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January 2013

GoldMine Tip: SQL query Open Sales Opportunities with last History

Here's a GoldMine tip to start the New Year tidying up!  We can’t remember all the opportunities we have and open and should be following up on, so here’s a SQL Query to show you all of your open opportunities sorted by the last time you have a history record recorded for them.  To run the query go to Tools | SQL Query:

Use this SQL Query:

SELECT   ch.lasthistory,
         o.userid      ,     ,     ,        ,
         o.status      ,
         o.cycle       ,
         o.stage       ,
         o.source      ,
         o.startdate   ,
         o.foramt      ,
         o.forprob     ,
FROM     opmgr o
                  (SELECT  MAX(ondate) AS LastHistory,
                  FROM     conthist
                  GROUP BY loprecid
         ON       o.recid = ch.loprecid
WHERE    rectype          = 'O'
ORDER BY ch.lasthistory

Just copy and paste it into the query window and hit Query.


Special Offer on GoldMine Upgrades through to Jan 31st

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the following promotional pricing on GoldMine Upgrades for orders placed in January (Valid for orders placed by January 31st)

1. New: GoldMine SE (Standard Edition where your serial number begins with a 'D') to Premium Edition Up & Bump
Upgrade 3 or more SE licenses to Premium Edition at $499 and add 1 or more new licenses for $499 each – regular $549 and $695 respectively. SQL 2008 WorkGroup Edition included.
•  International Licensing Pricing: $499 USD / 285 GBP / 285 Euro / 429 AUD

2. New: GoldMine CE (Corporate Edition where your serial number begins with an 'E') to Premium Edition Up & Bump
Upgrade 3 or more CE licenses to Premium Edition at $399 and add 1 or more new licenses for $399 each – regular $449 and $695 respectively. Upgrade to comparable version of SQL 2008 included.
•  International Licensing Pricing: $399 USD / 225 GBP / 225 Euro / 345 AUD



  • Offers valid on orders placed 10th Jan to Jan 31st 2013
  • No combination of promotions
  • No additional discounts
  • Prices exclude Maintenance and Support

Contact Wizard Systems Sales Dept on 01454 316800 for more information.


The following SQL query will return all sync logs for all users. Ie when the system last collected data from a remote...

select * from SYSLOG where RECTYPE = 'G' order by siteid, ondate

Remote access to GoldMine - Which option is best for you? GoldSync vs iGoldMine vs GoldMine Mobile vs wMobile

If you have remote workers and you are not sure which GoldMine remote solution to choose look no further.. 

Here is a brief run down on the pro and cons of GoldSync™ , iGoldMine™, GoldMine Mobile™ & wMobile


Remote Synchronisation via GoldSync

GoldMine has had a synchronisation capability since GoldMine 2.5.  Each remote user requires a laptop or PC that has its own 'offline' copy of GoldMine that Synchronises with the office via the internet.  Remote synchronization is a process by which one GoldMine system integrates its information with another GoldMine system and allows for one-to-one exchange of information between GoldMine systems. Organizations that have employees working in offices and in the field can use GoldMine’s remote synchronization to communicate effectively with the office


  • Remote Workers can access their GoldMine system at any time.
  • Other offices can be set up as remote sites
  • An connection to the office is only needed to sync.  This can be done via the land when they are next in the office or via the internet


  • Each remote pc carries a whole or partial copy of your data, This can be a security risk
  • You are required to maintain multiple installations of GoldMine.  One system in the office and one for each remote user or site. 
  • Supporting remote user can be difficult if they are not IT savvi
  • Installation time for each remote laptop is about two hours



it’s easy to access the full functionality of GoldMine® Premium Edition from any web connection or a local area network (LAN). With iGoldMine™ and iGoldMine™ Plus you can access your sales, marketing and customer service information to better manage your customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Data is LIVE and sync is not required
  • Only one server requires maintenance saving IT time / money
  • Data is stored centrally reducing data security risks of lost laptops etc
  • Real time access - Replace synchronization with live, remote access to web-based CRM information.
  • Flexible connection options - Connect over a local LAN, the web, or other network connection.
  • Added security - Access the full functionality of GoldMine Corporate Edition with added security by eliminating the need to have locally stored information. All web transmissions are fully encrypted for worry-free remote access to critical corporate data.
  • Support for distributed teams - Easily deliver new GoldMine CRM applications to distributed teams.
  • Leverages existing infrastructures - Use existing desktop hardware and software solutions without making upgrades.
  • Quick rollout - Implement with ease by allowing remote users to get up and running quickly with just a URL. No client installation required.
  • Central CRM administration - Administer one centralized CRM database from one location. Also, with this web-based CRM solution, rapidly configure and deliver with the complete control of a central IT department.
  • Downloadable app for iPad access

