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January 2015

GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile Server Side AutoLinking Tip for Email Integration

Here's some more useful information re email integration with GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile (Part of the new GoldMine 'Connect' capability)

For users of GoldMine Web:
-Configure the users devices mailto app with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Web, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.
-Web browsers could have a mailto app setting or use the computers system settings. Depending on the browser the setting is in 'Content Settings' or a setting named something like 'Handlers'

For users of GoldMine Mobile:
-Configure the user's mailto: app on the ipad/iphone/Andriod device with the same settings as the mail settings in GMPE.
-When the users logs into GoldMine Mobile, the connect service tells GMPE to retrieve and Link inbound messages (and outbound if the emails settings are IMAP) to GoldMine.

For Mobile and Web:
-More frequent logins allow messages to go into GoldMine in a timely fashion
-Less Frequent logins would mean messages would not go into GoldMine until they login to Web/Mobile or they use GMPE or they link through outlook
-Deleting the message before linking means the e-mail cannot be linked as it no longer exists on the server.
-By logging into GM Web/Mobile, the server side auto linking process immediately starts a mail sync. Then based on retrieve interval in GMPE it reprocesses messages for the users as long as they are still logged into GM Web / Mobile
-If there is an attachment to the message, it is linked to the contact record. The path to the attachment is displayed in Web and can be copied into another browser window to display

Linking scenarios

1. User Logs into Web/Mobile daily, e-mail messages from last retrieval time yesterday are linked into GoldMine.
2. User logs in every other day, email messages from last retrieval time two days ago are linked into GoldMine.
3. User logged in last week, email messages from last week’s retrieval time are linked into GoldMine.
4. User logged in last month, email messages from up to 20 days ago are linked into GoldMine. Any emails older than 20 days are not linked.

For more information on remote access options for GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.


IntelliClick version 8.6.5 released with 4 great new features for Email Marketing from GoldMine

We are please to announce the release of the new version which includes:

  • vCard Link (get more of your contact details over to your recipients)
  • Malformed Email Dashboard (check for bad email addresses in your GoldMine database)
  • Alternate Landing Page Logo Management (so customers know what they have clicked on)
  • Action Request Link (previously Call Back Request) - A step further beyond just a 'Call'

For more information, please contact Wizard Systems.

GoldMine Web Tip: See your Activities/Tasks on Start-up

If a GoldMine Web user would prefer to start in "Activities" on start-up then follow the steps below...

1. Edit the beginning of the following Link so that it correctly points to your web server... http://servername/GoldMine/Web/Index#/calendar

2. Paste your new URL into your browser and bookmark it.

3. Use your new book mark to log into Goldmine Web. It will now start in the Activities screen


GoldMine Webinar next week showing the latest version of GoldMine and GoldMine Web

We're running an online presentation next week showing the latest version of GoldMine and the NEW GoldMine Web.  The presentation is on Wednesday 21st at 2pm GMT and it's free to attend.

It will aim to bring you up to date with all the recent new capabilities of GoldMine and demonstrate GoldMine Web.  There is also a chance to ask questions.

Come and join us!  You will need to regsiter first....


GoldMine Premium 2014.2.0.812 Hotfix 1 released

This post relates to the latest releases of GoldMine, available from Jan 8th.

Latest versions are now:

GoldMine Premium 2014.2.0.812
GoldMine Connect 2014.2.0.531 (Connect relates to GoldMine Mobile and GoldMine Web)

What's New in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 1

Users of GoldMine Web can complete an unscheduled activity from the contact list or contact record.  A Create History (checkmark) icon is available with the Schedule and Forecast Sale icons.  This allows a user to add a completed Call, Action, or Event directly to History without first scheduling the activity.  

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 1

Issue Number Title
153792 Major performance issues running any report that runs against conthist
217631 Message regarding Microsoft Office during install updated
218036 security hole with exposing SQL password for GoldMine database in Log files for GMME and Google Apps Sync
218038 security hole when enabling Log files and APILogs for GMME  -  GoldMine user's password is exposed in plain text
221355 when the original sender has an apostrophe in the friendly name and the e-mail does have several recipients >> when replying to all the CC recipients will be stripped out
222353 GoldMine mobile does not release the license after you log out of GoldMine mobile

For more information on how to access the latest version of GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.


NEW GM+View screen available from Wizard Systems for displaying archived data

Archiving GoldMine Data, but don’t want to lose the information?

Is your GoldMine system slow because of large data volumes of History (Old Activities, Emails etc...)?  When your GoldMine system contains a very large number of history records you may experience performance issues. You may know that old History data can be deleted using the normal GoldMine functionality (Select Tools > Data Management > Delete Records.) Take a look at the section under the GoldMine Help ‘Using the Delete Wizard’.  But that is going to remove those records.

Wizard Systems have created a new GM+View screen in GoldMine to display archived data.  So old data is transferred out of GoldMine so it does not impact your day-to-day use, but is accessible live from this view - the best of both worlds!

Please contact us for more details on this new screen.



Coming soon to IntelliClick - Add me to your Address Book feature

IntelliClick is the number one Email Marketing system designed for use with GoldMine.  As part of the on going development of IntelliClick, we will be releasing a new feature later in the month called - "Add me to your Address Book".

This new feature is designed to help you improve your email message deliverability. It allows you to create as many vCard files as you wish and have these available for access from a link you insert in your email campaigns. This makes it easier for your message recipients to add you to their contact address book (i.e. Outlook, Gmail or CRM application).

We are currently testing this new feature and will announce the formal release shortly.