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GoldMine Tip: How to define default alarms by Activity Type #goldmine

When scheduling an activity (e.g. appointment or call), you would need to select the Alarm option if you would like to be reminded of the pending appointments. In GoldMine you can set an automatic alarm for the new activities to be created. The steps are as follows…

- Select Tools | Options
- Select the Alarms tab
- Click on the More Options... button
- From the list of activities displayed, select the activity type.
- Click on the OK button



GoldMIne Tip: Link #GoldMine to #Bing #Multimap

You can view the location of your current GoldMine contact in Multimap by creating a taskbar item.
The steps are as follows:

- Click on the Customize button on the toolbar
- The Customize Taskbar window appears
- Right click in a taskbar group and select Add new Item
- Enter the following parameters
Item Type: Website
Caption: Find Location
URL Data: pc=<<&zip>>&scale=10000

- Click on the OK button


How to track customer visits to your website from your email signature file in #GoldMine

E-mail marketing is a pretty common activity nowadays for most organisations and the excellent IntelliClick add on for GoldMine allows you to run all your email campaigns from GoldMine with all the responses tracked instantly against your customer records.

But using GoldMine's email capability, IntelliClick and a slight modification to your signature files, you can be doing some additional 'marketing' without any extra effort just by sending your day to day emails.

This is how it's done:

Step 1 - Create your HTML (we recommend HTML for this to work) email template in GoldMine and insert your references to your website and your social media accounts.  If you don't have them already, IntelliClick offers some 'hosted' images of popular Social Media tools like Twitter.  It's always best to point your email to images on a web site somewhere.


Step 2- Using the simple IntelliClick Wizard, create the special link to track visits to your sites.


Step 3 - Add these links as Hyperlinks back in your GoldMine template.


Step 4 - Save your template and define it as your 'Default Template' for all new emails. This can be done in the GoldMine Email Center.


Step 5 - Test your template by sending it to yourself or a colleague.  When you set up the special link in IntelliClick, you can also have automatic emails sent to you when a customer visits your site.


...And of course all responses to emails are tracked against your customer record in GoldMine on the Click Trac tab.


For more information on how IntelliClick could help your GoldMine system and tracked visits to your website, contact Wizard Systems.


GoldVision 6.8.3 released - Advanced Document Management for #GoldMine

GoldVision Software announces more innovation in managing ALL your business information through your database system. Our latest release v6.8.3 [free to v6 customers!] adds new features and improvements to our already extensive list of Enterprise Content Management capabilities, and is compatible with all versions of GoldMine 5.x - 9.x.  Keep all your files as organized as the other information in your database!

With its extensive and intuitive features, GoldVisionPro is also the fastest way to find any file you need on your system, making all your employees more productive, even those who don't use GoldMine!  Here are highlights of the new features added in v6.8.3:

Our new front-end features added to GoldVisionPro's Intelli-Processing capabilities make it easy for System Administrators to automatically create custom folder structures and filenames as files are stored. Folder and file names can be defined to use combinations of:
- value(s) retrieved from GoldMine fields, auto-re-formatted by Administrator criteria;
- dates in a variety of customizable formats;
- specific named categories/descriptions;
- added to default drive-locations or stored to specific Drive or UNC paths;
- added to existing filenames or completely replace the name;
- allow prompting th e user to verify or modify-on-the-fly, as needed.

In addition to using these new capabilities for default storage settings, GoldVisionPro's Title Lists can be configured to automatically create a different custom folder and filename for each document specification, transparently, as part of the normal Document Title selection process.  This is particulalrly useful for companies with specific Compliance requirements for their file storage.

Additionally, you can guide your users through an efficient and automatable process with the customizable Link Setup Sequence feature.  Administrators can define the order of user-entry of information, automatically displaying selection windows, prompting for info specific to each document type, bypassing un-needed items, automatically linking the file and streamlining the storage process.

PLUS all the features previously announced in v6.8.1, including:

GoldVisionPro is still the best and easiest way to correctly store files in your GoldMine system, expanding your database into a comprehensive managed corporate library. Even store all your files on the web, and access them through GoldVisionPro from any location.

Auto-create GoldMine Pending Items [Appointment, Call, Event, Next Action, To Do, or Other] based on GoldVisionPro Intelli-Entry custom items.  Automate follow-ups as you store any document.  This is an expansion of our Intelli-Tracking Workflows Tool Set, making it simple to auto-add reminders or other items whenever your store a document.

GoldVisionPro now retrieves files stored in Projects and Opportunities as easily as other stored files.  And when storing a file with GoldVisionPro, the Project or Opportunity ID can be stored in a normal Link record, making it easy to associate normal link files with any Project or Opportunity.

For companies with specific coding needs, GoldVisionPro now provides customizable History, User and Date items. Expand your integrated processing with custom History codes for specific document types, that enable triggering related GoldMine processes for those codes.  Assign a document to a different UserID than the document processor.  Select a specific meaningful date to be assigned to the document link.  Values can be user-selected or pre-configured based on the Document Title selection.

You don't have to be a mind-reader to be "Intelli-Path--ic"!  Our new Path Lists let Administrators configure "aliases" for file storage locations to simplify and clarify user selection.  Naming can be more intuitive and understandable [e.g., "All Restricted-Access Files" or "All Image, Fax or Picture Files" or "The Boss's Personal Files".   Aliases also allow reassigning actual storage locations without user interaction by simply reassigning the alias.

