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12 Tips for improving GoldMine performance and speed

Here's a compilation in no particular order of key things you can do now to make your GoldMine system run as fast as possible.  These tips are relevant to GoldMine Premium Edition, but many will also be relevant to other Editions of GoldMine.

1. Make sure your SQL Server specification meets the minimum requirement for GoldMine.  Page 12 of the GoldMine 9.0 manual can assist with this...

2. 'Fast file' emails when you have dealt with them and ensure each user keeps the number of e-mails within their inboxes low.  For best performance try to keep the inboxbelow 100 emails.  We have an 'SQL Query' which calculates how many e-mails are in the inbox.

3. Complete Pending / Calendar Activities (when you've done them of course!).

4. As Part of your SQL backup and maintenance plan you can re-index your database overnight.

5. Regularly empty your email 'Trash Can'.

6. Make sure your workstations are using TCP-IP to connect to your SQL server.

7. Turning off synchronised displays (e.g. ‘Sync contact’ records in email centre).

8. Browse less history records. The GoldMine history tab can be limited to the last 100 to 200 records.  Right click and choose... 'Options' | 'Maximum number of record shown' to reduce this number.

9. Switch off preview in the links tab (Tools | Configure | Systems Settings Preview.  Turn of document previews for big applications like CAD, Word, Adobe etc).

10. E-Mail Preview - set the view to 5 lines.

11. If you are using the Outlook Link (the email integration with GoldMine), try and keep your Outlook Inbox as small as possible.

12. When browsing from record to record in GoldMine, if you have contact records with large Histories, this 'can' make for slower transition from record to record. If so, select another tab.


Why upgrade to GoldMine 9.2?

If you're a GoldMine user on an old version (GoldMine Standard Edition, GoldMine Corporate Edition, or versions 5, 6 or 7) then here's the latest publication from FrontRange on the benefits of upgrading to the latest GoldMine Premium Edition, AKA version 9:

The latest version offers enhancements in:

  • Ease of Use, - navigation & presentation of customer information
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Tracking & Improving Customer Service
  • Dashboards giving real time KPI and management information
  • Social Media Integration (Twitter, Linkedin, etc)
  • ...And more!


Here its is:

Download Why Upgrade to GMPE 9.2

To find out more about GoldMine 9 or a presentation from the Wizard Team, please contact Wizard Systems.