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GoldMine Product News: GoldMine Enterprise Edition 6.3.5 Release Information

The GMEE (GoldMine Enterprise Edition) 6.3.5 release will be generally available to GoldMine Enterprise Edition customers current on a Maintenance and Support contract via the FrontRange support site by the end of the week.  An email to GMEE customers will be sent at this time.  GMEE 6.3.5 contains multiple product developments to the application and foundation technology.  Please refer to the release notes for a complete list of improvements and installation instructions.


This release consolidates all previous enhancements and issue fixes released in GoldMine Enterprise Edition 6.3.4. Please follow the installation and upgrade instructions for implementing GMEE 6.3.5

Contact Wizard Systems for more information on GoldMine Enterprise Edition.


QuoteWerks 4.6 Build 5 released - Powerful e-mail formatting options of Quotes from #GoldMine

The latest build 5 update for QuoteWerks 4.6 (the #1 quoting tool for GoldMine) is now available to download! This new release includes over 30 new features. Each new build of QuoteWerks is rich with features that will improve your sales process and help you work smarter.  The top new features for QuoteWerks 4.6 Build 5 are:

QuoteWerks E-mail Templates
The new email templating system in Build 5 will allow you to customise all the emails that QuoteWerks sends. The E-mail Templates window can stay open while sending e-mails in QuoteWerks making it easy to quickly make adjustments and preview the results. There are System, Public and User E-Mail templates. The System templates can be directly modified by users with Master Rights. Users can also create their own templates to be used from the Send Email window. Public templates are templates that most users would want to use, typically with company standardised information in them. The real benefit is that changes can be made in one template, and all the users now are using the updated template. There is now a new "Select Template" dropdown on the Send Email window. When a template is selected, the subject and body of the email will be updated with the information from the template.


Multiple E-mail Signatures
You can now have more than one email signature. In fact, you have a Standard, Short, Alternate1, Alternate2, and Alternate3 email signatures. During each season of the year, you might have a slightly different e-mail signature and now you can keep them all instead of replacing it each time. Sometimes you want to include your signature complete with your full address, phone number, title, etc. Other times you will just want to include your Short signature, like just your name, title, and phone number. The short signature is particularly good for QuoteValet "Your Quote is Ready" emails to your customers. There are also Email signature macros for email templates. Rather than typing in your email signature into each email template you setup, you can use email signature macros in them, making it easy to change your email signature in one place.

E-mail Snippets
Email Snippets are a great way to centrally organise and maintain information that is used in multiple email templates. If you have two email templates that need to include the same information, you could of course type that same information into both email templates, and then when you need to make a change, you will need to remember to change it in both email templates. If you entered that information into a Snippet, and then used a macro in the two email templates to refer to that Snippet, then you could just make changes to the information in the Snippet and the changes will automatically appear in the two email templates. There are Public and User E-Mail Snippets.

To access updates for QuoteWerks and 4.6 Build 5, you must have an annual 'Upgrade Maintenance Program' in place.  To find out more, please contact Wizard Systems.


Powerful e-mail sending from #GoldMine with IntelliSend

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce the availability of IntelliSend for GoldMine.  IntelliSend is an advanced email processing solution, fully integrated with GoldMine Premium Edition. It provides an effective mail merge engine for large email campaigns using GoldMine templates and groups. Content Analysis testing, included with IntelliSend, reduces the likelihood of your messages being flagged as SPAM. Robust Email Address Integrity Management and Send Management features simply the preparation and delivery of your campaign.


Features include:
􀀵 Users completely control the sending process with no need to upload email addresses or build templates externally
􀀵 Send rate throttling and scheduling manages the delivery of your email campaign.
􀀵 Enhance deliverability of your messages with an include Unified Email SMTP relay account
􀀵 Schedule & send on behalf of multiple people, using the same or different campaign message
􀀵 Automated content analysis testing
􀀵 Saved batch logs provide complete send details
􀀵 Identifies malformed email addresses
􀀵 Automates the exclusion of “hard bounce” email addresses
􀀵 Automates the exclusion of “Report As SPAM” flagged e-mail addresses

IntelliSend is available as a separate 'add on' to GoldMine or is included with IntelliClick for GoldMine, the number one email marketing system for GoldMine.


Free GO-Global iPad Client Now Available #goldmine #ipad

GO-Global, the number one way to allow access GoldMine via the Web, now has iPad compatibility.


