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June 2012

Our promotional pricing on GoldMine software is being extended to July 27th. Great savings to be had on bundled 3-User, 5-User and additional licenses. Speak to our sales team on 01454 316800 for more information.

Question: How does IntelliClick Email Marketing tool for GoldMine stack up against the competition?

IntelliClick email marketing for GoldMIne offers all the features you expect from an email marketing system such as tracking Opens, Clicks and Unsubscribes. Where we differ is in the way we make your email campaigns interactive and provide capabilities not typically found with most email service providers (ESPs). Below are highlights of how we differ:

# Of Contacts Tracked: since all the contacts you track stay in your corporate database at all times, there is no limit on how many different people/companies are tracked for any email campaign you send; this provides you optimal flexibility in the various target audiences you may wish to use knowing this has no impact on your monthly or annual cost for using the IntelliClick service.

Web Page Visits After The First Click: see all web site pages visited by your campaign respondents after they reach your initial landing page; learn about all interests they may have based upon the pages they view for your campaign even if they return days, weeks or months later.

Call To Action Hyperlinks: engage your audience and connect them instantly with your sales and marketing team; a single click to send an email or text message alert to your sales team shortens the follow up time and eliminates lost opportunities. A literature fullfillment hyperlink offers a more effective alternative to downloading marketing literature by having it deliverd to the inbox from a specified contact at your company, creating a more immediate connection with your prospects. Eliminate the need to fill forms to sign up for your events using a convenient one click event registration hyperlink.

Pay For Results Price Model: with IntelliClick, pricing is based upon the number of results you track, not the number of contacts tracked or number of emails sent. By only paying for results, you realize a better ROI on each campaign.

CRM Integrated Results: the integration of your tracked campaign results in your CRM system enables you to leverage your email marketing results as part of the total relationship you manage. Further market segmentation for your future campaigns is more easily accomplished and your sales team has valuable information at their finger tips to help craft their account follow up activities.



Wizard Systems Awarded top GoldMine CRM supplier for Europe 2012

Wizard Systems are very happy to receive the award of Top GoldMine business partner of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region for 2012. The award was presented during a recent GoldMine partner conference held at the FrontRange UK head office in Newbury.


Peter Johnson, General Manager at Wizard Systems received the award from Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager for GoldMine Worldwide. This award is given to the top partner in the EMEA region and is in recognition of the top performer of marketing, sales and service to their customers.

Peter Johnson commented : "I want to personally thank all our GoldMine customers and the great colleagues at Wizard Systems for helping us achieve this exciting accomplishment. GoldMine is a great tool and I look forward to seeing the exiting enhancements planned for GoldMine over the next 12 months".

Unlike the English football team, we are the number one in Europe!


The easy way for GoldMine users to create Quotes from GoldMine

Are doing sales quotes a chore for your company? Do they take you a long time to do? Fed up with using Word or Excel to do your quotes? Is your product and pricing information all over the place? Unhappy about the quality of your quotes? Can't get any management information out? Is there poor follow up of quotes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then attend our Webinar (a live presentation over the Internet) and see how QuoteWerks sales quotation software could revolutionise the way your company creates quotes. The Webinar is on this Wednesday 27th June at 10am (UK time) and lasts approx 30 minutes. There is no cost to attend this Webinar.


QuoteWerks is a popular, low cost, easy to use system to manage the complete quotation and sales tracking process. It can run 'stand-alone' or integrate seamlessly with some of the top contact-management programs, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, Outlook,, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic, allowing fast quote generation for customers already in your database. QuoteWerks can track all your products and services, and has a number of ways of defining how those items are priced. It also works with different currencies. You can also create bundles of items, see product price history, enter volume discounts, use the product configurator and link similar products together to offer substitutions. You can print, or email (in a secure PDF format) a quote by customising your output or using a variety of pre-existing templates. 

For more information on QuoteWerks, click here.

Register now by clicking the link below...


There is no cost to attend the Webinar! We look forward to meeting you! 


GoldMine Tip: Creating Email Rules to save time

Create email rules to specify conditions and actions for handling e-mail in GoldMine. For example, use e-mail rules to filter incoming messages, minimising the amount of unwanted e-mail, take care of bounced e-mails, sending brochures automatically, forwarding certain emails to someone else and much more.

1.  In the E-mail Center, right-click and select Options > Set up E-mail rules or click Set up E-mail Rules from the toolbar Actions button. 

2.  Right-click the left pane and select New Rule Set or new Rule.  A rule set is a section heading for rule types that can be switched on or of en-masse.

The E-mail Rules Wizard opens. 


