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July 2011

See the new version of wMobile - Access GoldMine from your Blackberry, iPhone and Smartphone

Attend our 30 minute 'on line' presentation on Wednesday 10th August 2pm BST, and see a great way of accessing your live GoldMine system from your smartphone or via the Web.


New Web Based Desktop User Interface
Finally a web based user interface that mirrors the GoldMine Premium user experience. On a laptop or desktop computer, PC or Mac, your users can connect live to your central GoldMine Premium data, connecting quickly through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

High Performance and Scalable Technology
wMobile Phone and Desktop Edition will scale to support 100’s of users on a single web server. wMobile’s light weight web clients support worldwide access to GoldMine from a single web server location.

No Remote Installations
Your wMobile users are up and running in seconds with no software to install. Just add a new web address to your web browser and you are up and running.

No Monthly User Charges
wMobile is an inexpensive one time purchase giving you a perpetual license to web enable your remote CRM users.

New Email Integration to GoldMine
wMobile can be configured to automatically link email sent to and received from contacts to their GoldMine Premium CRM contact interaction history. Remote users can send and receive email using any smart phone or web based email system without plug-ins or any user action to add the email to the central GoldMine contact history.

New Support for Multiple GoldMine Contact Sets
For GoldMine Premium systems using multiple contact sets - wMobile now supports users switching at will between contact sets.

New Dedicated Google and LinkedIn Tab
Show Google satellite map, directions, blog or web searches for the currently viewed contact. Check to see if the current contact is in your LinkedIn network.

New Automated Process Support
wMobile users can now attach automated process tracks on contacts to automate marketing and administrative tasks using GoldMine’s powerful automated process feature. wMobile also shows the processes tab on contact records to allow users to manage existing tracks.

New Filter Based User Security
wMobile supports a new easier to manage security model of limiting users access to information subject to a common GoldMine filter rule rather than complex ownership and curtaining maintenance.

New Relationship Tree Handling
New Support of GoldMine Premium Relationship Trees in Both Phone and Desktop Editions of wMobile

Click here to regsiter for this free presentation.


Crystal Reports training announced for GoldMine Users #goldmine

Crystal Reports is a great tool for producing fast, professional looking reports from GoldMine (it's supplied with Corporate and Premium Editions) and other applications.

Join us for an hour on Friday August 12th at 3pm UK time, and get an introduction into learning the basics of report creation.  It is the perfect grounding for our one day Crystal Reports course.

The one hour web training session will cover:

- An introduction to the data structure of GoldMine (where's everything stored)
- Connecting Crystal to GoldMine
- Creating a basic report with Groups, Totals, and a Chart
- Creating a 'Cross Tab' report for summarising data
- Saving and Printing reports
- Exporting reports to other applications eg Excel, Word, PDF
- Examples of other report formats and features

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions on your own reporting scenarios.

Attendees will receive documentation on:

- How to install ODBC (the way of linking to the GoldMine system)
- Report Design
- Creating a Simple Report

Again, all you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet and a Phone (or sound from your PC)!

The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT per delegate for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.

To register, please click on:


GoldMine Training: GoldMine Marketing Course on 26th July at Wizard Systems UK

We still have places for next week's UK GoldMine Training course on July 26th aimed at how to use GoldMine as a powerful marketing tool.  By attending this full day course, you will learn:

  • Analysing Leads and Sales Activities
  • More advanced Filters and Groups & SQL Queries to create great target lists
  • Creating Word templates
  • Creating E-mail templates (including HTML ones for more appealing messages)
  • Running a Campaign
  • Introducing follow ups in your campaign
  • Using GoldMine Automated processes for increasing your productivity
  • Introduction to linking GoldMine to your Web Site and Forms
  • Reports to check on ROI

For more information on attending, please contact Wizard Systems in the UK 01454 316800 (ask for Maxine or Peter).


GoldMine Tip: How to report/display all your Company Relationship Trees #goldmine

Here's a great 'SQL Query' that you can paste into your GoldMine SQL Query Window to report/display the Company Organisation Trees you have defined...