GraphOn Corporation, a leading worldwide developer of cloud application delivery solutions, today announced that its new GO-Global iPad Client is now available as a free app from Apple’s App Store. The GO-Global iPad Client allows the user to view and interact with Windows applications like GoldMine, on the Apple iPad when used in conjunction with GraphOn’s GO-Global Windows Host 4 application virtualization solution.

GO-Global Windows Host 4 provides instant and secure access to server-resident Windows applications from virtually any location, platform, and operating system. The solution delivers legacy applications over LANs, WANs, VPNs, or the Internet for easy and secure remote access from cross-platform clients and mobile users.

GO-Global 4 customers can download the free iPad Client at for immediate access to GO-Global-enabled Windows applications. iPad users who are not currently using GO-Global, but wish to evaluate its capabilities, can download the GO-Global iPad Client and then use the app to connect to GraphOn’s online demonstration server.

“Our GO-Global iPad Client includes a number of advanced usability features,” said Asaf Doron, GraphOn vice president of product marketing. “For example, when viewing Microsoft Office applications on an iPad, the auto-zoom feature will detect the section of the screen that is currently active in the desktop Office application and automatically zoom in on that area.”

“This is the first product resulting from our new mobile client initiative that will allow for easy cloud delivery of legacy desktop applications to popular smartphone and tablet platforms, ranging from Apple iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone to Android smartphone and tablets,” continued Doron. “This means that the millions of existing Windows, UNIX and Linux legacy applications can be easily and seamlessly delivered to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.”


GoldMine Tip: Auto insert of job title & contact details in an email #goldmine

We took a call on our GoldMine helpdesk recently and were asked how to automatically insert a User's contact information into e-mails being sent from GoldMine. 

So to add the job title and department to the email template you will want to use the following macro's:


The other macro's that can be used are:


...That's if you still use Fax!

These user variables are stored in the username.ini files, under the user_var section.  You'll find these ini files in your GoldMine folder:


Then in the email template in GoldMine, insert the following 'merge' field

What's new in GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2

These are the release notes for GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2:


Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 is now supported. 

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1 is now supported. 

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is now supported. 

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP4 is now supported. 

Windows Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) is now supported.  Note:  When using IE 9, Word documents currently cannot be previewed inside GoldMine if there is another Word document open in your operating system.


There is a new option to control the preview of document templates within the Document Management Center.  Disabling the preview may increase application performance while working with templates and improve reliability when merging documents.  To use this option, check or uncheck “Show preview for documents” in the lower right pane in the Document Management Center.


Updates to user records can now be synchronized between sites, using a new option in the GoldSync Site Group Member Wizard.  To synchronize user records, expand the Customizations node on the Send Options screen by clicking the “+” sign, and then check the box for Users. 


ID #

Issue Description


Sync process stalls at gathering completions/deletions for CALDEF and eventually fails


Unlinked recurring activities for another user will sync to Outlook when syncing only My Calendar using filter or group


Accented characters cause wrong contact to be returned from search of GoldMine Address Book in Outlook


Activity created in Outlook, recurring on a particular day of every month, creates large number of calendar items when synchronized to GoldMine


GoldMine crashes when using the scroll bar while composing an e-mail message with IE 9 installed


E-mail message is sent to wrong address if recipient’s address is added as new address via the select e-mail window and several e-mail addresses for the contact are available


Outlook e-mail messages are not linked to GoldMine when NOCOUNT setting is applied in SQL Server


Undocked user cannot access the One-Button Sync tab to import a One-Button Sync Profile sent through Outlook, if there is no existing One-Button Sync Profile for the user


E-mails retrieved at remote location are not shown in E-mail Center at server when using year/month folder structure in synchronizing across time zones


Wrong Opportunity opened for editing in Opportunity Manager when column filter is active


Error message appears when merging a Word template in the Document Management Center after launching Word followed by Excel


Error in building transfer set for database with name ending in letter C


On Windows 7, an attachment will be linked incorrectly after attempting to move it, and then canceling after receiving notification that the file already exists on the destination


The 'Create Forecasted Sale' button in Opportunity Properties is grayed out


Linking HTML e-mails from Outlook corrupts certain characters when the e-mail uses Western European encoding


Assigning a report to an Automated process Print Report event does not save the correct report


Outlook Add-in shows as 'disabled' and cannot be enabled


Custom toolbar item to Merge Tagged Records improperly merges records if toolbar button is clicked while no records are tagged


Case number is not listed on e-mail notifications when reassigning a case


JavaScript code removed after editing GM+View template


E-mails using UTF-8 subject lines are corrupted


Resolving a case will replace the name of the linked contact with the contact displayed on the contact tab


Single user-defined field is not being imported during WebImport


WebImport unable to populate user-defined fields when NewRecord section of lookup.ini updates a user-defined field


Time Stamp Format setting is not saved to service center mask customizations


E-mail message manually linked from Sent folder in Outlook is displayed as an inbound message on the History tab


On a server OS, dashboard checkboxes and radio buttons are not displayed


When using a database that does not include a LEADDIST, LEADFILE, or SYNCLOCK table, clicking the “Read GoldMine Settings” button in Outlook produces an incorrect error message.


