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September 2014

New GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 5.1 released

GoldMine have identified an issue that can occur when upgrading from GMPE 2014.1 Hotfix 4 (build 468) to GMPE 2014.1 Hotfix 5 (build 483) released on Thursday, September 11. Following the upgrade, both versions of GoldMine appear in Programs and Features. This issue does not occur with upgrades to HF5 from versions prior to HF 4. GMPE 2014.1 HF 5 has been removed from the Drivers and Downloads page of the support website as well as the Partner NFR FTP site. GMPE 2014.1 HF 5.1 has been posted in both locations to replace it.

If you are impacted by this issue, it is neither necessary nor recommended to uninstall either of the versions currently listed in Programs and Features. Run the new installer for GMPE 2014.1 HF 5.1 to clean up the 2 instances and display a single correct version. This will also update the registry appropriately.

If you have any issues related to this issue, please contact Wizard Systems GoldMine Helpdesk.


Getting Started with Constant Contact and GoldMine - Ep. 1

Watch this short video to see how to build and send email marketing campaigns from GoldMine CRM via the Constant Contact integration.

Organizations can utilize vital information on leads and customers from their GoldMine system to create targeted email campaigns based on purchase history or other qualifying sales or communications factor


GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 5 released

What's fixed in this release (with the GoldMine 'Issue' number).....


Issue #



Prompt if E-mail address is not on file when Auto-Linking received email - message box causes further downloaded emails not to be handled correctly - NOT auto linked at all and/or no further  prompts


When display name has a comma (e.g. Doe, John) on a sent email linked via Outlook integration and reply to all is used original sender's name will be split into 2


Prompt for E-mail file options when deselecting the option "Prompt if E-mail address is not on file when Auto-Linking received Email."


Outlook hangs when trying to link emails to GoldMine when images have been removed and only the placeholders exist.


Outlook Messages Linked to Contact Goes to "Pending" Instead of "History"


Wrong user is being associated to an email after being linked though the Outlook Integration


The wrong user is shown for a user's activity in history.

For information on how to access this latest release, please contact the support department at Wizard Systems.


NEW GoldMine Web Access Announced

GoldMine have just announced that a new 'Web Client' will be included in the 2014.2 release due out soon.  This will give you a simplified real-time access to your central GoldMine system via the web.  GoldMine of course still needs to be installed on a server somewhere!

The new Web Client will feature (subject to change):

  • View, edit and add contacts including details, notes, additional contacts
  • Custom screen views
  • View of contact’s history
  • Scheduling of calls, appointments and actions with a contact
  • Scheduling of calls, appointments and actions for a user
  • Forecast a sale against a contact record
  • Delete a contact if the user has the permission to do so
  • Viewing of Calendar activities (Pending Activities)
  • Graphical view of a calendar for a user (and other users)
  • Searching through contact records by name, company, email and recently viewed

We will announce more detailed information once we know it.