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March 2014

GoldMine Enterprise 6.3.8 Released

Please be advised that the most recent service pack includes some important updates that may be of interest to keep your installation current if you are using GoldMine ENTERPRISE Edition:

6.3.8 Contains:

  • Support for Windows 8
  • Support for SQL 2012
  • 32bit Click-Once client to be able to use Outlook integration
  • Updated code signing certificate for FrontRange
  • Verified IE9 with Windows 2008R2
  • Fixes to key areas such as Integration, Quick Actions, and Web Client. 

If you are current on maintenance you can contact tech support for information.


Grow your business with MasterMine for GoldMine

Attend our presentation next Tuesday 18th March at 2pm GMT and see how MasterMine analyzes, reports and manipulates your GoldMine data to get you:

  • Timely accurate information to make decisions
  • Control of GoldMine itself
  • Better sales forecasting and other sales management tools
  • Insight into your customer and prospect demographics and lead sources
  • Better marketing management
  • Visibility and control over any GoldMine-related process, often replacing tedious manual tasks

To register for this webibar, please click here.



GoldMine 2013 Hotfix 6 Released

What's Changed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 6 (2013.1.0.307)

This release includes logging to assist development in identifying the cause of Issue #135466 - GoldMine sporadically crashes during mass emailing.  If this build is applied and a crash occurs while sending an email merge, check the ProgramData\GoldMine folder for a file named similar to 20140306e-mailmerge.log.

For more information on getting access to GoldMine Upgrades please contact Wizard Systems.


Maintenance Reinstatement Promotion

Existing GoldMine Users who are not on a current Maintenance Contract (this is the only way to access upgrades and purchase new licenses) can reinstate at a special one off fee.  All seats of the current system must be renewed for pricing to be valid.

This offer expires 31st March 2014.

Please contact Wizard Systems by email to request a price for maintenance and this promotion.