The "Enable Outlook Sync" option under Tools > Users Settings > Properties > Outlook does not synchronize from the server to undocked machines


Multi-contact activity is deleted for all contacts when attempting to delete a contact-specific instance from the calendar


When editing an AP event that prints an envelope template, the template selection is corrupted (reset to the first item in the list)


Relationship tab does not refresh properly when expanding a section


New detail record includes copied CONTSUPP header data for column position from an extended detail


Zip code reverts back to original selection after selecting another city or reverts to the first city


If a field is accidently duplicated in a System View, it cannot be removed


When using IMAP, e-mail sent via mobile device links from Sent folder in Outlook to contact record with sender’s e-mail address


Cursor focus goes to the subject line instead of the e-mail body when replying or forwarding


Tab order positions are not being respected when creating new GoldMine contacts, skipping ZIP


Daily DayTimer Summary report only shows times with activities scheduled


Contact information in the history record is for the customer viewed in the Contacts tab


Sort works inconsistently in Task area of Activity List


Print Pages action in e-mail reading window does not provide option to print selected text within message


When exporting contacts from a large database using a filter based on Contact2 fields, there is a long delay between the Select Filter/Group screen and the Field Mappings screen


Customized labels are not shown in project window


Case History tab shows no data after upgrading from version 8.0 with customized case tabs


Wrong activities displayed after activating rollup on Relationship tab, selecting History or Pending tab, and clicking column header to sort results


Private Activities are not visible for other users in Calendar


Completing an activity for a selected contact will cause active contact to refresh to the contact on calendar when Calendar is in Outline view with an activity scheduled for current date selected and Sync Contact enabled


“Pop-up when selected” option causes F2 lookup screen to be intrusive in the contact search center when clicking on different tabs and clicking back to CSC


When scrolling between cases, the notes from the last case are displayed


Time column does not sort properly when used for priority


Note:  GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1, and GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 Hotfix 1


GoldMine Product News: Imminent release of GoldMine 9.0.2 #GoldMine

The FrontRange GoldMine product team have announced the release of GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2. to GoldMine Dealers, and availability for GoldMine Users is expected on Monday next week.

As with all GMPE (GoldMine Premium Edition) service packs, the biggest driver for GMPE 9.0.2 is product quality.  This release contains over 50 fixed issues for improved product stability, quality and additional Microsoft platform support, including Microsoft Windows 7 SP1and Windows Internet Explorer 9.  For a complete list of the added Microsoft technology supported platforms, fixes and improvements please refer to the GMPE 9.0.2 release notes.


Real-time UK address data capture for GoldMine with Zapcode #goldmine #paf

Having accurate and up-to-date customer address information is an essential requirement for every record held within an organisation’s CRM database. With Zapcode for GoldMine, organisations can be confident that the customer information their sales, marketing, contact centre and back-office functions rely on for direct mail campaigns, invoicing and bill payment, appointment scheduling and product dispatching is correct and fit for purpose.




Zapcode is now more closely integrated with GoldMine for even more convenient and intuitive use by office and field based personnel. Zapcode for GoldMine has been developed to provide greater functionality than earlier versions with a far more ‘user-friendly’ look and feel. Enter an UK postcode and Zapcode for GoldMine returns the address up to street level from the Rapid Address File (RAF). All the user has to do then is key-in either the house number or building name. With large user postcodes, Zapcode for GoldMine will return a complete address including the organisation name. Zapcode for GoldMine reduces data entry time by dramatically cutting the number of keystrokes needed to capture an accurate address.

Zapcode For GoldMine:
• Contains a new, simplified and user-friendly Windows interface.
• Provides rapid address capture (postcode to address).
• Contains a new partial postcode search option.
• Contains a ‘new for old’ automatic postcode update facility.
• Contains the Rapid Address File (RAF) of 1.7 million postcodes.
• Fully integrated into GoldMine

Contact Wizard Systems for a demo and see how seamlessly it integrates with GoldMine.