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March 2013

wMobile for GoldMine: New March 2013 release

wMobile for GoldMine is the popular add on to access GoldMine from your Mobile or Browser.

In this latest release you will significant speed improvements to the Mobile phone email center.  We have cut in half the load time of the email inbox and the load of individual emails. 

In the wMobile managers console you will notice that we have added support for GoldMine record typing in Mobile devices and added an easy to use screen designer for the mail contact screen.  This will replace the XML based screen definition used in previous versions.  On update we will not automatically replace the XML defined screens but allow the administrator the option to migrate to the new screen definition method.


Other feature improvements include:

Color support on calendars on both
Mobile and Desktop Editions

Support for back-end Lookup.ini
processing rules for updates in both Desktop and Mobile editions


Enhanced recognition and support for new
Windows 8 Phone's


New Support for the insertion of in-line
while composing email messages.



Pack more power into your email marketing from GoldMine - Webinar Monday 11th

Start a dialogue with your target audience and go beyond sending them an email campaign. Introducing IntelliClick from Wizard Systems, an interactive & integrated email marketing solution for GoldMine with powerful track, send and email integrity management capabilities.

IntelliClick tracks your email campaigns directly to GoldMine CRM in “real time”. Improve deliverability of your email campaigns using the IntelliSend module. Stay in a "safe sender" zone while easily sending email campaigns directly from your desktop.

Join us on Monday at 3pm UK time to see this great email marketing solution for GoldMine.

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GoldMine Tip: Adding Favorite Folders in the Email Center

GoldMine allows you to create sub folders within inbox, Filed and Sent folders. Sometimes users prefer to create a sub folder to keep their important e-mails within this folder. GoldMine also allows you to add this folder as one of your Favorite Folders.  

The steps to add a folder to the Favorite folders… 

  • Press F5 to launch E-Mail Center
  • Right click on the folder you wish to add to the Favorite Folders
  • Select the option Add to Favorite folders
  • You will notice that the selected folder has appeared in the list of Favorite folders


GoldMine Tip: How many bad email addresses do you have in your database?

Run this SQL query in GoldMine to see how many you have:


 isnull(cs.contsupref,'')+isnull(cs.address1,'') 'Email',
 [dbo].[udf_ValidateEmail] (isnull(cs.contsupref,'')+isnull(cs.address1,'')) 'Valid',,
 cs.address2 'Name'
from contsupp cs
left join contact1 c1 on cs.accountno = c1.accountno
where = 'E-mail address' and [dbo].[udf_ValidateEmail] (isnull(cs.contsupref,'')+isnull(cs.address1,'')) = 0


NOTE - If you get an error on running the above Query you may need to run the following on your SQL database:

- Launch SQL Server Management
- Select the GoldMine database from the list of
- Paste the following query in to the query editor
[dbo].[udf_ValidateEmail] (@email varChar(max))
When @Email is null
then 0 --NULL Email is invalid
When charindex(' ', @email) <> 0 or
--Check for invalid character
charindex('/', @email) <> 0 or --Check
for invalid character
charindex(':', @email) <> 0 or --Check for
invalid character
charindex(';', @email) <> 0 then 0 --Check for
invalid character
When len(@Email)-1 <= charindex('.', @Email) then
0--check for '%._' at end of string
When @Email like
@Email Not Like
'%@%.%' then 0--Check for
duplicate @ or invalid format
Else 1

- Press F5 on the keyboard to execute the query


GoldMine Tip for generating Verification Codes

Verification codes are security measures to ensure GoldMine users do not make changes to the existing sync profile without the knowledge of GoldSync Administrator.

If a user gets a verification code error, the GoldSync administrator must generate a verification code on the GoldSync Server and send it to the Remote user.

The most common occurrence of this error message is when a remote copy of GoldMine has been moved to another machine (laptop). The verification code error will be generated on the first sync attempt by the remote user.

The steps to generate the verification code:

- Log in as the MASTER user on the Server computer
- Select Tools | Synchronize | GoldSync Administration Center
- The GoldSync Administration Center dialog box appears
- Expand Site Groups
- Right Click on the Site: USER (ensure that this is done for the user who is getting this message )
- Select the option Generate Verification Code
- Make note of the verification code

- Ask the Remote user to enter the code in to the remote computer when prompted


Internet Explorer 10 and GoldMine CRM - Important News

The authors of GoldMine CRM, FrontRange, have just made an important announcement re IE 10.

Microsoft made Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1 64 bit was available for download on Tuesday 26 Feb. This has not been formally tested / is not supported, but FrontRange do not know of any issues at this stage.  We'll keep you posted.


IntelliClick for GoldMine: Version 7.7.5 released

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce release of version 7.7.5 IntelliClick. Enhancements include:

Mailing List Opt-in: modified the previous Newsletter opt-in link to now be more general and permit it to be used for any type of mail list opt-in; Name of list is set and when recipient clicks, it shows which list they have been opted to; Updates to GoldMine data field and/or email merge code is applied from the click

IntelliSend: improvements to merge and send performance

SQL Query Examples: updated the examples and simplified use of these for enabling database segmentation based upon results stored in CLICKTRACK tab; Function found under HELP | SQL QUERY EXAMPLES