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GoldMine Tip: How many customers do I have in each County? #goldmine

Here's a simple 'SQL' Query to run on your GoldMine system to see how many customers you have in each County or State (if you're in the UK, you see a 'County' Field, but it's called 'State' in the GoldMine database structure).

Go to your Tools menu and then select SQL Query.  Copy and paste the following into the Query Box and click on the Query Button:

SELECT distinct state, count(state) FROM contact1 GROUP BY state




The other nice thing about this query is that it identifies records with incorrect County entries.  This is important if you are doing any reporting, marketing or allocation of customers to salespeople by region or County.


Special Offer on upgrading from GoldMine Corporate Edition to GoldMine Premium Edition

Wizard Systems are pleased to announce a special offer on upgrading to GoldMine Premium Edition from GoldMine Corporate edition.

Have you ever dreamt of watching the Henley Regatta from the deck of a pristine 1932 open motor launch, sipping champagne and enjoying a glorious British summer day?  Well dream no more! 

Henley Regatta 

All GoldMine Corporate Edition customers that upgrade to Premium Edition before 26th April*, will be entered into a prize draw to win 2 places to enjoy an exclusive view of Henley Regatta, with VIP treatment!

Not only that, as Microsoft are no longer supporting SQL 2000 and 2005, we are also offering all upgrades from Corporate Edition to Premium Edition before this date a free upgrade to SQL 2008 (Workgroup Edition) as well!

With the recent release of GoldMine Premium 9.0.1, now is an even better time to upgrade.

GoldMine Premium Edition has everything that GoldMine Corporate Edition has, plus...
1)  New and intuitive interface.  Easier and quicker for new users to pick up.
2)  New customer service & support tracking.
3)  New features to improve the management of your daily activities and better handling of alarms.
4)  Better searching (there's a new 'Google' like search option to find ANYTHING in GoldMine), filtering and group of records.
5)  Easy access to recently viewed items.
6)  Menu structure similar to other Windows applications like Outlook.
7)  More customisation options to allow GoldMine to store more information about your customers.
8)  Administration improvements in managing remote users, automated processes, synchronisation, lookup lists and linked documents.
9)  Upgrade to MS SQL 2008
10)  Great integration with Outlook, to share e-mails (you use Outlook as your e-mailing system), Calendar and Contacts.
11)  Real Time Dashboards to display KPI information in GoldMine.  Can also display information from other applications outside GoldMine!

For more information on GoldMine Upgrades, contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.


GoldMine Tip: Changing how your Calendar works with the Contact Database

Scenario:  You have your GoldMine Calendar in front of you.  What do you want to happen when you double click on an Appointment?

Some users would like to navigate to a contact when double clicking, others would like to edit the appointment. The GoldMine 'administrator' can customise the user settings to suit the users' requirements. With the 'EditWhenDblClick' setting, users can choose what happens when they double-click on a calendar item. 

This setting is placed in the [CalObj] section of the <username>.ini file. These username.ini files are located in you GoldMine Folder.

* To open the activity (default):  EditWhenDblClick=1
* To open the contact record:  EditWhenDblClick=0


GoldMine Tip: Statistical Analysis of a Users' Sales Activities

Here's an often overlooked 'Analysis' view in GoldMine that quickly summarises completed Activities for a User over a certain range of dates.  Yes, new GoldMine has some really great dashboards and the reporting tool provided with GoldMine (Crystal Reports) is second to none for this sort of application, but sometimes you may just want a quick figure out like "How many calls did Mary do last Month"?


In the latest version of GoldMine, go to the 'Go To' menu and select Analysis, then Statistical Analysis.

The above window appears.  Select your USER name and the range of dates (Start and End date) and click on the Analyze button.  Quickly, GoldMine will then calculate the total number of Calls, Appointments, e-mails sent, success ratio of those calls, and if you have some sales history tracked in GoldMine, a figure on sales per call which can be interesting in measuring a user's productivity.

The Activity Code and Result Code boxes are used for filtering the results maybe by type of Call or Outcome/Result of Activity.

Notice also there's a Print Button to get a hard copy print out!


GoldMine and Internet Explorer 9 - Latest News

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 on 14th March. It is not formally tested or supported, but FrontRange (the makers of GoldMine) report that it appears to work without issues in GMPE (GoldMine Premium Edition) version 9. It will be formally supported in the next patch release of GMPE.