    Case ContSupp.EXT When 1 Then LTrim(ContSupp.Address1) End [Book Headding],
Case ContSupp.EXT When 3 Then LTrim(ContSupp.Address1) End [Folder Headding],
    C1.Company,C1.Contact,C1.Key1,C1.Key5,C1.AccountNo [GM Account Number]
         From ContSupp 
     Left Join Contact1 C1 On ContSupp.Accountno = C1.Accountno
     Left Join Contact2 C2 On C1.Accountno = C2.Accountno
  Where ContSupp.Rectype = 'O'



GoldMine Tip: How to change your Reply Address for multiple email accounts in #GoldMine

If you use two or more email accounts in GoldMine they will all show as coming from the users fullname e.g 'Tyrone Matthews'

However you can have this show differently e.g.'Tyrone Matthews <>'can be change to 'Support <>'

To do this Go to Tools > Options
-Select the Email Tab
-Select Accounts
-Double click the account you want to change
-In the return address type the name you want to show along with <> around the address e.g 'Support <>'

Open new email, select the account from the drop down, and you will now see the change.

Please note older versions of GoldMine maybe different.


iGoldMine update available for Windows Update KB2555917 #goldmine

FrontRange now has a compatibility update available that provides support for Microsoft Windows Update KB2555917, released on July 12, 2011, which is incompatible with iHEAT and/or iGoldMine for Windows on Windows Server 2008 x86, Windows Server 2008 R2 x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows Server 2003 x86 and Windows XP x86.  The Application Publishing Service (APS) will not start, and the APS log reports an incompatibility with Win32k.sys. This incompatibility only affects the iHEAT and/or iGoldMine Server and does not impact the Client machines.

To access the update, go to, log in and select the menu option for Download Center and then Drivers and Downloads. Select the appropriate product and the Compatibility Update for KB2555917 will be available for download.

Please note, that before installing this update, the ggse.sys file must not be marked Read-Only.  Before launching the compatibility update, browse to the <windows>\system32\drivers directory and locate the ggse.sys file.  Right Click, select Properties and deselect the Read Only checkbox (if selected), then click apply.  If the Read Only check box is not selected, no action is needed, and the update can be applied.


Read the included installation instructions for information on how to apply the compatibility update.

Please forward this information to the appropriate person responsible for IT/Web within your company.

If you have any questions regarding this notification please contact Wizard Systems Support Dept.



IntelliClick Version 7 for GoldMine released offering advanced email send capabilities #goldmine

IntelliClick Version 7 for GoldMine is here! The send and bounce management capabilities have been significantly enhanced to improve deliverability of your email messages.  Messages can now be sent completely separate from GoldMine.

Our latest version introduces the IntelliSend module which brings robust features to manage your email address integrity. Streamline the way to send your messages and stay in a "safe sender" zone!

Top 5 Powerful New Features:

1. IntelliSend: a new mass email merge solution that efficiently sends large mailings using all GoldMine existing settings but runs independently to optimize sending resources on any workstation or server. The built-in send management feature automatically flags and excludes  Unsubscribe, Undeliverable & "Report As SPAM" email addresses to help improve your deliverability.
2. Enhanced SMTP Relay Service: a Unified Email SMTP relay account is included to help you with improved deliverability of your messages and power hard bounce email address management. A 7,500 message/month account is included and your monthly quota can be increased for as little as $1 / 1,000 email messages.
3. Message Content Analysis: a single click option of the IntelliSend module enables email messages analyzed to determine any likelihood of being detected as SPAM

4. Email Address Integrity Management: this feature allows identification of all flagged malformed and undeliverable email addresses which can then be adjusted/removed and saved to a GoldMine group and history.

5. Success Ratio Reporting: the IntelliSend module automatically tracks the number of emails sent by campaign; Enhanced reporting now enables the ratio calculation of Opens, Clicks, Web Navigation and all other one click "calls to action" to the number of messages sent. 

Version 7 With IntelliSend Is Now Available To All Existing IntelliClick Customers At No Extra Charge Upon Renewal Of Your Annual Subscription Maintenance for IntelliClick.

For a demonstration of IntelliSend or IntelliClick, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine News: iGoldMine version 9.0 released #goldmine

We are pleased to announce the release of iGoldMine 9.0 (iGM 9.0). iGoldMine 9.0 helps customers improve their GoldMine installation by enabling them to access GoldMine features and functionality remotely from any iGoldMine supported web browser.

iGoldMine will be generally available to GoldMine customers by the end of the week.

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning iGoldMine version 9.0:

Q: What’s new in iGoldMine (iGM) Plus 9.0?

A: iGoldMine Plus 9.0 supports 64-bit server operating systems, such as Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. For details, please refer to the compatibility matrix available from Wizard Systems

Q: Is there an iPad client available?

