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GoldMine Tip: Find all Contact Records with no Primary Email Address #goldmine

Here's a handy 'SQL Query' which you can copy and paste into GoldMine to locate/display all Contact Records with no Primary (or Main Address) E-mail Address indicated.  This 'could' make any e-mail marketing you do from GoldMine a bit of a challenge until these records are corrected.

Select CS.Accountno, Cs.Address2 + ' <'+IsNull(CS.ContSupref,'')+IsNull(CS.Address1,'')+'>' [E-mail Address], C1.Company, C1.Contact From ContSupp CS Left Join Contact1 C1 On CS.Accountno = C1.Accountno Where CS.rectype = 'P' and CS.U_Contact = 'E-mail Address' and (IsNull(Substring(CS.Zip,2,1),'') = '' or IsNull(Substring(CS.Zip,2,1),'') = '0' ) and CS.Accountno not in (Select Accountno From Contsupp where rectype = 'P' and U_Contact = 'E-mail Address' and Substring(Zip,2,1) = '1') Order by C1.Company, C1.Contact

Go to Tools...SQL Query in GoldMine and paste in the above Query.


GoldMine Users: We can't wait to show you the new capabilities of IntelliClick for #goldmine

Attention all GoldMine Users who want to run targeted email marketing campaigns right from within GoldMine.  Come and join us for a free on line presentation, Thursday 27th October at 2pm UK time and see the new IntelliClick version 7 including:

1. Comprehensive Tracking: go beyond the "first click; IntelliClick tracks messages opened, clicks on your hyperlinks and provides one click unsubscribe. Unique to IntelliClick is the personal web site visitor tracking that allows you to learn more about your recipient interests based upon the pages they are viewing on your site! The automatic database field update from any click allows you to further profile your contact interests for future campaigns.
2. Interactive "Calls To Action": another unique feature of IntelliClick includes the ability to have your sales team alerted by email or with a scheduled GoldMine phone call at the moment your email recipients show interest. Send literature or have recipients sign up for an event or join your newsletter list with just one single mouse click.
3. Forward To A Friend: a one click "call to action" hyperlink allows new names to be captured to your GoldMine database while forwarding your messages and having the new contacts tracked for interest.
4. IntelliSend: a mass email merge solution that efficiently sends large mailings using all GoldMine existing settings but runs independently to optimize sending resources on any workstation or server. The built-in send management feature automatically flags and excludes  Unsubscribe, Undeliverable & "Report As SPAM" email addresses to help improve your deliverability.
5. Enhanced SMTP Relay Service: a Unified Email SMTP relay account is included to help you with improved deliverability of your messages and power hard bounce email address management. A 7,500 message/month account is included and your monthly quota can be increased for nominal fee per thousand.
6. Message Content Analysis: a single click option of the IntelliSend module enables email messages analyzed to determine any likelihood of being detected as SPAM
7. Email Address Integrity Management: this feature allows identification of all flagged malformed and undeliverable email addresses which can then be adjusted/removed and saved to a GoldMine group and history.
8. Success Ratio Reporting: the IntelliSend module automatically tracks the number of emails sent by campaign; A series of special reports are included to help you measure the success rates for each campaign and prioritize new business opportunities. 
9. HTML Templates & Editor: a web based HTML editor and assortment of templates provides you with a quick and easy way to prepare templates and upload your images for use in your GoldMine document management center.

To register, click on the following link:


GoldMIne Tip: How to create a Group from an SQL Query #goldmine

An 'SQL Query' in GoldMine is a more advanced tool to create a list of Contacts based on ANY information in GoldMine, where maybe a Filter or Group would be impossible.  Here's how to create a permanent Group on that Query:

- Select Tools | SQL Query
- The ‘SQL Query Windows’ appears
- Enter and execute your SQL query


- Select the ‘Groups’ tab
- Click on the ‘New Group’ button
- Enter the name of the Group | Click on the ‘OK’ button
- The ‘Welcome to Group Building Wizard’ dialog box appears
- Select the ‘SQL Query Records’ option
- Click on the ‘Next’ button
- Click on the ‘Next’ button
- Click on the ‘Finish’ button


GoldMine Tip: Quick way of adding contacts to an email distribution list #goldmine

Add contacts to the Distribution List from the Contact Search Centre:

- Press F4 to launch Contact Search Centre
- Once you have the contacts displayed in the Contact Search Centre, click in the checkbox next to the company name to tag the contacts.


- Click on the ‘Add to’ button and select the option Distribution List.

- The ‘Select Distribution List’ dialog box appears
- Select the Distribution List from the Public or Private Distribution List Group.


- Click on the OK button