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December 2013

GoldMine 2013 Hotfix 3 Released

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 3 (2013.1.0.276)

202253 “Change” bar still existed after clicked "Send contact data to Outlook" hyperlink
208129 Sign in under  "LinkedIn" GM+Views do not display login window, and will sign in capability in a new Web Browser outside of GoldMine for login, for Windows 7 there is further no chance even with saving cookies to get into LinkedIn anymore
211161 Configuration of this site contains a serial number from a previous version of Goldmine. Please update it by entering a matching current serial number each day when a user logs onto GoldMine when synchronizing with another E-license.
211572 Output to >> Excel does not populate Office 365 Excel 2013 with any information, new workbook is never opened
211910 Clicking on the Alert column to sort the list of cases in the Service Center produces an error and crashes GoldMine
212484 Entering an apostrophe (') in the service center search field crashes Goldmine


For more information on how to access upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.



Constant Contact integration with GoldMine CRM - The complete set of videos

Release 2013 of GoldMine comes with integration to the popular email marketing tool, Constant Contact.  Here's a series of videos taking you through the integration and features.  For more information on GoldMine Upgrades or how to do email marketing from GoldMine, please contact Wizard systems.

(P.S. Ignore the Episode numbers on the videos)

Episode 1 - Getting started:


Episode 2 - Creating Mailing Lists in GoldMine and sharing those with Constant Contact


 Episode 3 - Working with Results


Episode 4 - What's next after a Campaign



IntelliClick Version 8 Released

IntelliClick, the advanced email marketing tool for GoldMine has just released version 8.0.  Here's a short video that provides you with an overview of the new "Express" Tracking feature available in the next release of IntelliClick 8.0.0.

Now, you can quickly and easily set tracking across your entire GoldMine email template and, if desired, add more advanced tracking links for alerts, one click call to actions, etc