Note:  Other Solutions  like Go global,  Terminal Services and Citrix will also offer similar advantages to iGoldMine


  • The office will require a reasonably quick internet connection for remote users to receive the best experience
  • The system is not available unless the remote user has an internet connection


GoldMine Mobile

GoldMine® Mobile Edition 9.2 provides mobile users with critical, real-time customer relationship management (CRM) information via their smartphones and tablets. GoldMine Mobile Edition gives you instant access to the latest customer information ensuring you never miss a sales activity or customer service engagement.

Give your sales agents access to their most important sales and service information while they are out of the office travelling on business. GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.2 works with GoldMine® Premium 9.0.3 and runs on the ever popular Apple iOS mobile devices.


  • GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.2 allows instant, wireless access to mobile users using the widely popular Apple iOS mobile device platform.
  • Rich user interface
  • GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.2 user interface is designed with the look and feel of a native smartphone application. This UI makes the application easier to learn and use by the mobile users and supports standard touchscreen gestures.
  • Access Key GoldMine data...Log contacts, Access your activity list activities, manage forecasted sales, access cases, See of your calls, meetings and to-do entries in the activities list available on the mobile device. In real-time update the activity record and associated CRM data so no information is lost and all teams are kept up to date on any activity performed in the field. SMS reminders ensure no activity is missed while you’re on the road.


  • Only works with an Apple Devices
  • Limited email functionality
  • You need Internet access



The wMobile product is a web based client for GoldMine based CRM systems where users access wMobile from their desktop computer, tablet or phone. wMobile enables GoldMine users to access the functionality of GoldMine in a lightweight web client.


  • wMobile has a web based user interface that mirrors the GoldMine Premium user experience.
  • On a laptop or desktop computer, PC or Mac, users can connect live through a web browser.
  • On a mobile phone a simplified user interface presents information and functionality on the smaller screens of mobile devices.
  • Administrators have a central application to manage users, wMobile configuration and security settings
  • Calendar & Activities -wMobile allows you to review, update, add and complete activities with immediate update of your GoldMine database. You can schedule and review activities for GoldMine team members on an intuitive graphical calendar
  • Linked Document Access - If there are linked documents related to a contact the user can access them by downloading the document from the server to the local desktop.
  • Google Integration - wMobile delivers a built in Google tab for quick and easy research related to the currently viewed contact record.
  • Social Media/LinkedIn - Social media sites such as Linked In are included and new ones easily added by the administrator.
  • Phone & Email Integration -wMobile interacts with your mobile phone allowing you to quickly phone and email contacts. Users have full access to one or more email accounts and are able to manually or automatically link emails to contact records interaction history. Can work in the same way that GoldMine email works or with the 'native' email system on your device.
  • Maps & Directions - wMobile displays your contacts location on a map, generates turn-by-turn directions to the contact and shows which contacts are in proximity to the contact. Proximity search is available with a GeoCoding option.
  • Supported Browsers & Phone Devices - wMobile supports all phone devices such as Blackberry®, iPhone, iPad, Google Android® and Windows Mobile® as well as all worldwide mobile phone carriers and systems with internet data service. wMobile supports desktop web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Sales & Marketing -wMobile allows you to manage sales forecasts and opportunities on both the desktop and mobile phone. wMobile users can attach automated marketing process tracks to contacts allowing the automation of marketing and administrative tasks


  • No support for the GoldMine Service Center yet
  • You need Internet access


If you have any questions please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800

New release, 3.01.258 of wMobile for GoldMine

We are happy to announce the latest January release 3.01.258 of wMobile for GoldMine.

If you are current on wMobile maintenance our installer will install new instances or update existing version 3.0X to the latest version. If you are on version 2.1, make sure you update to the latest version of wmobile 2 before you move to version 3.0. The wMobile 2.1 installer will update an existing system to the latest version of 2.1. If you have questions about your maintenance or the upgrade, please contact Wizard Systems.

New Features in Build 3.01.258...

- GoldMine To Do activity type now supported in both wMobile Phone and Desktop editions.
- Administrators now have the ability to turn on or off main wMobile functional areas such as Email and Opportunities.

- For users of Opportunity features, stage filtering supports non standard stages.
- New contact sort capability in wMobile phone. Users can now sort any contact field by utilising the Sort By drop down menu.