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Crystal Reports no longer supplied with new GoldMine software after 28th September

FrontRange, the authors of GoldMine, have just announced that after the 28th September 2012, a copy of the Crystal Reports design tool will no longer be included free of charge with new GoldMine orders.

Please note that this does not affect existing users of GoldMine and Crystal Reports is still very much supported with GoldMine and by Wizard Systems.

For new GoldMine purchases, Wizard Systems will price this separately.

If you're considering purchase of a new GoldMine system (i.e. you don't have GoldMine already), then make your purchase before the 28th to save money!


GoldMine Tip: Sound effect to notify you of new email in GoldMine

Would you like to be notified via a sound wave /audio file when new email arrives in GoldMine, just like AOL does with the "You've Got Mail!" voice.  It's quite simple to setup and will allow you to be notified of and respond to your incoming emails right away.  The first thing you will need is an audio file to be played whenever you receive new email. There are lots of them available for free on the internet. Once you have downloaded the file save it to your GoldMine directory, or anywhere you choose.

Goldmine email notification

- Next Login to GoldMine and go to your Email Center.

- Right Click on your inbox

- Select Options |Set up E-mail Rules

In the Email Rules Center, in the left hand column, Right Click on Default

- Choose New | New Rule

- In the first field provide a unique name for this New Rule


- Check the Incoming Email radio button

- Click Next

- Check the "All of the following conditions must be true" radio button

- Click the NEW button at the bottom

- In the Mail Field drop down select To:

- In the "Logical condition" drop down select Contains

- In the Value field will be your email address


- Click OK | Next

- Click the New button

- In the "Action on Mail" drop down list, choose "Notify with a Sound"


- Browse to your audio files

- Select an appropriate file

- Finish.

- Click  SAVE at the top of the Email Rules Center


New Premium Edition 9.2 now Gold!

We are pleased to announce that the latest release of Premium Edition is now available. 

In this release, FrontRange have incorporated new social media views and improved links to Google Search & Maps to provide more information with a few clicks.  The new links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, leverage the combined contact database and social media to help our customers build enduring relationships.

LinkedIn Contact Search – Shows the linked in profile for each GoldMine contact’s connections with one click access to quickly see their profile and their connections so you can contact a colleague or friend for insight and assistance in establishing the relationship. You can also request a prospect to connect – a great way to introduce yourself and create a warm lead.

Use Twitter In GoldMine  – see a contact’s latest tweets and retweet to others – all within GoldMine. Twitter

Facebook  – Quick access search for a GoldMine contact on Facebook and then link their individual or company page .

Google News Search – Before you call a prospect or customer quickly see the latest news on the company to always be prepared with the latest news for the company.

Google Mapping – Are you going to visit a customer?  Quickly access a Google map for directions and by the way, you can do this real time on your  iPhone or iPad  using the add-on product of GoldMine Mobile.

We will begin shipping this with all new orders for GoldMine – and customers on maintenance will receive a notice shortly. 



GoldMine Tip: How to get a list of malformed email addresses

The following SQL query will produce a list of malformed e-mail addresses stored in your GoldMine database.


The query will display a list of e-mail addresses that contain the following characters.

-          No @ symbol

-          A space

-          A comma

-          An open or closed square brackets

-          An open or closed brackets

-          Two dots

-          A forward slash

-          A back slash

-          A # symbol

-          An * symbol

-          A $ sign

-          A £ sign

-          An exclamation mark





      ,CS.CONTSUPREF + ISNULL(CS.ADDRESS1, '') AS [E-Mail Address]






 AND    CS.CONTACT   = 'E-mail Address'

 AND    CS.RECTYPE   = 'P'




































GoldMine Premium version 9.2.0 build 59 released

GMPE (GoldMine Premium Edition) 9.2.0 build 59, will be available to GoldMine customers on Maintenance from Monday 13th August. Key enhancements in this release include:

- GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google integrations are now provided through the 'GM+View' tab
- The edit screens for scheduled and completed activities now include a button that that enables the user to see Notes displayed in a larger, resizable window.
- GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now supports the use of a GoldMine database with a secondary contact set.

For details, please read the release notes which come with this version. 

