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February 2011

Inaport v7.2 released for GoldMine - Supports GoldMine 9 + New Relationship Tree Builder

The newly released Inaport V7.2 offers GoldMine users many new features and performance improvements, as well as our new Relationship Tree Builder, for no extra charge. 
There have been many new versions of GoldMine in recent years, and Inaport had been compatible with them all. Inaport V7.2 is no exception and it fully supports GoldMine 6.7 and GoldMine 9, and all versions in between.

Existing Inaport users can upgrade to V7.2 and take advantage of all new features for no charge as long as Software Assurance/maintenance is up to date. Please contact Wizard Systems to discuss the best way of moving your current Inaport installation forward.

For new Inaport users, prices are still at 2010 levels despite the extensive new functionality. Move quickly to make sure you can lock in these competitive prices!

Inaport remains the best solution for managing GoldMine migrations, GoldMine Relationship Trees, and GoldMine data imports and exports.


GoldMine Tip: Grouping and Sorting views

GoldMine gives you a really easy way of grouping and sorting records on a view, wherever you see a tabular like display of records - e.g. the History screen of a customer or your Activity list.  In some cases, it could replace the need for creating or running a report, so saving you time!

To Group a display by a certain Column, right click in that display and select 'Group' from the local menu:


Now 'drag' the column heading into the top left corner of the display:



...And you'll instantly Group and Sort that column.  Click on the little 'Plus' icon to expand out that section.  You can also Drag other columns to have a second level of sorting, e.g. the User Name.


QuoteWerks 4.6 Build 2 released

What's new in QuoteWerks 4.6 Build 2?

Quote Expiration Date
On the Sale Info tab you can specify an expiration date for the quote. This is particularly useful for QuoteValet users. If your customer views the quote on QuoteValet after it has expired, they will see a message stating that the quote has expired and there will be a link for them to click to request an updated quote from you. Your customer will still be able to view the quote, but will not be able to accept a quote that has expired.

Shipping Tax Code

New: Shipping Tax Code. The tax code of the Shipping amount is now stored per each document rather than per a global installation setting of the "Shipping is taxable" checkbox on the Installation tab of the Tools->Options menu. You can specify the tax code for the shipping amount on the Shipping Amount window by clicking on the [...] button next to the Shipping amount on the Document Items tab. The default tax code for the shipping amount can be set on the Documents tab of the Tools->Options menu.  For Canadian users, the "Do not charge PST on Shipping" checkbox on the Sale Info tab of the Quote WorkBook has now been replaced with the new Shipping Tax Code.

Shipping Calculation Default
The shipping calculation method (Manual, Adding up, based on rate) is now being stored with the quote. and you can set the default method on the Defaults tab of the Tools->Options menu.

Preview Merge Macros in Email signatures
There is now a [Merge Macros and Preview] button on the toolbar when editing your html email signature. Often your email signature will contain macro fields. With this new feature you can easily see an in-editor preview of what the macro fields will be merged to so you can see what the final output would look like. Another improvement in the email editor is that the [View HTML Source] button on the editor toolbar now displays the HTML code behind your email with syntax highlighting.

Subtotal Discount Subtotal behavior
New support with Subtotals and % Charge/Discount lines. Now, if a % Discount or % Charge line item is the only line item between two Subtotals, the second subtotal will now be calculated as the first subtotal - the % Discount. Typically SubTotals simply sum up the line item prices since the previous subtotal.

And more...
Added new cover page macros &DH_AlternateGrandTotal, &DH_AlternateSubTotal, &DH_AlternateTotalTax, &DH_AlternateLocalTax, &DH_&AlternateCurrencyIdentifier, &DH_&AlternateCurrencySymbol. The DataLink now supports the fields ContractStartDate and ContractEndDate

If you have a QuoteWerks Annual Maintenance Program, you can download Version 4.6 Build 2 (114mb) by clicking



















Wizard Systems can provide you with costs for Upgrades if you're not on a UMP, QuoteWerks Training, Consultancy and Telephone Support.


