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GoldMine Tip: Get Google directions to an appointment #goldmine

Create a taskbar menu option to instantly get directions from your office to a customer location.

Customise the Taskbar, right click and select Add New Item

Make sure the Item Type is Website as below

Copy and the details from the screen-shot below but amend the postcode “BS37 5HZ” to be your own start location.

Once done, when you are on a record, select this item from your taskbar drop down and it will run Google maps with directions to the customer site.



For more information on how to link GoldMine to other applications and web resources, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


IntelliClick - Advanced Email Marketing for GoldMine - Experience it yourself #goldmine #crm

There's thousands of e-mail marketing tools out there, but they all fail in one fundamental way - they're not linked to your sales process or your CRM database. Yes they can allow you to create an e-mail and send to your uploaded contacts and get some fancy reports out, but that's it. When you are on the phone to a customer, that's the time you need to know what e-mails they've been responding to and what pages on your web site they've visited.

IntelliClick is the most popular tool for email marketing from GoldMine so that responses are tracked automatically in the GoldMine database.

Now there is another way for you to learn about IntelliClick by experiencing it instantly on your own. The web site now has a new "Experience It Now" web page that is a self demo of some key product capabilities.

The image below has a hyperlink to the demo page, and once you complete a simple registration form you can experience some of the key features of IntelliClick.


For more information on IntelliClick or a more detailed presentation to your organisation, please contact Wizard Systems.



GoldMine Training - Are you up to speed with the capabilities of GoldMine? #goldmine #training #crm

We're pleased to announce our up and coming 'public' GoldMine Courses at Wizard Systems UK.  These are course open to all new and existing GoldMine users.  We at Wizard can also organise tailored or bespoke courses for you or shorter duration web based courses.  To book, please contact Maxine Drew or Tim Wilmot at Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


Course Name (Click on Course name to download PDF Agenda)

Date Duration

Please Call


1 Day

GoldMine Introduction
Great for NEW users!
We can also provide Training on older versions of GoldMine




1 Day


1 Day

Please Call


1 Day



1 Day


New Web Site visit tracking capabilities announced with IntelliClick v7.5 for #GoldMine #CRM

IntelliClick (advanced email marketing for GoldMine) version 7.5 releases this month with a powerful new feature called Categorized Web Page Tracking. This module makes it easy for you to match the web pages tracked by IntelliClick to the products and/or services you sell. Reporting included with IntelliClick, summarizes tracked click or web site navigation (WebNav) results by category. Users can map web pages for up to 2 additional sub category levels to further isolate their best leads.

You will see who most recently visited their web pages in each product or service category / sub category and the frequency of those visits. Various criteria can be set by the user to fine tune the results based upon a specific email campaign, time frame, frequency of visits and type of data tracked.

IntelliClick version 7.5 new features Include:

  • Categorized Web Page Tracking - map products and services to the pages email campaign recipients view; isolate who is most interested by what they are looking at most.
  • Screen Sensitive Help - users now have access to help specific to the window being accessed within the IntelliClick wizard
  • Report Menu Auto Updates - as new reports are provided with IntelliClick, the GoldMine Report Center menu is updated to make these available on a version update
  • User Help Video Tutorials - common tasks such as setting Crystal Report access on a workstation are covered
  • Saved Web Page Links - all last used web page hyperlinks are automatically saved for use in future campaigns

We will be announcing exact release dates soon.


NEW: GoldBook Version 2.0 Delivers GoldMine Integration to Intuit QuickBooks #goldmine #quickbooks

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce release of GoldBook Version 2.0 offering extended integration between GoldMine and Quickbooks.

Features include:

  • Export of GoldMine Contact to QuickBooks Customers and Vendors (individual and bulk)
  • Import of QuickBooks Customers and Vendors to GoldMine
  • Automatic Matching of GoldMine contacts to existing QuickBooks customers 
  • Synchronization of QuickBooks documents to GoldMine (Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, GL Entries)
  • Synchronization of QuickBooks reporting fields to GoldMine fields (Open Balances 30/60/90 Days, This Years Sales, Last Year Sales, This Month Sales, Last Month Sales, etc)
  • With QuickBooks data in GoldMine, users can take advantage of GoldMine filters and dashboards against QuickBooks data
  • Individual record synchronization or bulk synchronization
  • High speed synchronization - 1,000 customer can be synchronized in less than 5 minutes
    QuickBooks data is added to both GoldMine records and in SQL tables for further analysis


GoldBook: GoldMine Link to QuickBooks
Watch the Video

For more information on how to get GoldBooks for GoldMine, contact Wizard Systems.