3.  Type a name in the text box.

4.  To apply the rules to different types of messages, select from Incoming E-mail, Outgoing E-mail or Incoming and Outgoing, and then click Next.  The example above is going to take care of unwanted incoming mail, so the name and type reflects this.

5.  At the E-mail Rules Wizard: Condition page, select one of the following and click Next:
  Select ALL of the following conditions must be true.  Or   ANY ONE of the following conditions be true. 

6.  To define or change a condition, click New or Edit. The E-mail Rule: Condition dialog box appears. 

About E-mail Rule Conditions:
You can define one or more conditions for GoldMine to evaluate when retrieving online messages. These conditions specify attributes for GoldMine to check. If a message meets the conditions, GoldMine can then apply the actions defined using the E-mail Rules Wizard.

Mail Field: Select the e-mail field for GoldMine to search for a specified value, such as From, To, CC, and so on.

Logical Condition: Select a condition such as Begins with, Contains, Equal to, Not Equal to and so on.

Value: Type the value for GoldMine to search when evaluating the field selected in Mail Field. The Value depends on what Mail Field, field and Logical Condition are used. For example, if the Mail Field is set to From and Logical Condition is set to Contains, then in the Value field you can set any part of the E-mail address of the sender.

7.  Click OK to enter the condition.
  To add another condition, click New.
  To change a selected condition, click Edit.

8.  After adding all conditions, click Next. The E-mail Rules Wizard: Actions dialog box appears. 

About E-mail Rule Actions:

The actions you set in the E-mail rules determine what happens to the e-mail after conditions are met. The E-mail Rules: Actions dialog box appears after you configure e-mail rule conditions.

a.  To create a new rule, click New.
Action on Mail: In the drop-down list, select the operation GoldMine will perform upon detecting a message with the specified conditions such as Move to inbox or Delete Attachments. 

Value: Provides additional information necessary for GoldMine to complete the operation. For example, if you selected Move to inbox as the Action on Mail, select the subfolder of your inbox where GoldMine will place the messages that meet the condition(s). 

NOTE: The Value field only appears when a value is needed to complete the action. For example, if you selected Delete Attachments as the Action on Mail, GoldMine needs no further information to process this request, so the Value field does not appear.

b.  Click OK to enter the rule in the browse window of the Actions screen. To add another action, click New. To change a selected action, click Edit.

c.  Click Finish. GoldMine adds the rule to the selected rule set. The name of the rule appears in the left pane under the rule set. The selected condition(s) and action(s) of the rule set appear in the right pane.

9.  After configuring actions, click Finish. 
GoldMine adds the rule to the selected rule set. The name of the rule appears in the left pane under the rule set. The selected conditions and actions of the rule set appear in the right pane.

10. Click the Save button and exit the Rule Center

For more information of setting email rules or automating your GoldMine system, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine Email Marketing Thrives with New IntelliClick Email Validation Services #crm

IntelliClick(R) tracking and web navigation software for GoldMine CRM, announces the addition of email validation services that detect and correct improperly formed email addresses.

IntelliClick(R), the premier tracking and web navigation software for GoldMine CRM, announces the addition of email validation services to enhance the IntelliClick product offering.

IntelliClick for GoldMine CRM software (Corporate and Premium Edition) offers hyperlink and "one click" response tracking for GoldMine email marketing campaigns as well as website navigation tracking with "real time" integration for GoldMine CRM. Now IntelliClick includes email list integrity services to help its customers identify malformed addresses, append missing emails and verify opt-in emails before campaigns are sent.

"With email marketing, your success is tied to the integrity of the list you are using. IntelliClick's email verification service features a sophisticated, state-of-the-art syntax engine that detects email problems and even corrects them, said Steven Pearl, IntelliClick's Director of Product Development. "The result is a more efficient email campaign with fewer bounce backs."

The service is designed to identify format and syntax errors and then ensure that addresses use a valid top level domain. The validation service can also determine whether the domain of the email exists and confirm that the mailbox can receive email. The email append service takes the list of contacts that are missing an email and cross references that against lists to identify emails. Then a process to confirm opt-in is done to provide valid emails back to the customer.

"IntelliClick customers utilizing this email validation service are seeing a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of their GoldMine email marketing campaigns, thanks to the improved integrity of their email lists" said Pearl.

IntelliClick comes bundled with a powerful mass email merge engine known as IntelliSend, which is fully integrated with GoldMine Premium edition. IntelliSend effectively sends large GoldMine email campaigns and offers throttling capabilities that help users control send rate, date and time, template, subject line, groups and sender for each email campaign right from the GoldMine work station.

For a more information or a demonstration on how IntelliClick can transform your email marketing activity from GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.