Need to re-assign your files to a different Contact?  Make new individual Contacts from sub-contacts and re-organize your files to the new records?  GoldVisionPro makes it easy to select a list of links and automatically re-assign them to any Contact.  Or add them to a new Contact as well as the original Contact.

 - Easily incorporate drop-down search-criteria-lists for user-ease.
 - Quickly remove unwanted link-types from your search results.
 - Sort your results by a single row-value in Notes.

 - Easily categorize your Intelli-Entry+ items into expandable/collapsible groups for easier user-selection.
 - Use master-lists of all items, then display only designated items from the list for different specific entry needs.
 - Easily create inter-dependent indexing-items, so that changes in one reset the values in the others.

 - Rename machine-generated filenames using the Document Title.
 - Purge unwanted links.
 - Search file-folders for duplicate link entries

 For more information on GoldVision, contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine Tip: Re sharing public email templates in #goldmine #CRM

In addition to your own e-mail templates, GoldMine will automatically load the Public e-mail templates which can be selected from the Subject drop-down list when composing an e-mail.

To prevent GoldMine from loading the public templates, add the following line of line of 'code' in the [Internet] section of the USER.INI file (in your server GoldMine folder).



GoldMine Tip: Displaying Twitter & Website & Google Maps in #GoldMine with GM+View Tab

Here's some simple 'HTML' code that you or your GoldMine System Administrator can place into new GM+View Tabs (a very customisable tab in GoldMine for displaying information from outside GoldMine that relates to your contact record) in GoldMine, to display either Twitter search for a Contact, their main website or a Google Map of their location. 

From the Web menu in GoldMine, select 'Setup GM+View' to create these new views. When creating the new view, click into the blank screen initially displayed and click on the <H> button to display the HTML code. Overwrite with this code displayed below (create these as 3 separate views!).



<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<META content="0;url=;&lt;&amp;contact&gt;&gt;" http-equiv=REFRESH>
<META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 8.00.6001.19120"></HEAD>
<BODY leftMargin=1 rightMargin=1 topMargin=1>

Customer Primary Website:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<STYLE type=text/css> P, UL, OL, DL, DIR, MENU, PRE { margin: 0 auto;}</STYLE>

<META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 8.00.6001.19120"></HEAD>
<BODY leftMargin=1 rightMargin=1 topMargin=1><FONT size=2 face=?f?>

Google Maps:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<META content="0;url=;&lt;contact1->address1&gt;&gt;%20&lt;&lt;contact1->city&gt;&gt;%20&lt;&lt;contact1->state&gt;&gt;&amp;z=18&amp;t=k" http-equiv=REFRESH>
<META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 8.00.6001.19120"></HEAD>
<BODY leftMargin=1 rightMargin=1 topMargin=1>


GoldMine Tip: How to replace US phone formatted numbers to International #goldmine

Sometimes (especially if you were using an old version of GoldMIne several years back) you may have some of your Contact Records set to US Phone format - the phone numbers will look okay on the screen, but if you then link to any dialer like TapiLink, the system may not work correctly.  Normally all your Contact Records, if you work outside the US, will be formatted to International Phone format.  This is the procedure to change all your records, so they all have the same consistent format. 

To Globally replace all records to the International formatting please do the following:

- Backup your GoldMine Database/s

- Select Tools | Database Management | Global Replace | Update a field using advanced options.

In the Global replace wizard:

- Choose to replace the field Status (Note: This field will appear on the list after your key 5 field).
- Select 'Evaluate value as dBase Expression'.
- In the expression box cut and paste the following expression:


- Click Next | Click Next.
- Pick a filter if you only want to replace some of you records, otherwise leave on all contact records.
- Click Next | Click Finish.


GoldMine Tip: Crystal Formula for converting CONTSUPP.CITY to true DATE format #goldmine #crystalreports

If you have configured a 'Detail' record in your GoldMine system and then want to do some reporting on the CREATION DATE of the entries with the Crystal Reports tool (the reporting tool provided with GoldMine), you'll need to know how to define a Crystal Formula to convert the CONTSUPP.CITY Field to a true DATE format.


One of the idiosyncrasies of GoldMine is that the Creation Date of a GoldMine Detail Record is actually stored in a Text Field called CITY (even though you see it as Date in GoldMine)!  The extra challenge is that the data is in the format:


So this is the formula to convert this Field, to extract the date and convert to a true date in Crystal, from where you can do more date manipulation (e.g. group report by Creation Month, etc.)

Create a new formula in Crystal (call it what you want) and paste in this syntax:

numberVar Truemonth := If  NumericText ((Mid ({CONTSUPP.CITY},13 ,2 )))= True
then ToNumber (Mid ({CONTSUPP.CITY},13 ,2  ))
else 0;
numberVar TrueYear :=If  NumericText ((Mid ({CONTSUPP.CITY},9 ,4 ))) = True
then ToNumber (Mid ({CONTSUPP.CITY},9 ,4 ))
Else  0;
numberVar TrueDay :=If  NumericText ((Mid ({CONTSUPP.CITY},15 ,2 )))= True
then ToNumber (Mid ({CONTSUPP.CITY},15 ,2 ))
Else 0 ;

If TrueYear = 0
then Date (1980,01 ,01 )
If TrueMonth = 0
then Date (1980,01 ,01 )
If TrueDay = 0
then Date (1980,01 ,01 )
Date (TrueYear,Truemonth ,TrueDay )

...You may also have a Record Section Formula in your report to ONLY report on these Detail Records, e.g.

{CONTSUPP.CONTACT}="Your Detail Record Name" and {CONTSUPP.RECTYPE}="P"