A: There is an iPad client available for the third-party technology (Go-Global 4.0) we use in iGoldMine Plus 9.0. It is available in the iPad App Store as a free download. It is not a FrontRange-branded client and is not formally tested or supported by FrontRange at this time. For further information, see:

Q: Are there separate “Standard” and “Plus” versions in 9.0, as there were in previous versions?

A: No. The Standard version will no longer be available to new clients who wish to purchase iGoldMine. Only the iGM Plus version is available for purchase. iGM plus allows you to access other applications, not just GoldMine.

Q: What is the upgrade path for customer using the Standard version of iGoldMine 8.0?

A: iGoldMine Standard customers on an active maintenance agreement will have the option to upgrade to iGoldMine Plus 9.0, without incurring any extra charge for the upgraded version. If a customer is not current on maintenance please contact Wizard Systems.

Q: When a customer upgrades from iGM Standard to iGM Plus, will the maintenance fees increase?

A: When it comes time to renew the annual maintenance and support agreement, the renewal will be invoiced at the iGoldMine Plus maintenance price.

Q: Will the Standard and Plus versions of iGoldMine 8.0 continue to be supported?

A: Yes, FrontRange/Wizard Systems will continue to provide assistance and troubleshooting for these versions as of the launch of iGoldMine Plus 9.0. However, there may be cases where customers need to upgrade in order to resolve OS incompatibilities (including issues caused by Microsoft security patches) with the older versions of iGoldMine.

Q: Will the Standard and Plus versions of iGoldMine 7.0 continue to be supported?

A: Yes, these products will be supported under a maintenance and support contract until December 31, 2011. There may be cases where customers need to upgrade sooner, in order to resolve OS incompatibilities (including issues caused by Microsoft security patches) with the older versions of iGoldMine.

Q: Can a customer using iGoldMine 8.0 Standard add seats to the older version?

A: No, they will need to upgrade and then add iGoldMine 9.0 Plus seats. For pricing details please contact Wizard Systems.

Q: How does a customer obtain the iGoldMine Plus 9.0 software and product code?

A: iGoldMine 9.0 will be available to customer’s current on a maintenance and support contract. The product download will be available from the FrontRange Solutions Support Site Download Center or from Wizard Systems. The upgrade will require new product codes for installation.
To download the iGoldMine 9.0 product and request new product codes:
• Log in to the support site
• Click on the Drivers and Downloads link and then click GoldMine. Select iGoldMine from the drop down menu.
• Download iGoldMine 9.0 (do not install until you receive your iGoldMine 9.0 product code).
• Click on the "Non-Urgent Submit Ticket" link from the top menu bar to submit an online request for your iGoldMine 9.0 product code; please include your HDA number, number of seats, and current version.
• Please allow two business days for the product code(s) to be sent.
Alternatively, customers can send an email to Wizard Systems to request new iGoldMine 9.0 product codes; please include your HDA number, number of seats, and current version.

Q: What is the upgrade process?

A: An upgrading customer should contact Wizard Systems to get a product code (or multiple product codes for larger installations). Uninstall the current version of iGoldMine, install the new version, and enter the product code when prompted during the installation. If you have multiple product codes, you will enter each additional product code by running a licensing utility after the installation. Complete instructions are in the iGoldMine Plus 9.0 Getting Started Guide.


Graphon GO-Global upgrade for Windows Update KB2555917 #goldmine #graphon

GraphOn would like to inform you that a Compatibility Update is now available for Windows Update KB2555917 released Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

Windows Update KB2555917 impacted GO-Global versions 3.2 and 4.0 on the 32-bit versions of Windows.  Specifically, on Windows Server 2008 x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows Server 2003 x86 and Windows XP x86, the Application Publishing Service (APS) does not start, and the APS log reports an incompatibility with Win32k.sys.

In addition to providing compatibility with Windows Update KB2555917, this GO-Global Compatibility Update includes changes that are designed to improve GO-Global’s compatibility with future Windows Updates.

The Compatibility Update can be downloaded from the following locations:


GoldMine Tip: Automatic Word document naming with GoldMine CRM #goldmine #word

Thanks to Paul, one of our GoldMine consultants for this tip of the week.

This will allow your merged documents to follow a naming convention driven from values contained with the current contact record.

When save your document templates, Word will use the first line of the document as the default name of the document to be saved.  If you design your template with the first line containing the required GoldMine merge fields, Word will then use this information as the default name. 

For instance...

Customer No – Company Name

Other refinements: You can also make the text white, so it is hidden from the customer when printed and you could also add a GoldMine 'Counter Value' for document numbering sequences.