Here are the issues fixed in the release:

ID # Issue Description

163595 When adding Site to GoldSync Site Group, Sites (Sub-licenses) are not ordered alphabetically
163593 Times are always shown in 24 hour format, regardless of local time format option 
163572 GoldMine License Manager does not order GoldSync Sites alphabetically
163361 JavaScript error appears when changing view in Outlook 
163291 If an Opportunity has a single associated pending Forecasted Sale, then update to Probability of one should automatically update Probability of other
162761 When NTLM authentication is selected, configuration screen incorrectly shows username and password fields
160828 E-mails with Base64 encoding are not displayed correctly when using Exchange
160473 Double-arrow button does not hide contact details when clicked
158960 To-do Reference column in Calendar week view does not show contact name
158956 Event date is not shown in Calendar week view
156623 GoldMine crashes upon launch via Terminal Services with KB2533623 installed on Windows Server 2008
154965 Body of e-mail is blank when auto-linking e-mail from Outlook 2010
154821 Performance issue in Outlook when there are many e-mail folders
152570 When performing a two-way sync with Outlook, calendar items linked to records with no contact name become unlinked in GoldMine and lose the company name in Outlook 
150704 Linked Document move fails for mailbox attachments outside root directory
145929 New e-mails that are auto-retrieved to the Inbox will not display until user scrolls the screen 
145920 Auto-retrieve in E-Mail Center reverts to default sort order by Date
145570 Merge and Edit will leave a copy of the template file in My Documents for the logged in user
145391 A field level conttlog is not created/updated if a user changes the data in the field but the lookup.ini instructions do not update the newly entered data. 
143641 The Synchronization tab does not display in the Setup GoldMine Plus options for non-master users
122581 Option to use a later Start Time is not respected when executing Automated Processes 
115324 Printing a document using a filter does not respect the sort order that is set in the filter
109845 Print merge order is inconsistent for large contact groups
108886 Export from Excel to GoldMine creates incorrect relationship trees

With the upgrade, there is zip file containing importable GM+View templates for social media integrations for upgraders. New installs will include the templates automatically. 

Wizard Systems Support Department will be sending an email soon to all our customers on how to download and apply the upgrade.  If you are not a customer of Wizard Systems, please contact Tim Wilmot on how to access the upgrade.


What's everybody been up to this week?

Ever who did what this week, as recorded in your GoldMine CRM system?

You’re not alone. You contemplate life and the weekend on a Friday afternoon and wonder what you, your sales reps, and/or your customer service personnel did the past week. Fortunately, if you’ve trained your staff to actively use GoldMine to schedule and complete activities to the History Tab this is going to be a very easy question to answer.

So, to answer this question… Go to Lookup | SQL Queries in GoldMine. Paste in this code to the upper part of the screen:


SELECT   conthist.userid                                            ,
CONVERT(varchar(10), conthist.ondate, 101) AS activity_date,
conthist.ref ,
WHEN srectype = 'A'
THEN 'Alert'
WHEN srectype = 'L'
THEN 'Letter'
WHEN srectype = 'R'
THEN 'Required Field'
WHEN srectype = 'C'
THEN 'Call'
WHEN srectype = 'M'
THEN 'Email'
WHEN srectype = 'D'
THEN 'To Do'
WHEN srectype = 'O'
THEN 'Other'
WHEN srectype = 'T'
THEN 'Action'
WHEN srectype = 'S'
THEN 'Sale'
WHEN srectype = 'K'
THEN 'Task'
ELSE srectype
END AS activity_type,
FROM contact1
INNER JOIN conthist
ON contact1.accountno = conthist.accountno
AND conthist.ondate BETWEEN '1/1/2011' AND '1/31/2011'
ORDER BY userid,

Then click Query.

You’ll see your results.

If you find this useful use the ‘Save’ button to reuse this later on and just change the date range…

Within the results, you can do a Right-Click | Output To | Excel to save the results, print them, and further analyze!

To change the date range simply change the dates after ‘Between’.

Do you have a handy SQL query to share with us?



Not watching the Olympics next Wednesday and want to get more out of GoldMine CRM?

We still have places next Wednesday at our Bristol Training Centre on our Advanced Course for GoldMine.  Aimed at existing users or 'power' users of the application, this one day course will cover:

  • Advanced Filters and Groups
  • Marketing with GoldMine
  • Word and Email templates
  • Opportunity and Project Manager
  • Tracking Customer Service
  • Using the knowledgebase to share information
  • Report writer

For more information and costs please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


SQL Query to show everyone you’ve had a call or appointment with in the last 90 days

Here’s a handy SQL Query to show everyone you’ve had a call or appointment with in the last 90 days.  This could be a great list to use as a reminder of follow ups you could be doing. 

Go to Tools | SQL Query in GoldMine, copy and paste this in and hit query. 

Simply change the part where it says ‘USERID = ‘Bill’ to your userid in GoldMine so you’ll be seeing only your activities. 


SELECT   ,   ,
       c1.phone1    ,
      ch.ondate    ,
       ch.ref       ,
       ch.actvcode  ,

FROM   contact1 c1
       INNER JOIN conthist ch
       ON     c1.accountno = ch.accountno

WHERE  ch.srectype IN ('A',

AND    ch.ondate >= GETDATE() - 90
AND    userid     = 'BILL'