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November 2012

Latest Tech update on GoldMine Premium Edition

Attention GoldMine Users!  Latest version of GoldMine Premium Edition / GMPE is and supports:

  1. Windows Server 2012
  2. SBS 2011
  3. SQL 2012
  4. Windows 8

SQL 2008 R2 is now being shipped with all new GoldMine Installations.

Also, on the reporting side, Crystal 11 or 2008 works with GMPE, but please note that Crystal Reports is no longer supplied free of charge with GoldMine. 

Access to the latest GoldMine updates is via a valid Maintenance Contract with Wizard Systems.


Wizard Systems announce release of wMobile 3.01.161 for GoldMine - the #1 mobile access solution for GoldMine

We are happy to announce our latest general release 3.01.161 of wMobile for GoldMine.   

One of the most powerful areas of wMobile has become our email archive functionality. Take a look at this short article (PDF) describing the functionality. 

Download WMobile Email Archiving Overview

If you are current on wMobile maintenance our installer will install new instances or update to the latest version. If you are on version 2.1, make sure you update to the latest version of wmobile 2 before you move to version 3.0. The wMobile 2.1 installer will update an existing system to the latest version of 2.1. If you need assistance with an upgrade please contact your wMobile / GoldMine partner. If you have questions about your maintenance please contact Wizard Systems support (support at wizard hyphen systems dot com)


IntelliClick Webinar this afternoon. Not too late to register.

It's not too late to register for this afternoon's webinar on the IntelliClick email marketing solution for GoldMine.  This will run at 3pm UK time today (26th November).

See the latest version of IntelliClick with the new email template library and editor, plus of course see how easy it is to generate targeted and professional email campaigns from GoldMine.

To register, please click here.


5 Great reasons why GoldMine is still a highly rated CRM solution

Here's 5 reasons why GoldMine's still up there as a highly rated CRM solution.  Many of these features other competitor CRM systems just don't have!

1) Very Easy to Use:  GoldMine is very quick to navigate around the system and amend/create records (many cloud based solutions you have to click on a 'Find' button or click on 'Edit / Save' buttons to amend records)

2) Built in E-mail system:  We believe that GoldMine is the only CRM solution out there that has it's own built-in e-mail client, making it again easy to use and ensuring all e-mail communications are stored against a customer record.

3) Built in Calendar: Again, many CRM solutions don't have a visual way of looking at your tasks and activities.

4) Built in De-Duplication:  GoldMine has great ways of checking for duplicate records and keeping your CRM database clean.

5) Low cost of ownership:  With GoldMine's low one off purchase and low on going costs, GoldMine can work out at 20% of the cost of it's main competitors.


Plus are you using all the other advanced features of GoldMine like Dashboards, links with Word/Excel, Automated Processes, the GM+ View Tab?

Want to make sure you're getting the most out of GoldMine, then talk to Wizard Systems, GoldMine specialists for 20 years.