Latest UK GoldMine Training dates issued

Courses coming up in the near future at the Wizard Systems Training Centre, Bristol UK....(If you want a special course organised for your company on-site, just call us!)

Discounts are available for those customers who have a Support Contract with Wizard Systems.

GoldMine Introduction
Great for NEW users!

GoldMine Advanced 
Crystal Reports with GoldMine 

Please call us on 01454 316800 to find out more about places and prices

GoldMine Tip: GoldMine and Office 2010 Click-to-Run

GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office (the way of linking GoldMine to Word/Excel) is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 Click-to-Run. Click-to-Run has been introduced in Microsoft Office 2010 as a new way to download and install Microsoft Office applications. In Click-to-Run, Microsoft uses virtualization technology to allow you to use your Office programs, as they are streamed and cached on your PC.

The GoldMine add-in for Microsoft Office 2010 is only compatible with a "local" installation.

Click-to-Run delivery is available for Office Home & Student 2010 and for Office Home & Business 2010 when you download directly from Microsoft. Click-to-run is only available as download not with a disk. Therefore the retail version of office is a perpetual version of the Office suite with a normal installation.

There is an option not to choose the click-to-run install even when you purchase it online.

Please look at KB article -

If Office 2010 Click-to-Run does not meet your needs, you can un-install it. Then, install Office 2010 by using a method other than Click-to-Run. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Un-install the Click-to-Run version of Office 2010 from Control Panel.
  • Visit the site where you purchased Office 2010, and sign in with the same Live ID that you used when you first purchased Office 2010.
  • Click the My Account link at the top of the home page to access your Office downloads.
  • Click the Download button for the suite that you purchased, and then click the Advanced Options link under the Download Now button.

GoldMine News: Update on how MS SQL 2008 is licensed with #GoldMine

Important news received from FrontRange (the makers of GoldMine) for new GoldMine installs and Microsoft SQL (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is provided with all new GoldMine Premium purchases).

Microsoft haves changed their Software Vendors Master agreement (not just with FrontRange) and going forward they only allow 1 server license to be installed on one machine/server. If you want to have multiple servers / multiple GoldMine installations then you will need to buy additional server licenses.

If you use GoldMine Synchronisation and you have 'undocked' remote GoldMine Users, under these new terms and conditions users will not be able to install SQL Server on their local machine. That would be in violation of the terms and conditions. There will be two choices: First you can use 2008 SQL Express which now has a size limitation of 10 Gb (important for large databases or if you have a large number of e-mails to track). If that is not sufficent you would of course have to buy a full SQL server license.

MS SQL 2008 is currently supplied with new GoldMine installs (not MS SQL 2005).

We will provide more clarification on MS SQL licensing when we get it from FrontRange.

GoldMine Tip: 'Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement' when exporting records from GoldMine

This was an interesting issue reported to our GoldMine Helpdesk today:

When exporting to a dbf file in GoldMine 9.0 I get an error 'Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement'

After selecting OK you then receive a second error saying...

'Unable to create data file: X:\Example\Your-file.dbf'


When exporting to a dbf in GoldMine 9.0 the filename must only use characters A to Z and 0 to 9. Other characters like hyphens - can cause this issue!


GoldMine Tip: Creating extra Fields in the Opportunity Manager #goldmine

The GoldMine Opportunity Manager can track extensive information about your up and coming Sales Opportunities like Stage of deal, Value, Probability, Dates and so on, but if you need to track some extra information important for you, as a 'master' User you can create a further 5 additional Fields:

Click on the Customize button on the Opportunity Window and then click on the Fields Tab to create your new Fields.  Make sure you have a backup before proceeding!

Once created, they are automatically displayed on any Opportunity Screen, and if they're not a Date Field, you can then add in any F2 lookup list values for them.