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November 2013

GoldMIne Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 2 released

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 2 (2013.1.0.265)


Issue Number



Constant Contact integration recognizes UK format on Date Sent field only correctly, when the campaign was sent on or after 13th of month


When merging a document through an automated process, it loops repeatedly through the fields on the merge form


Contacts with a single quote (apostrophe) in their name cause subsequent contacts not to show in E-Mail address list


adding multiple attachments to an email, will not add the attachments after the apostrophe in the attachment name


When merging a document using right-click and print for this contact, loops through fields repeatedly


When updating LASTNAME (LAST) field the CONTACT field is updated > for all versions below 2013.1 only the opposite way did work and this is unexpected and not documented


When opening an E-mail after being processed (NOT in EDIT mode) >> opening Regarding list for linking to Opportunity or Project -> Sort of Opportunities/Projects is not intuitive (by creation date/time) and confuses when many records are there


Failed to execute command:  insert into {{owner}}Environment values( 'GMFileLocation', '','','','O',0,'GSPDONW&(<S(W<' to data type smallint when upgrading to GMPE 2013.1


GoldMine takes focus when creating new, replying to, or opening emails in Outlook


Attachments with apostrophe's are not properly downloaded/displayed in GoldMine


Email address with a single quote (apostrophe) causes subsequent email address to not show or become truncated.


Attaching emails from a folder with an apostrophe results in the email history object not showing attachments.


When putting an apostrophe in an additional contact's name, it truncates the rest of the list of emails when adding a CC to an email.


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