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GoldMine Tip: E-mailing from the Knowledgebase (e.g. Sales Info)

I found a great new feature in the newer versions of GoldMine 8.0+, that I am using daily. You can now email right out of the Knowledge Base. Why is this great?

I now can attach a .pdf or other generic brochure to a topic in the Knowledge Base. In the description space for the topic, I can include the boilerplate template that I want. I can insert fields (i.e. <<&Dear>> to personalise, and the email sent will merge perfectly to the contact record and store it in history on the record. This is great for using "one off" emails. Enjoy!

Tip kindly submitted by Pamela Pearl of Business Automation (the people behind IntelliClick)


GoldMine Alert: GoldMine Corporate Edition - Hotfix available

We would advise all users on GoldMine Corporate Edition (this does not affect other editions of GoldMine!) planning an upgrade to 7.6, to not install the build.

This build has an issue - when you click into a Field and display the lookup listfor that Field (e.g. the F2 lookup), then press a letter, it will crash GoldMine.

The authors have released a hotfix to this in build which solves this problem.

Please contact Wizard Systems support department for more information.

GoldMine Tip: Quick way of closing Windows on your GoldMine desktop


Here's an easy way of clearing all your 'Open' Windows on your GoldMine workspace.

Using GoldMine, and opening up multiple views of e-mails, your Calendar, your Opportunities, you may want to quickly close them all down (sometimes a good practice before you log out).

So simply click on Windows and 'Close All'.  This closes all Windows apart from the Contact Record you were working with (you can't close this last one down!).

GoldMine Tip: Setting Record Scroll Order in GoldMine

In the Contact Search Centre in GoldMine Premium Edition, you can right click and select “Set Record Scroll Order”.

When using the search centre it is possible to click a heading to reorder your search results this can then be used as the scroll order on the main record screen. The scroll order is the order in which you can scroll through records by using the left and right arrow buttons in the top right corner, or by using your wheel mouse.

GoldMine Tip: Who haven’t we sold anything to? #GoldMine

Here's a handy little SQL query that you can run in your GoldMine database to show you all Companies that you haven't sold anything to.  This assumes of course that you are recording some basic sales information which appears in a record's History Tab.


SELECT Accountno, Company, Contact, Phone1, City, State, Zip FROM Contact1 WHERE Accountno IN (select accountno from conthist where srectype <> 'S' )


GoldMine Tip: Linking multiple e-mails in Outlook to #GoldMine

You can link multiple messages to a Contact by pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard and then selecting multiple messages in outlook.


After selecting all the messages that you want to link, click the ‘Link All Selected Messages To’ icon.

Then select from the following drop-down menu options:
 - Link selected messages to <Contact>
-  Link Selected Emails to their and select either Sender or First Recipient from the submenu.

NOTE: You must have a GoldMine Contact associated with the e-mail address to link messages

Top tools and resources for MS SQL Performance #GoldMine

Recent versions of GoldMine all run on MS SQL and following on from our last topic, here's some additional tools for those technically minded on MS SQL implementation and performance.


MS SQL Install requirements:


SQL DataSizer worksheet (helps estimate database sizes based on your table schema):


I/O performance monitoring and deployment:


Here are the best practice white papers from Microsoft tech net:

Top ten tips for improving GoldMine performance

Here's a compilation in no particular order of key things you can do now to make your GoldMine system run as fast as possible.  These tips are relevant to GoldMine Premium Edition, but many will also be relevant to other Editions of GoldMine.

1. Make sure your SQL Server specification meets the minimum requirement for GoldMine.  Page 12 of the GoldMine 9.0 manual can assist with this...

2. 'Fast file' emails when you have dealt with them and ensure each user keeps the number of e-mails within their inboxes low.  For best performance try to keep the inboxbelow 100 emails.  We have an 'SQL Query' which calculates how many e-mails are in the inbox.

3. Complete Pending / Calendar Activities (when you've done them of course!).

4. As Part of your SQL backup and maintenance plan you can re-index your database overnight.

5. Regularly empty your email 'Trash Can'.

6. Make sure your workstations are using TCP-IP to connect to your SQL server.

7. Turning off synchronised displays (e.g. ‘Sync contact’ records in email centre).

8. Browse less history records. The GoldMine history tab can be limited to the last 100 to 200 records.  Right click and choose... 'Options' | 'Maximum number of record shown' to reduce this number.

9. Switch off preview in the links tab (Tools | Configure | Systems Settings Preview.  Turn of document previews for big applications like CAD, Word, Adobe etc).

10. E-Mail Preview - set the view to 5 lines.


Product Advisory: GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.6 issue with Outlook 2010

We have discovered with one of our customers, that there's an issue with GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.6 and the Outlook 2010 integration:  When you click the GoldMine Ribbon in Outlook, Outlook crashes.

We and FrontRange (the makers of GoldMine) are working on a fix to this issue.  For the time being, we would advise Users with these versions not to install the link. Please contact the Support Department at Wizard Systems for more information.