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GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 now in Beta

The latest version of GoldMine is now going through its final 'beta' testing phase vefore general release.

New in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1:

-  Integration with Constant Contact
-  Office 2013 x86 Support (Outlook, Word and Excel links)
-  50+ Customer and Partner reported issues fixed, including 9.2.1 hotfix issues

For more information and how to get future upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.


Are you using the latest GoldMine version AND synchronisation and synchronising linked documents?

As of GM GoldSync has changed so that the Diagnostic logging is on by default.  This can have a huge impact on the times is takes to perform a linked document synch.

It is important that you add the following setting to the GM.ini on any installs that use Synch. 



The default value for GoldSync is 0
0 means that the files would be compressed separately - SLOW
1 means that all the files would be compressed together - FAST


6 Great Reasons why GoldMine's different from other CRM solutions

Here's 6 reasons why GoldMine's still up there as a highly rated CRM solution.  Many of these features other competitor CRM systems just don't have!

1)  Very Easy to Use:  GoldMine is very quick to navigate around the system and amend/create records (many cloud based solutions you have to click on a 'Find' button or click on 'Edit / Save' buttons to amend records)

2)  Built in E-mail system:  We believe that GoldMine is the only CRM solution out there that has it's own built-in e-mail client, making it again easy to use and ensuring all e-mail communications are stored against a customer record.

3)  Built in Calendar: Again, many CRM solutions don't have a visual way of looking at your tasks and activities.

4)  Built in De-Duplication:  GoldMine has great ways of checking for duplicate records and keeping your CRM database clean.

5)  Low cost of ownership:  With GoldMine's low one off purchase and low on going costs, GoldMine can work out at 20% of the cost of it's main competitors.

6)  Create Multiple Databases:  Do you need to maintain completely separate databases?  Many CRM solutions only let you have one.  No limit with GoldMine!


Plus are you using all the other advanced features of GoldMine like Dashboards, links with Word/Excel, Automated Processes, the GM+ View Tab?

Want to make sure you're getting the most out of GoldMine, then talk to Wizard Systems, GoldMine specialists for 20 years.

GoldMine 9.2.1 Hotfix 6 released


GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise editions.

GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2012.



Data import is now enabled when a product evaluation license is in use.

To assist in troubleshooting issues with synchronization, a verbose logging option now provides additional information.  To enable verbose logging for synchronization, add the following setting to the GM.ini file:


ShowLogging=0: logging is off (default)
ShowLogging=1: logging is on


For more information on the details of this release and how to get the latest version of GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


GoldMine Tip: Ensuring all activities/tasks are alarmed

Q. Want to alarm scheduled activities by default ?

Add the following command to your username.ini file (located in your GoldMine directory)

1. Open your username.ini
2. Do a search for [GMAlarm]
3. If the  [GMAlarm] section exists only add the second line below within that section. Otherwise add bothlines to the end of the file...



Q=Queued e-mail
T=Next action

Q. Want to always schedule a followup  on completed activites.

Add the following command to your username.ini file

1. Open your username.ini
2. Do a search for [GoldMine]
3. If the  [GoldMine] section exists only add the second line below within that section. Otherwise add both lines to the end of the file...



Comparison of GoldMine Corporate vs GoldMine Premium Edition

GoldMine Premium Edition has everything that GoldMine Corporate Edition has, plus...

1)  New and intuitive interface.  Easier and quicker for new users to pick up.
2)  New customer service & support tracking capability - provides a call logging or Helpdesk feature in GoldMine.
3)  New features to improve the management of your daily activities and better handling of alarms.
4)  Better searching (there's a new 'Google' like search option to find ANYTHING in GoldMine), filtering and grouping of records.
5)  Easy access to recently viewed items.
6)  Menu structure similar to other Windows applications like Outlook.
7)  More customisation options to allow GoldMine to store more information about your customers. Also greater choice over where Contact Fields are displayed
8)  Administration improvements in managing remote users, automated processes, synchronisation, lookup lists and linked documents.
9)  Upgrade options to MS SQL 2012 and the latest Crystal Reports reporting software (your existing MS SQL and Crystal should be okay to run with Premium)
10)  Better integration with Outlook, to share e-mails (you could use Outlook as your primary e-mailing application), Calendar and Contacts.
11)  Real Time Dashboards to display KPI information in GoldMine.  Can also display information from other applications outside GoldMine!
12)  Preview Pane on the Links Tab to see a preview of the document (e.g. a Word file) without having to open the document
13)  Preview Pane on Pending and History Tab to see all information on an Activity, including Notes, as you are scrolling up or down
14)  Larger Notes box for notes relating to Activities when scheduling calls, appts...
15)  Grid or tabular displays have easy Filtering and Grouping to quickly see and drill down to important information
16)  Easier 'Relationship Tab' to maintain Contact Records for an Organisation
17)  Social Media integration with LinkedIn, twitter and facebook.
18)  Tab bars and order of Tabs can easily be changed by the User
19)  Premium Edition supports GoldMine Mobile Edition - GoldMine's own iPhone and iPad remote access solution
20)  Only GoldMine Premium will have compatibility with Office 2013

Because Premium Edition is based on more modern technology,  expect to see new releases of the software more frequently than Corporate Edition.  Also compatibility releases (new releases for compatibility with say Office) will come out sooner for Premium.