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April 2013

Wizard Systems announce April 13 release of wMobile for GoldMine

In the latest April 2013 wMobile release we added some minor features to wMobile as well as some continuous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Release Highlights
We do not have a lot of changes in this months build but have some minor enhancements and fixes.  We are working on some larger features to be delivered in next months build.  We are in the process of adding multilanguage support to wMobile, a redesigned managers console and new document creation tools. 

This months feature improvements include:

  • Support for five day calendars in wmobile Desktop (improves tablet usability)
  • Support for Successful / Unsuccessful activity status in both wMobile Desktop and Phone completed activities

These wMobile updates are free to wMobile customers on maintenance.  Should you have questions about your wMobile maintenance status, please contact Wizard Systems.


New Call & Voice solution for GoldMine, Call Recording and Low Cost Calls

We're launching a new Call & Voice solution for GoldMine powered by Synety..


This offers:

  • Auto Outbund Calling from GoldMine with one click
  • Call Recording in GoldMine History Tab
  • Management Dashboards
  • Low cost calls e.g. Call a Mobile from 2p per minute!
  • Works with ANY phone system
  • Quick to setup and supported by Wizard Systems

Call Wizard Systems for a demonstration.


Get GoldMine Mobile for FREE during April from Wizard Systems - iPhone & iPad access to #goldmine

We are pleased to announce a special promotion on GoldMine Mobile Edition, the iPhone and iPad remote access solution for GoldMine Premium Edition.

Get Mobile Edition free with any new purchase of GoldMine Premium Edition, extra licenses of Premium or an upgrade to Premium.

Conditions apply and you may require installation/setup assistance. This promotion is valid from 11th April until April 26th 2013.

Pleas contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800 for more information.




Wizard Systems announce release of GoldMine Premium Edition version


GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise

GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2012.



Data import is now enabled when a product evaluation license is in use. 

To assist in troubleshooting issues with synchronization, a verbose logging option now provides additional information.  To enable verbose logging for synchronization, add the following setting to the GM.ini file: 



logging is off (default)

logging is on


Click here for release notes.


For more information as a GoldMine User on how to access the update, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


GoldMine Tip: Never let an Opportunity pass you by

GoldMine’s Opportunity Manager gives you a great place to track all of your open opportunities.  You can even record your calls and appointments against an opportunity, which are all tracked within the Opportunity Manager.

Of course, we can’t remember all the opportunities we have and open and should be following up on, so here’s a SQL Query to show you all of your open opportunities sorted by the last time you have a history record recorded for them. 

To run the query go to Tools | SQL Query:

Use this SQL Query:

SELECT   ch.lasthistory,
FROM     opmgr o
                  (SELECT  MAX(ondate) AS LastHistory,
                  FROM     conthist
                  GROUP BY loprecid)
         ON       o.recid = ch.loprecid
WHERE    rectype          = 'O'
ORDER BY ch.lasthistory


Just copy and paste it into the query window and hit Query.



New GoldMine Training Course announced for 18th April - Improving your Marketing with GoldMine

We're running another 'Marketing with GoldMine' training course on the 18th April at our Bristol Training Centre.  If you want to use GoldMine more proactively to manage marketing campaigns to generate more leads, improve response times on enquiries and monitor where your business is coming from, then this would be a great course for you.

On this one day course we'll be covering:

-  Advanced Filters, Groups and SQL Queries to build accurate target lists
-  Importing data from Excel
-  Using Merge Codes to 'Tag' Contacts
-  Creating Text and HTML Email Templates
-  Running an Email Campaign from GoldMine
-  Using the Group Schedule feature for following up Campaigns
-  Using Automated Processes to initiate an automatic sequence of Activities
-  Overview of the Web Import feature to link your Web Site to GoldMine
-  Leads Analysis and Leads Dashboard to find out where your best leads are coming from
-  Leveraging Social Media (twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) with GoldMine
-  And More!!!

If you are interested, please call us on 01454 316800 and we can give you the full details and costs.