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GoldMine Tip: How to make GoldMine to Outlook link share Appointments only

GoldMine Tip: How to make GoldMine to Outlook link share Appointments only...

Q. Is it possible to make the GoldMine to Outlook Calendar just sync appointments, rather than Appointments, Calls, Actions etc?

A: There are no settings to prevent GoldMine from syncing all activity types.  However,

- It is possible to categorise activities that sync across appointments into Outlook.  Categorised activities are then given a type and colour

- It is possible to filter your Outlook Calendar to hide items of certain categories

This can be achieved as follows:

1. Ensure your Outlook Calendar sync is setup and working.

2. Go to the User’s pc and log into GoldMine as the User who you need to adjust

- Select... Tools | Configure | Outlook Integration settings
- Select the Synchronisation tab
- Select the lower button, 'Setup Outlook synchronisation for USERNAME'
- Select Next then tick Advanced Options
- Select Next then press the Advanced Options button
- On the General Tab tick 'Use Categories' for Activities in Outlook
- Select OK then Finish

Any new activities added to GoldMine will now sync to Outlook with a category

3. You can filter your Outlook diary as follows:

- In the 'View' ribbon, click 'View Settings'
- Click the 'Filter...' option
- Choose the 'Advanced' tab
- Add a rule on the Field 'Frequently-used fields' > 'Categories'
- Enter the Condition 'doesn't contain'
- Enter the exact category name under Value (Call or Appointment etc)
- Hit 'Ok' to close the dialogs
- In the 'View' ribbon, open 'Change View' and choose 'Save Current View As a New View...'

You have now saved a view that filters meetings from certain categories.  If you want to switch between the trimmed down view and the full calendar view you can use the 'Change View' button in the 'View' ribbon.

New Dashboards for Constant Contact Integration

Wizard Systems have released two new GoldMine Dashboards which are available to users who sign up for Constant Contact through Wizard Systems.

Dashboard one - Export Assistant

Aim is to help you transfer via a GoldMine Group the exact data from GoldMine to Constant Contact.


Dashboard two - Campaign Results

Aim is to summarise to GoldMine Users the outcome of the campaign as a Pie Chart and Table of results.



GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 4 released

What's Changed in GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 4

GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1.0.468 / GoldMine Mobile Edition 2014.1.0.662

Constant Contact Login

Due to a change made by Constant Contact, an additional layer of authentication has been added for Constant Contact login.  If you integrate with Constant Contact and get the error message ‘Login to Constant Contact failed’, follow the steps below to correct the issue:

1. Upgrade the GoldMine server
2. On a single workstation, uninstall GoldMine and reinstall the new version.  Follow the normal workstation install process to connect to the existing database.   Other workstations can be upgraded.  It is only necessary to uninstall/re-install on a single workstation.
3. On the workstation where the uninstall/re-install was done, go to Constant Contact Campaigns in GoldMine.  Click Configure and enter your Constant Contact username and password and click Login.  A second Constant Contact login page will appear.  Enter the same credentials as in previous page to complete the login process.

Once this process is complete, it will be possible to Download Activity or Refresh Campaigns List from the server or any networked workstation.  If Logout is selected on the Constant Contact page, it will be necessary to Configure again from the workstation where the re-install from step 2 was done.

GoldMine and Google Apps

If you wish to synchronize GoldMine and Google Apps calendars, you must start the GMGoogleSync service manually.  We recommend that you configure the service Properties to automatically start the service.  

1. Open Services on the GoldMine Mobile Server.
2. Locate GMGoogleSync on the list.
3. Right-click on the service and select Start.

Use this procedure to set Properties to automatically start the service when the server is started.

1. Open Services on the GoldMine Mobile Server.
2. Locate GMGoogleSync on the list of services, right click and select Properties.
3. On the General tab change the Startup type field from Manual to Automatic (Delayed Start).
4. Click Apply then click OK to close the window.

NOTE:  Activities synced to GoldMine by the GMGoogleSync service will show MASTER as the user that created or modified the activity.  If you do not have a user MASTER, then the first alphabetical username with master rights will show as the user that created or modified the activity.

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 4

GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1.0.468 / GoldMine Mobile Edition 2014.1.0.662

Note:  To upgrade GoldMine Mobile, it is necessary to uninstall any existing version and install GMME 2014.1.0.662 as a new installation.  It may also be necessary to clear device/browser cache.  

Issue Number Title
217414 Error 1001 when trying to run GoldMine Mobile Edition 2014 installer at point of installer removing 'Removing backup files'
217480 GoldMine crashing when completing a case from the contact cases tab and not sending an email notification
217482 GoldMine crashes with a Runtime Error when clicking contact history preview pane case link
217483 After viewing case history tab, reassigning a case from a contact records case tab will crash GoldMine with a Runtime Error
217484 When reassigning a resolved case in the service center for a contact with more than one case, the case does not reassign and remains closed
217496 When attempting to view a case in the regarding section of a new email message, GoldMine crashes with a RunTime Error
217545 Service center resolves the wrong case when opened from the contact record's case tab
219722 GoldMine will crash when sending more than one GoldMine messages at a time
220066 ERROR: Cannot login - when trying to login to Constant Contact Campaigns in GoldMine - logging in directly to Constant Contact Web Site works fine.

For more information on how to get your GoldMine Upgrade, please contact Wizard Systems.