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August 2011

GoldMIne Users: Are you getting your 5-a-day? Top 5 add ons for GoldMine

QuoteWerks - Sales Quotation Software. Easy to use system to create Quotes, Orders, and keep a track of your products and services. Works with all GoldMine versions.

wMobile - Access live information from GoldMine on your phone or PDA. Gives you access to all key information in GoldMine, customer records, activities and even e-mails while you're on the move.

IntelliClick - Allows personalised email campaigns to be sent and tracked directly from within various CRM software applications such as GoldMine

TapiLink - Link your Telephone to GoldMine! Allows auto dial and 'screen pop' from GoldMine

MasterMine - Data Mining tool for use with GoldMine. Get your data out using Excel and also update information back in GoldMine based on your searches

Contact Wizard Systems Sales Dept. for any information or evaluations on these options.



GoldMine Tip: Differences between Filters and Groups #goldmine

When should you use a Filter and when a Group?  A common question and something that applies to any CRM system that allows you to create 'Dynamic' or 'Static' lists. 

GoldMine’s filters work dynamically. This means that each time a filter is activated, it searches the entire database to select the records matching the filter criteria. GoldMine’s groups however, are static and not dynamic. Once they have been created, they do not search the database again for matching records upon activation. This means that after a group has been built, members are not assigned again until the group is rebuilt. Groups have the advantage of being indexed and work much quicker than filters, but will not update automatically when changes are made or records are added to the database. Groups also support a wider variety of methods to select from when selecting your search criteria. Filters have the advantage of being more accurate and up-to-date, but they work much slower and offer fewer options than groups.


GoldMine Tip: How to amend Record Alerts #goldmine

Record Alerts in GoldMine are great automatic pop-up prompts to advise the GoldMine User of some important information about the Company or Contact - e.g. They are on stop or maybe a certain way of dealing with this customer.  Wizard Systems have also integrated Record Alerts with Sage Accounts software so that when a customer is put on credit hold in Sage, an automatic alert is assigned to the customer record in GoldMine.

Here’s how to edit or delete record-level alerts:

Via the Go To menu, select Knowledgebase.
Under the KnowledgeBase tab, the System book, find the Contact Alerts folder. This allows contact alerts to be viewed, edited and deleted. 


They cannot be modified or deleted from the same place they are created. You must have a record alert in the system for the System book to appear in the KnowledgeBase.


GoldMine Tip: Linking GoldMine Enterprise Edition to Google Maps #goldmine #googlemaps

Here's a fairly detailed tip on adding a field link to a Google Map in GoldMine Enterprise Edition (AKA GMEE) that searches on a postcode:


Important Notes: 

  1. Appropriate backups and testing in a development system should be carried out before applying to a live GMEE system
  2. You will require prior knowledge on adding fields to GMEE


-Open a new Definition Set in the Admin Module
-Select the Address.Mail Object


 -Add a new text field to the Object

Name: GoogleMapPostcode
Type : Text
Length: 1000

-Place your field in the Address.Mail Panel. This will appear similar to the following


-Select... Definitions | Expressions
-Press  ‘New’
-Select ‘Script’ and choose ‘Ok’
-Type the name:  AddressGoogleMapPostcode
-Delete the pre-generated script and paste in the following code... 

import System
import Fusion
import Fusion.Api 

class FusionScriptWrapper implements IScriptWrapper
                function FusionScriptWrapper()
                function Process(currentBusinessObject : Fusion.Api.BusinessObject, currentField : Fusion.Api.Field) : Object
                                var objReturn : Object
                                var ZIP  =  new String(currentBusinessObject.GetField('Zip').NativeValue);
                                var DisplayText = new String()                               

                                ZIP=ZIP.replace( /\s/g, "" );

                                DisplayText = ""+ZIP 
                                objReturn =  DisplayText

                                return objReturn


-Your script should now appear like the image below


- Press OK to close  the script window.
-On the left hand side of the screen located the Address.mail object. Expand fields and highlight the new field ‘GoogleMapPostcode’
-Right click and choose Edit Field, then select the advanced tab.
-Tick ‘The value in the field is calculated’ and select  Named Expression and choose your new script


