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GoldMine Tip: Using e-mail rules to 'process' incoming e-mails automatically #goldmine

E-mail rules can be really helpful to organise and manage e-mails. If you use GoldMine as your main e-mail system, you can use the Rules Wizard to define one or more conditions that evaluate when retrieving online messages. If a message meets the conditions you set, GoldMine then applies one or many  actions  that you define. It is ideal for deleting junk mail or organising your emails in to folders you can even encrypt and protect private emails. The Wizard is available from the E-mail Centre under the Action button “Set up  E-mail rules”



GoldMine Product News: GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 Hotfix 1 available #goldmine

Since the 9.0.1 release, customers have reported a some data-related or environmental issues affecting the stability and performance of the GMPE Outlook add-in. FrontRange have tested a hotfix with several customers and have had enough positive response from this build to formalize it as GMPE 9.0.1 Hotfix 1.

Our recommendation is to use this hotfix in environments where Outlook integration is important or other specific fixes are needed. FrontRange do NOT recommend upgrading to this hotfix if a customer is already using a GMPE 9 release without problems.

This is currently available only through your GoldMine dealer (Wizard Systems) or direct from FrontRange. The fixes will become generally available when FrontRange release GMPE 9.0.2.  Once GMPE 9.0.2 is released please upgrade clients who implemented the GMPE 9.0.1 hotfix to the GMPE 9.0.2 release. 




142555 Error message appears when opening Outlook calendar if forecasted sales are displayed in Outlook, and there is a forecasted sale related to a contact with a null value in contact field

141004 GoldMine toolbar does not appear in Outlook when using Terminal Services

140515 Outlook sync profile does not retain contact group setting if the contact group has a RecID value ending in a space

140055 When synchronizing with Outlook using a contact group or filter, other users’ linked recurring activities are synchronized to Outlook

139816 Paging of contact records in the Contact Search Center can cause entire database to be selected for different workflow operations

139579 Memory leak in Outlook.exe process

139196 Performance issues in Outlook add-in

139171 AddinExpress error message appears in Outlook

139163 Object Reference error when reading GoldMine settings from Outlook

139041 Object reference error in Outlook when no record types are set up in GoldMine

138584 GoldMine creates Accountno values with less than 20 characters when the contact name is abbreviated as first initial with a dot

137333 When sorting opportunities by actual close date, the sort is not chronological

137160 Activities synchronized from Outlook produce one alarm per attendee in GoldMine

136244 When editing an activity, the Opportunity/Project selection is not available if the Accountno for the corresponding contact contains less than 20 characters

128699 E-mail filed on the remote is not filed on the server after sync

126594 When entering an address for additional contacts, the Zip field does not auto-complete as expected


GoldMine Product News: Resolution for compatibility issue affecting iGoldMine/iHEAT KB2506223

Further to our notification yesterday for iHEAT and iGoldMine users (ignore this if you do not have iGoldMine!) FrontRange now has a compatibility update available that provides support for Microsoft Windows Update KB2506223, released on April 12, 2011, which is incompatible with iHEAT and iGoldMine on Windows Server 2008 x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows Server 2003 x86 and Windows XP x86. The Application Publishing Service (APS) will not start, and the APS log reports an incompatibility with Win32k.sys. This incompatibility only affects the iHEAT and/or iGoldMine Server and does not impact the Client machines.

To access the update, go to, log in and select the menu option for Download Center and then Drivers and Downloads. Select the appropriate product and the Compatibility Update for KB2506223 will be available for download.


GoldMine Product Support News: Windows Update KB2506223 and iGoldMine or iHEAT

Please be advised that Windows Update KB2506223, released on April 12, 2011, is incompatible with iHEAT and/or iGoldMine (the 'Web Access' capability for HEAT or GoldMine) for Windows on Windows Server 2008 x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows Server 2003 x86 and Windows XP x86.  The Application Publishing Service (APS) will not start, and the APS log reports an incompatibility with Win32k.sys. This incompatibility only affects the iHEAT and/or iGoldMine Server and does not impact the Client machines.

Workaround: To work around the issue, uninstall Windows Update KB2506223 and reboot the system. The APS will function properly after the update has been uninstalled.

FrontRange Solutions (the authors of HEAT and GoldMine) will release a compatibility update as soon as possible and we will send a second notification when the update is available.

Please forward this information to the appropriate person responsible for IT/Web within your organization.

If you have any questions regarding this notification please contact Wizard Systems support dept.


GoldMine Tip: How to make mandatory fields in your GoldMine CRM system

Here's a quick overview of how you (or your GoldMine 'Administrator') can setup a field to be mandatory / required in the contact database. Common fields you would want to do this to are Contact Name, Source (where the lead came from) or Phone Number.


Just go to the properties of your field (right click and then properties) and click on the security tab.  Tick the required data entry check box and click OK.

Of course, communicate to your other GoldMine Users that this field is required now!


GoldMine News: Hotfix for version 9.0.1 re Outlook Sync

A 'Hotfix' for version 9.0.1 of GoldMine Premium Edition is being tested at some specially selected sites to trial improvements to the Outlook Synchronisation features of GoldMine.  This is a Hotfix and not intended for general release, but can be requested from Wizard Systems / FrontRange in special circumstances.

In addition to the Hotfix, version 9.0.2 is also being tested.

Stay tuned for more information as we get it!