Some users have reported some minor display issues around e-mailing in GoldMine. What's your experience?

Note: IE 9 is not available on Windows XP or Windows 2003

Social Media for Business – a Blueprint for success - Webinar from Wizard Systems

Social Media is set to become a mainstream marketing and business tool in many sectors. 

The challenge for many business owners and managers is to understand what the business benefits of Social Media are, and then how to take appropriate steps to reap the benefits.

Wizard Systems are hosting a free on-line presentation (webinar) to help our customers appreciate the relevance and potential benefits of Social Media and outline five key steps for success.

The webinar is on Wednesday 23rd March at 9:30 and will last approximately 30 minutes.

The five steps to Social Media success that the webinar will focus on are:

1.     Audience – what you can find out through Social Media, and what you need to decide
2.     Value – Social Media is not a broadcast channel, so how can you engage effectively
3.     Commitment – what stages you need to go through to make Social Media effective for you
4.     Destination – what aspects you need to plan at different levels, for your audience and your business
5.     Develop – how you can monitor progress and grow, guided by a blueprint

Our guest presenter is Mark Stonham, Business Development Director at Wurlwind. He is running campaigns with various businesses in the UK to use Social Media and other marketing technologies to generate leads and support sales. He has 25 years’ experience in business solutions and technology for marketing and sales.  He has worked for IBM, Orange, Alterian and several specialist software technology businesses. He holds a degree in Marketing and CIM Diploma in Marketing.

The presentation will be delivered over the Internet, so all you will need is a Web Browser (Internet Explorer or equivalent) and either speakers on your computer or dial into a UK number we will give you.

To register, please click here.


IntelliClick version 6 launched for Goldmine Email Marketing - Powerful New Features

Wizard Systems is pleased to announce the release of IntelliClick Software version 6.0, professional email tracking for Goldmine CRM users.


The latest release packs powerful new features into the already popular Goldmine CRM add-on. IntelliClick makes GoldMine email marketing simple and effective by providing real-time alerts for tracked clicks, immediate calls to action, such as literature fulfillment and event registration; and powerful instant CRM integration.

The GoldMine email tracking new features include potent one-click capabilities that process bounced emails, allow for opt-in newsletter marketing, and success ratio reporting. Also, there are unique analysis reports not typically found in any eMarketing solution for GoldMine.

The IntelliClick for GoldMine email marketing solution continues to prove its dedication to customer satisfaction by providing GoldMine email tracking enhancements that directly reflect the needs of its GoldMine marketing clients. "Our customers continue to grow more sophisticated with their marketing campaign needs, and IntelliClick continues to respond. We look forward to growing along with our IntelliClick customer base" said Pamela Pearl, Director of Marketing for IntelliClick Software.

Contact Wizard Systems for a demonstration and pricing!


GoldMine Tip: Using GoldMine Alerts to improve customer handling by your sales team

Record Alerts in GoldMine are an easy way of displaying pop up alerts in front of users showing them important information about a customer when their record is displayed.

Record Alerts could be setup to tell you things like:

  • This customer is on stop
  • When this customer phones in, only deal with 'Mary' or 'Fred'
  • This is a Top 50 customer and ensure swift response to queries
  • Cash with order for this customer

Record Alerts are setup by going to Edit....Record Properties....Record Related Settings:


...The check box 'Log this alert in history...' is also good to maintain an automatic record in GoldMine whenever a User stumbles across this record and the alert.  It's also possible to alter the number of seconds delay before the alert window is displayed.

We at Wizard Systems have also integrated these GoldMine Alerts into Sage Line 50:  When a Sage User puts the Customer on Credit Hold, the alert is assigned automatically in GoldMine!



GoldMine Enterprise Edition (GMEE) 6.3.4 released - Supports Office 2010

Wizard Systems is pleased to announce the GoldMine Enterprise Edition (GMEE) 6.3.4 release.  

The GMEE 6.3.4 release is available to all GMEE certified partners and is generally available to GoldMine Enterprise Edition customers current on a Maintenance and Support contract via FRS support site.  GMEE 6.3.4 contains multiple product developments, including support for Microsoft Office 2010 and twenty application and foundation technology improvements.  Please refer to the GoldMine Enterprise Edition 6.3.4 release notes for a complete list of improvements and installation instructions. 

This release consolidates all previous enhancements and issue fixes released in GoldMine Enterprise Edition 6.3.3