 -Select Apply and Close
-You will now need to add the field to the Account Object Panel.  Locate Account in the tree and highlight the Account(panel)


-The easiest way to add the new label is to copy an existing one.  Highlight ‘City’ in the form right click and choose ‘Copy’
-Now right click and choose ‘Paste to place a copy of the city field


-Now right click on the new label and choose ‘Properties’


-Select the Behaviour Tab


-In Associated field name pick ‘Primary Address Link: Mail.GoogleMapPostcode’
-Tick ‘URL Support then Choose Close


 -Check you have placed a text box for the new control. Then commit the edit set



Increase your productivity by 10% and link GoldMine to your phone system

One of our clients found recently they could increase the number of calls they made each day by 10% with the GoldMine phone link software called 'TapiLink for GoldMine'. 

Join us for the presentation on Tuesday August 30th at 2pm (we'll only take 15 minutes or so) and get to know:

1) Overview of basic functionality like making outgoing calls, receiving incoming calls
2) Setup and configuration options
3) Pricing
4) Setup requirements
5) Other add ons


To register for this webinar (there's no charge), please click on:


GoldMine Webinar: Looking at buying GoldMine? Attend our next free webinar 6th Sept #goldmine

Date: Sept 6th
Time: 10am for 30 Minutes
Location: Via the Web
Cost: Free
Target Audience: Organisations thinking of purchasing GoldMine or a new CRM system.

GoldMine is an easy to use, affordable tool to improve your sales & marketing productivity. Come and join us for a live interactive on line presentation to see how GoldMine can:

- Help you track and follow up sales leads
- Manage your daily sales activities and appointments
- Track quotes and sales opportunities
- Track what you’ve sold or supplied to a customer
- Create targeted e-mail marketing campaigns
- Track customer support and service activity

To see the presentation, you'll need access to the Internet and a phone (we will give you a UK number) to get the audio part of the presentation. You'll also be able to ask questions and provide feedback.


Register now


GoldMine Tip: Automating processes and procedures in GoldMine with the salespersons details #goldmine

Some very useful fields to have in your GoldMine system!  Every day I come across a good reason to have some account manager fields that are populated against a contact record. Three fields that come to mind immediately are Account Manager Full Name, Account Manager User Name and Account Manager Email. The account manager name and email address could be used for example in mailshots or automated responses, to prospects and customers. Eg. Dear Peter, Thank you for you interest your account John Smith will be dealing with your request and can be contacted here via email

The account manager username could help with automating activities and alerts via automated processes. This field could be used to hide records from other users.

Wizard Systems provide a 3rd party product called IntelliClick which allows links in an email that will automatically schedule activities to a user name against contacts, which has lots uses such as requesting call back or event registration against the salesman’s diary. I have seen phone software root calls to the correct users phone and the list goes on.

What’s more, once implemented these fields can be populated automatically and managed by using the lookup.ini file in GoldMine. Get moving and add these fields, with just a little effort this can have a big positive impact on productivity.


Latest demonstration video on wMobile for #GoldMine

Latest demonstration video for wMobile for GoldMine, the most popular way of accessing GoldMIne from your smartphone or web browser.

For more information on wMobile, pricing or a trial, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


GO-Global Windows Host 4.0.1 Patch 3 released #goldmine #goglobal

GraphOn (Makers of GO-Global software for web access of GoldMine) is pleased to announce the release of GO-Global Windows Host 4.0.1 Patch 3 (Version 4.0.1. 10784).  The release is available for download from the GraphOn Web site:

New versions of both the host and client are included in the update, and it is strongly recommended that the clients are updated in order to gain full benefit from this patch.


wMobile for GoldMine recorded Webinar - did you miss it? #goldmine #wmobile

Please find a link to our on line presentation today of wMobile for GoldMine, the number one way of accessing your GoldMine CRM system from a smartphone or via the web.

Featured in this Webinar is:

  • Key features of wMobile
  • Extra functionality you don't find in standard GoldMine
  • Description of all the email options you have with wMobile
  • Typical questions and answers from users

To see this recorded webinar, log onto: