the links on the left side of this page.

Contact Wizard Systems for more information.


GoldMine Techincal Update - February 2015

Please find below some notes from our recent technical call with GoldMine.  This post is really only relevant of you are an administrator of a GoldMine system.

1. New 2014.2 Test drive feature With GoldMine Web is due this week on website


2. FTP

-Goldmine is removing all the FTP Sites it maintains as of March 1st.
-They are switching some content to Drivers and Downloads and the Support Portal


3. GoldMine In the Cloud

GoldMine have advised that GoldMine will work successfully on...

Amazon Webservices
Microsoft Azure


GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 2 released

What's Changed in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 2

The locations of the Code and Result fields have been swapped in the Complete activity window in GoldMine Web.

If the GoldMine system directory and/or SQL Server are not available when logging into Outlook with GoldMine Plus for Outlook installed and enabled, the user will receive a message ‘GoldMine is not available. GoldMine Plus could not be connected.’ If SQL Server becomes available, the user can manually connect without restarting Outlook. If the system directory becomes available, Outlook must be restarted to connect.

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 2

Issue Number Title

223815 GMME - When editing duration of an activity in GoldMine Mobile AND completing the activity, the new duration does not show correctly in GoldMine Mobile.
224703 GMWEB - Code field is missing from dialog box when schedule Calls, Actions, and Events.
224837 GMWEB - Cannot add an extended detail anymore
224897 GMPE - Unhandled exception errors cannot be cleared within Outlook with the GoldMine Plus for Outlook configured and the workstation cannot resolve the sysdir path

For more information on how to get GoldMine uprades, please contact Wizard Systems.


FrontRange, GoldMine and HEAT Software announcement Feb 13th

By now you most likely have learned of the change in ownership of GoldMine's parent entity, FrontRange Solutions. Overall, this is a great next step in continuing to build a strong company for all their product lines – including GoldMine.


For GoldMine customers, you should know that the GoldMine Division is an important business unit within the new entity and they report directly to their CEO – and are empowered to make the decisions they feel are best for current and new GoldMine customers. 


GoldMine's dedicated development and support teams remain intact and we continue to work with them on key objectives:


  • Delivering greater value for our customers with a better quality product – with regular and frequent “hot-fixes” to address key issues.
  • To protect your investment by keeping current with the latest networking products such as Office 365, SQL2014, and server 2012 so that you can continue to use a very affordable CRM in your company without disruption.
  • To build important new capabilities with enhancement releases that add new value – such as the recent release of a free web client (access your GoldMine, live via the web!), and in the past, integration with the leading email marketing firm Constant Contact, as well as support for Android devices.


GoldMine are working a future road map that will provide some great new options for you. 


GoldMine continues now into its 26th year.  So it's business as usual and Wizard Systems are committed to you, the GoldMine product range and related options.