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GISME Support update from FrontRange

Below is the latest news from FrontRange, makers of GoldMine, on the future for their 'GISME' product, the automatic calendar integration between GoldMine and Microsoft Exchange:


"In the latest release of Microsoft Exchange there has been significant changes to the architecture of the product that would necessitate significant develop effort to make GISME compatible with Exchange 2010 and beyond. This development effort would take away from development on our core product GoldMine Premium Edition. As we considered our options we realized users already have several other options for email and calendar management available including: 

· GoldMine has both a built-in email and shared calendar management capability that is critical for multi person teams so they can easily view and update team members’ calendar.  

· Outlook Client link – If you need to share your calendar with others in your company who use Outlook, or if you want to sync your Goldmine contacts to view them in Outlook.   

· GoldMine Mobile which provides real time access to your contacts and activities in an iPad or iPhone

· Riva Exchange Integration which is a 3rd party product that sync contacts, calendar events, tasks, email, opportunities and Exchange email clients. RIVA is a Server to Server application like GISME. Riva is available from, and supported by Wizard Systems in the UK and Europe.


GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange customers are welcome to stay on their existing product or look at one of the alternatives mentioned above. Effectively immediately we (FrontRange) will no longer be selling GISME, but we will continue to support the product through April 30, 2013.

To learn more about your options, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine Tip: List of all email templates in GoldMine in Modified Order

Do you use email templates in GoldMine and want to see on one screen a list of all the recently modified templates?  Here's a great 'SQL Query' to run in your GoldMine system to get a list of all email templates created by any User, but displayed in last modified date order (most recent first).  Just copy and paste the code below into your GoldMine SQL Query Window.


,CREATEON [Date of creation]
,MAILDATE [Modified on]
,MAILTIME [Modification Time]


An International Leader In Ultrasonic Detection & Predictive Maintenance Now Accurately Predicts It’s Own Customer’s Maintenance Needs

An International Leader In Ultrasonic Detection & Predictive Maintenance Now Accurately Predicts It’s Own Customer’s Maintenance Needs.

"We used to chase every lead equally. Now we’re able to see who is likely to move on a sale based on their website activity. For our business, this is the biggest benefit. We know who has been active, and who is ready to take action to buy,” said Gary Mohr, President of UE Systems, Inc. recently after the implementation of IntelliClick email marketing for GoldMine.


Since 1973, UE Systems has been an international leader in the development of analog and digital ultrasonic inspection equipment for leak detection, mechanical analysis, electrical inspection, and predictive maintenance. UE Systems, Inc. has ten sales offices around the globe including Chile, Hong Kong and India. The diagnostic equipment is used by manufacturing plants in a variety of industries including pulp and paper, food and beverage, chemical processing, aviation and aerospace to ensure that all manufacturing equipment is functioning properly at all times.


Business Need: 

UE System’s customer base is very broad, encompassing any business involving manufacturing or facilities maintenance. Their company database is quite large and, at any one time, only a small subset of their database is in a purchase ready mode. “At any moment in time, maybe 200-500 companies are interested in buying. Customers may be dormant in our database system for four or five years but we maintain constant communication with them so that when the time comes that they are ready to buy, we are still top of mind and are read to convert the sale,.” said Gary Mohr, President of UE Systems. 

The challenge for UE Systems is to determine exactly when their customer is interested in buying and to immediately focus the sales representative on that need. UE System’s early marketing efforts came from assembling an email marketing list from trade shows and direct mail and using a popular ESP (email service provider) to send e-newsletters. “We received reports but they weren’t tied back to our GoldMine database. We had a database that was ballooning without a way to clean it up,” said Mohr. UE Systems also needed more information about the people on their mailing list. “For us, their history tells a story,” said Mohr. “We know when they last purchased and when they should again, but we were missing the information available from the digital clicks. We needed to know at any given time when they were thinking about our products or experiencing issues that our services and products could fix.”


Business Solution: GoldMine Premium Edition With IntelliClick

UE Systems brought GoldMine CRM on board in 1999 and used it heavily for fulfillment from direct mail and trade shows as well as lead tracking activity and completing orders. When UE Systems upgraded to GoldMine Premium Edition in 2010, their GoldMine Partner, suggested they add IntelliClick, the CRM integrated eMail marketing and website tracking solution for GoldMine CRM. IntelliClick provides “real time” tracking of a prospect’s digital body language as they react to email marketing campaigns and visit the company’s website. 


IntelliClick software has helped UE Systems qualify leads automatically, based on the prospect’s digital body language on the website. “We can now market specific products to those who have shown an interest in them online and their sales reps are able to follow-up and make the sale in a timely manner,” says Mohr. “IntelliClick gives my reps a 360 degree view of the data, then incorporates the digital body language of everyone that clicks back into the CRM system so I know where people have been clicking on the UE System’s website.” 

Powered by the IntelliSend engine, IntelliClick has also helped accurately cleanse the ever growing UE System’s database. IntelliClick automatically manages unsubscribes, cleans up hard bounces and identifies malformed emails. “Database clean-up is so easy with IntelliClick. It’s brilliant and saves my staff time” said Mohr.


UE Systems' Vision: Continue To Harness The Power Of IntelliClick To Drive More Business

IntelliClick continues to help UE Systems understand the time-critical needs of their leads better by tracking digital body language on their site. “IntelliClick’s one-click “forward to a friend” option has helped us develop hundreds of new leads,” said Mohr. “However, for our business, it’s not necessarily that more is better. We need to do the right thing at the right time and IntelliClick helps us identify when that is.” 

UE System’s plans to expand its marketing department and explore new frontiers with IntelliClick. Its next move is to begin using IntelliClick Dashboards and taking advantage of Event Registration capabilities of IntelliClick.

IntelliClick’s dashboard features give each geographic sales representative the ability to track marketing activity in their territory with real-time dashboards at the click of a mouse. After an emailing about a new product or training course, the reps can view the results of the effort in a full-color, real-time easy to read graphic interface. With one click they are able to check the quantity and status of quotes, orders, calls and new leads by their specific territory. 

“One Click” Event Registration will help UE System’s manage their numerous instructional courses for application specific training and Ultrasound Level I and II certification programs for plant managers and their staff.

For more information on how IntelliClick with GoldMine can drive sales to your business, contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


Are you using Tapilink for GoldMine and are your phone numbers correctly formatted?

Are you a UK/Europe GoldMine User and also use the popular TapiLink application for linking GoldMine to your phone system?  You might like to check the formatting of your Phone numbers in your GoldMine database.  We recently came across an issue where some dial actions dropped the first zero. You need to check your phones numbers are not 'US' format.

This setting can be found under Edit|Record Properties| Record Related Settings. If you want to check your whole GoldMine database for records added in US format you can use the Search Centre to search for all contacts where the Status Field begins with  “U”.

Records with International formatted numbers will start with the letter I. You can of course use the GoldMine Global Replace function to correct this en-masse. Contact Wizard Systems if you need any help or training on using Global Replace.

Minimum maintenance fee on GoldMine software down from 5 licenses to 3

Good news for all smaller installations of GoldMine out there or new purchases.  FrontRange, the makers of GoldMine have reduced the minimum maintenance fee for new installations or annual renewals down from 5 licenses to 3, making GoldMine even more affordable and reducing on going costs.

Speak to Wizard Systems sales department for up to date pricing, and competitive quotes on your maintenance renewals.